Inside: 23 photo-worthy summer brunch outfits for all of your weekend brunches this summer.

One of my most basic traits is that I love to brunch. Whether it’s a brunch that ends up lasting all day, being followed by bar hopping, or if it’s a quick stop before taking on a busy Saturday ahead, I’m all about it. It’s my favorite!

Not to mention, Instagram loves a good brunch post, so taking food photos, espresso martini photos, and outfit photos with your best friends is always a hit and the people love it every time.

The perfect brunch outfit is a must– it’s just a part of the experience. Especially in the summer when you can break out the perfect sundress or combination of a tube top and shorts… You’re going to look killer while sipping your mimosas.

Whether you’re a brunch regular or you only occasionally take on the brunch crowds, you might need a little inspiration for a new outfit. The good news is, there’s no specific dress code for brunch. It’s all about what you and your group is feeling! We’ve done sweatpants brunch, and we’ve done boujee brunch.

If you’re going all out, don’t forget to grab photos! You’re going to love having some cute morning time or afternoon pictures with your friends in your cute outfits.

Check out these outfit ideas!

Three cute summer outfit ideas

Brunch Outfit Ideas

Outfit pictures for inspiration will come a little later, but let’s break down what a good brunch outfit is here and now.

Summer brunch is maybe the easiest season to get a good brunch outfit going for. Florals, flowy, and color, and you’ve got all the makings of a great brunch outfit!

If you’re planning to hit a patio, always go with a classic tank top or tube top, or a mini sundress with spaghetti straps or no straps at all. It gets hot out there, even with the patio fans. A good pair of cotton shorts or even a denim cut off is the perfect pairing for a simple and cute brunch fit.

Planning to sit in the air conditioning? That’s a different story!

Indoors outfits are much easier in the summer, but can sometimes require layers… at least for me. I am pretty cold natured and am always pretty chilly when I get inside somewhere that’s blasting the air conditioning. But a simple denim or cargo jacket can do the trick, easy to take off.

I love a brightly colored matching set, or even a floral set to make the pairing pretty easy. It’s a simple addition to the different pieces in your closet, and it looks so elevated without even really trying. A pair of baggy denim shorts and a cropped baby tee shirt will also be pretty simple to pair together and perfect for the summer heat and the comfort of the indoor air conditioning.

Summer Fabrics

Whatever you do, avoid thick and heavy fabrics of course. While my tendency on a casual brunch day is to wear sweats of some sort, even if they’re sweatshorts, I always regret it. So even choosing a breathable athletic material like with biker shorts, you can still get that athleisure and casual look with lighter fabrics.

Linen and cotton are always perfect for the summer season because of how breathable they are and how well you can move around and live in them without feeling like you’re suffocating in the garment.

Ribbed pieces are always great too, creating a really breathable and relaxed fit. But at the end of the day, whatever is comfortable and gives you a little bit of breathing space is the perfect fabrics to go with for a summer outfit for brunch!

Summer Trends

Have you kept up with what’s trending this summer? It’s all pretty simple and cool, especially for a brunch type of outfit. While you don’t always have to look like you’re about to make the biggest fashion statement this morning, but I always enjoy adding a little bit of a big fashion trend to my casual outfits, whether it’s a trending color, cut of jeans, or pattern. There are some really cool trends that can be incorporated into a brunch outfit, and these are some of my favorites.

Color: Color. That’s the trend. Big and bold colors are always cool for summer, but specifically this summer, we’re embracing the most fun colors that we can think of. Peridot green, ultramarine blue, magenta pink… All of it is so cool and is fashion forward this year.

Low and baggy: 2000’s inspired jean trends are the move. While denim is definitely too heavy of a fabric for the usual summer outfit, a pair of classic denim shorts can never be beat, so you can definitely incorporate them into your summer brunch wardrobe. The 2000’s are definitely still coming back into our denim cuts, you can expect low rise and baggy to be the move these days. Not so much the low rise and fitted like a low-waist skinny jean, so don’t panic! It’s definitely the move these days to snag a pair of baggy jeans and size up in them to let them sit lower on the hips. This gives off that uber cool girl look that’s effortless.

Patterns: Not the floral patterns you are used to seeing every spring and summer season, but again, the 90’s and 2000’s have been reigning decades to revisit when it comes to fashion. If you grew up in these eras, maybe you’ll remember everything having some heart prints? Because I sure do, and I have to tell you it’s going to be everywhere all over again, and very soon! Play with some sweet and feminine patterns like these and you might find yourself making a pretty good fashion statement.

Cargos: Cargo pants aren’t a new trend in the 2020’s, but finding some really cool cargo short might be hard to do! If you can track one down and rock it, I think you’ll have conquered quite a cool fashion feat.

Three classy outfits for a casual brunch

Classy Weekend Brunch

1. Denim On Denim
2. White Linen Set
3. Button Down And Boots
4. Silk And Tank
5. All White
6. Deep V Bodysuit
7. White Set

Two outfits with a tee shirt

Casual Outfits For Brunch

8. Button Down Dress
9. Slouchy Denim Jeans
10. Button Down And Denim
11. Tee And Slacks
12. Super Shoulder Top
13. Khaki Shorts
14. Knit Set
15. Bright Colors

Three summer brunch outfit ideas

Summer Brunch Outfit Ideas

16. Tee And Linen
17. Trouser Shorts
18. Colored Jeans
19. Tee And Mini Skirt
20. Athleisure
21. Blue Set
22. Gathered Seam Dress
23. Periwinkle Bodysuit

Brunch is the best meal of the week, in my opinion.

Every weekend after a night out, someone hits the group text with “Brunch at 1” and we all rally just enough to go back out and regroup and recount the night before. It’s like a tradition.

If this is a part of your weekly rituals like mine, I’ve started to run out of outfits that I love and need photos in for these occasions. Whether it’s a casual set of photos or a more elaborate iPhone photoshoot in the restaurant, I love to have pictures from these fun outings with my best friends.

It’s not even just my friend group that makes brunch a mandatory event, it’s a pretty common occurrence here in Dallas. It’s a very brunch-heavy city. If the weather’s nice, everyone is out to brunch! Especially in the summer– trying to beat the heat with an iced coffee and stack of waffles!

Take on all of your summer brunch dates with some of the best outfits, and show up and show out. Find inspiration here and get ready to stunt at brunch!

Now that we’ve conquered the brunch outfits, are you ready to take on the dinner outfit conversation? Here’s 21 outfits for going out to dinner with your friends.

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