Coffee dates are the move when it comes to a first date, so easy to casually meet and get to know someone before committing to a full dinner and a movie type deal. But this means that you need perfect coffee date outfit ideas!

I love this coffee house setting, and I really love the casual cute outfits you can create to really show them your personality on a low-key level.

However, casual cute can be a challenge, so let me help you out and give you some of my best tips for creating outfits in this genre.

Four girls in outfits perfect for a coffee date

If all goes well and we move on towards a second date (all thanks to your outfit, of course…) then you’ll need these ideas for what to wear on a movie date!

But, let’s get through this first meetup in style firts.

Three casual outfits for a first date

Casual Date Outfits

Casual outfits are the best for a first date, little to no pressure, especially in a setting like a coffee date where you know what the expectation is.

The best casual outfits are the effortless ones, so get some inspiration to pull from to make it feel a little easier.

1. Button Down Dress

Something super classy but casual. It looks like an oversized button down, and maybe that’s all it is. But it’s still giving the vibe of a casual daytime dress.

2. Hat And Sneakers

If you’re a little more street, this is the perfect outfit for a coffee date. Coordinated but not overdone.

3. Zip Cardigan

A little zip cardigan moment is super cute and not too slouchy!

4. Linen Set

Easy to throw together and have a great outfit without trying, a linen set always makes the perfect laid back outfit.

Two girls wearing cute casual summer outfits

Summer Coffee Date Outfits

Summer is actually my favorite season for a cute-casual outfit because you don’t have to think too hard about layers and making everything look right together, just your favorite top and a good skirt or shorts will suffice.

5. Striped Shorts

This is so classy, I adore this look for daytime in the summer.

6. Tube Top And Cargos

Cargo pants in the right fabric can be so easy breezy, and pair with a tube top and you’ll stay cool while sipping that iced coffee with your date.

7. Neutral Shorts

Throwing on a pair of neutral linen shorts with a white tee is the go-to look for the occasion.

8. Polo

Looking for something a little more classic? A polo like this is too cute!

9.Graphic Tee

You can make a graphic tee appropriate with a tailored tuck and the right jewelry!

Three spring outfits for getting coffee

Spring Coffee Shop Style

Spring gives you the best opportunity for those floral sundresses that you love to pull out for something relaxed with a laid back sandal, or the light weight sweater and shorts combo.

I love it all when it comes to spring outfits!

10. Linen Jumpsuit

This is kind of giving overalls… And I love it!

11. Knit And Silk

Combining a little knit vest with a silk skirt is the prettiest spring outfit.

12. Pastel Sweater

Keep it sweet and easy in a pastel sweater and gray shorts. I love the interesting color combination that this is! Something different from black as a neutral.

13. Striped Jeans

If you want to wear something low-key but something a little more interesting than a standard pair of jeans, striped denim is the perfect spring grab.

14. Ruffles

A ruffled short is so on trend for spring this year and with a cardigan it makes the whole outfit perfect for a daytime coffee date.

Four daytime winter outfits

Winter Looks

I have a love hate relationship with the winter season. I hate layers, but love sweaters. Throwing on your coolest sweater with a pair of jeans is the way to go for a first date over coffee, and super low pressure.

You can dress it up with a loafer or keep it cool with a sneaker. It’s all up for debate.

15. Peacoat

A peacoat and sneaker is my favorite cozy yet classy winter daytime look.

16. Sherpa

Sherpa jackets are some of the coolest one the market right now, and this one is accessorized beautifully.

17. Cropped Puffer

Cropped oversized puffers make a statement when you walk into to the coffee shop but can hide a cute and low-key outfit underneath.

18. Denim On Denim

The Canadian Tuxedo is having its moment right now, and under a black coat looks so cool.

Three girls in casual first date outfits

1st Date Outfit Ideas

First dates are so cute. They remind me that we’re all still 16 years old and nervous sometimes.

Let the butterflies fly, but don’t let the pressure get to you. It’s all for fun and can be no big deal!

These outfit ideas will steer you in the right direction and hopefully make it a little easier to pick the best fit for your first date.

19. Mini Skirt

A mini skirt can be the perfect piece to center the outfit around, and to make it coffee date appropriate, adding a bomber and sneakers make it a great day-time look.

20. Put Together Casual

This is a look that uses pretty casual pieces, but has them styled in such a put together way. A leather belt, sleek hair, and gold jewelry.

21. Denim Maxi

A denim maxi can be a go-to closet staple, and easy to style with everything, and in this case, it might be just the right outfit for your first date.

22. Fun Personality

Show off your fun personality with something bright!

Four cute coffee date outfits

Cute Coffee Shop Outfits

Going full send cute outfit over coffee is a personality choice, and I love that about you. Rather than the plain black sweater and jeans, opting for something cool and a little trendy maybe is super fun and lets your date know who you are, right off the bat.

23. Pretty And Flowy

A flowy skirt and oversized sweater is such a beautiful look.

24. Denim Jacket Patterned Dress

Large denim jackets make every little dress cuter and cooler.

25. Chic Neutrals

A tank and linen will always be a classic and chic look.

26. Burgundy Leather

Edgy and cool, a burgundy leather jacket pairs well with everything, even casually to make something cool and fun for a date.

27. Leather Leggings

Leather leggings really dress up your sweater and leggings look to make a better first date impression.

Can You Wear Jeans On A First Date?

Absolutely. The real question is where are you going and what’s the vibe there, but if they’re not sweeping you away to somewhere with a dress code, jeans are totally acceptable on a first date.

Especially the coffee date we’re talking about here, this is a real thing. Throw on the jeans, with a very cute top and have a great time.

Best Outfit Tips For First Dates

Confidence is key!

People are attracted to confidence, and you feel more at ease and like you can slip into conversations with the other person if you’re feeling good about yourself.

Being yourself and loving it is the best way to feel and fuel the confidence, but dressing in something that makes you look and feel your best is a great addition to that.

In all of these outfits ideas, I hope that you found the best one for you and what’s going to make you the best you on this date!

Two people on a coffee date

Dating is already enough stress as it is, and there’s so much pressure on a first date, even when we don’t want there to be.

Take the pressure off of getting dressed if that adds any amount of stress to you, and follow these tips and inspiration ideas to get to the perfect outfit.

Just remember though that it’s all about being yourself, so even wearing your same go-to outfit is the perfect idea for a first coffee date.

Maybe throw on a new jacket you love or a different pair of shoes for that added confidence, but there’s nothing wrong with something chill for an outing like this!

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