Brown outfit idea with blazer

25 Tips for Picking Your Jury Duty Outfits

Inside: Top tips for picking your Jury Duty outfits & dress code information you need to know before entering the courtroom. Call me a nerd, but I actually look forward to when I receive my Jury Duty summons in the mail. It is our civic duty after all! I do understand why some people are […] Read more…

English teacher outfit flat lay

21 Cute English Teacher Outfits

Inside: 21 cute English teacher outfits. There are few people in this world with the vibes quite like an English teacher. The lovers of stories and literature, tales and history have a true aesthetic all on their own. Honestly, in my day we referred to the aesthetic as hipster, and it was very similar to […] Read more…

A girl grabbing books on a library bookshelf.

57 Lovely Light Academia Outfits

Inside: 57 Lovely Light Academia Outfits To Wear This Fall. Light academia, or academia as a whole has been one of my favorite aesthetics for a while. It’s more than just dressing like you’re an edgy kid in prep school, it’s really diving into the culture and literature that surrounds us that so many of […] Read more…

Woman wearing skirt on the beach

27 Skirt Outfit Ideas For Every Season

Inside: 27 skirt outfit ideas for any season of the year. Because skirts are always your cutest option. When picking out an outfit under any dress code, there’s always a skirt option. If you’re a skirt girlie, that is. I love throwing skirts into the mix even for a more casual outing! Heading to dinner? […] Read more…

A girl wearing a blazer and jeans

51 Incredibly Cool Blazer Outfits

Inside: 51 incredibly cool blazer outfits that make chic meet edgy. In the last few years, blazers have become some of the biggest staples in our closets. They’ve become the throw on jacket, the statement piece, and the piece that dresses up an entire outfit without much thought and effort. There are so many styles […] Read more…

Teacher surrounded by students

17 Spring Teacher Outfits

Inside: 17 spring teacher outfits for the educator that loves to dress to impress. Teachers truly don’t get enough credit for everything they do. Not only are they teaching our children and future workforce, but they’re helping shape them into the people that they are going to become by the way that they teach them […] Read more…

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