Inside: Easy teacher summer outfits for every body type.

While teacher’s get the jackpot on built-in vacation time being on the school schedule and don’t have to figure out the majorly tricky summer work attire, there are still a few months of heat at the end caps of each school year that have them sweating. 

At the beginning of the year and the end of the summer, you may be coming in refreshed from your summer away and ready to tackle the wardrobe dilemma even facing the heat. But in those early summer months where temps and anticipation are starting to rise and patience is starting to fall, it’s time you’ll need some cute color & style inspiration to keep you going and daring to dress for the teaching standard in this climate.

It’s tough out here.

Two comfy summer outfits for teachers

Every teacher’s dress code is different, and whatever yours is, there’s something you can pull from these inspiration pictures and apply to your code and give you a little push to keep putting in the effort until you reach the final bell! 

two casual end of summer outfits for teachers

Casual End Of Summer Teacher Outfits

Teachers want to keep comfortable just as much as their students, but they’ve got a little tighter dress code. So if you need some casual and functional outfit ideas for the hot months at the end and beginning of each school year, then here’s some inspo for you. Keeping to linens and cottons helps keep you cool and in your flow when it starts heating up and attention spans start to drop.

  1. Linen Pants 
  1. Colorful Overalls
  2. Patterned Jumpsuit
  3. Plain Tee and Slouchy Pants
  4. Plain Pants
  5. Linen Set
  6. Graphic Tee and Maxi Skirt
  7. Midi Dress and Converse
  8. Wide Leg Jumpsuit
  9. Staples
  10. Linen Tops
  11. Bell Bottoms
  12. Statement Slacks
  13. Oversized Cardi
  14. White and Khaki

Black outfits for teachers


You can’t go wrong with a classic black outfit, and it makes it easy to pair up outfits when you’re starting to lose any interest in effort at the end of the year. We all have a million all-black outfits on our Pinterest boards, but here are some that are specific to what you can wear to the school. 

  1. Statement Shoe
  2. Cool Jumpsuit
  3. High Neck
  4. Structured Shoulders
  5. Maxi Skirt
  6. Casual Button Up
  7. Sleek
  8. Layered Deep V
  9. Minimalist Jumpsuit
  10. Slit Midi
  11. Chic Neck
  12. Flowy Moment
  13. Tee and Slacks
  14. Field Suit

Two cute outfits for teachers

Cute Options For The Classroom

If your dedication to aesthetic and style stays with you in the heat but you’re running short on inspiration, then these are for you! Cute outfits for moms who are teaching in the summer. We love patterned dresses and mixed sets, but whatever your aesthetic is, whatever grade level you stand in front of all day, here are different outfits for different styles that match what you need to make it through the period. 

  1. Monochrome Accessorized
  2. Printed Joggers
  3. Blouse and Boyfriends
  4. Belted Jersey Dress
  5. Statement Midi
  6. Colorful Moment
  7. Short Sleeve Button Up
  8. Gingham Dress
  9. Linen Layer
  10. Striped Pants
  11. Neutrals
  12. Plaid Dresses
  13. Simple Midi
  14. Western Inspo
  15. Big Ruffles

Teacher interview outfit ideas

Interview Style

Interviews are tough for any industry, but as a teacher you have to show you’re respectable, dependable, and trustworthy to oversee others’ children and pass on an education while doing so. And if you’re interviewing between school years, we know it’s going to be hot hot hot, and the last thing anyone wants to do is to enter an interview majorly sweaty.

So let your personality show through (and not the sweat) while remaining professional in some of these teaching interview outfits.

  1. Floral Maxi
  2. Statement Slacks
  3. Tiered Dress
  4. Checkered Trousers
  5. Monochrome Red
  6. Classy Jumpsuit
  7. Flowy Linen Pants
  8. Preppy
  9. Wide Leg Pants
  10. Summer Colors
  11. Coordinating Set
  12. Striped Blouse
  13. Tailored
  14. Green Slacks

Cool Back To School Teacher Outfits

You want to be the cool teacher? Especially if you’re teaching high schoolers, there’s nothing more intimidating than standing in front of a bunch of teenagers, hoping they think you’re “cool.” There are a few traits that show them you’re worth their attention right off the bat, and one of those is how you dress.

Show off to your students that you have style in cool outfits that will influence them to look up to you in a style inspo kind of way. And maybe it will get them to give you more of their attention in other ways too– who knows what will work.

  1. Statement Slacks
  2. Color Blocking
  3. Bright Maxi Dress
  4. Patterned Suit
  5. Denim on Denim
  6. Silk Pants
  7. Baggy Slacks
  8. Statement Pants
  9. Slouchy Overalls
  10. Layered Over Jeans
  11. White Cottage Core
  12. Field Suit
  13. Unbuttoned 

Teachers deserve the world, always giving of their time to teach the younger generations, all while having to keep their heads on straight and dress like they care every day. They don’t get a slack off “lazy” day, they always have to be on.

So if you need some inspo to help you get through some of these summer months when morale is low, we’ve got you covered. Look no further!

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