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Welcome to L Jane Style, a site born out of my love for fashion that is festive & fun! I am Victoria Hudgins and for a long time style felt stressful to me. I either had to look good OR be happily relaxed. Instead, I found my own way to have a style that also makes me smile. One that is fit for my busy & merry life.

Here is where I share my daily mom/work from home, girls night, date nights, concerts, brunch and everything in between outfit ideas for myself and my family. From trendy clothes that I try, to fancy date night dresses, to football game style.

Whatever fashion inspiration that you’re looking for… I hope you’ll find it here.

You can see more about what I do and who I am on my author page and reach out to me if you have any questions [email protected].

Media Features

I also loved getting featured my styling ideas like this mention in Decor8, our family Halloween style or this fun birthday photoshoot styling I got to be a part of.

I’ve also been featured in creating things with style like these cakes for Kitchn, ideas on the Today Show & cute holiday tips with Pottery Barn.

Before all this I planned campus events & camps for college students at the University of Washington while working with the non-profit organization CRU. And even earlier, chaired many stylish events as V.P. of the Sigma Kappa chapter at UNLV.

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