Just about every spring we start to see the return of our biker shorts outfit looks as we’ve put away the full legging for the season. I love these looks, whether athletic or aesthetic, there’s a version of this look for you.

If you’re like me and just love to throw on your shorts that feel like your favorite pair of leggings, then these looks are for you.

Three girls in different kinds of outfits with biker shorts.

Maybe you love the way that you look in your biker shorts, or maybe you feel like it needs a little something. Here are 21 best butt lifter shorts for active summer style.

I myself tend to lean towards more casual aesthetic biker short looks, with a very 90’s Princess Diana style. My go to is a university sweatshirt and a pair of chunky sneakers… Which isn’t the most creative or unique way to style a pair of biker shorts but hey, it’s a comfy look.

Pro Style Tip: It doesn’t have to be my most creative to look great for an everyday outfit!

Styling these biker shorts outfit looks is easy, but if you’re in a rut and need to know exactly what to look for (like how big is TOO big when it comes to an oversized sweatshirt, for example) then you’re in the right place. Let’s talk through some of these styling tips.

Four women in athletic biker shorts outfits.

Biker Chic Outfits

Athleisure is nothing new and it’s here to stay. Dressing cool and casual in your workout gear without going to a workout is totally socially acceptable.

1. Chunky Sneaker

This may be a more leisurely biker outfit, but from the claw clip to the chunky sneaker, it’s super cute.

2. Cute Workout Vibes

I love this one for the coordinating sports bra that makes it a cool biking outfit for a cute workout outfit.

3. Outdoorsy

This outdoorsy look is perfect for a chic biker look.

4. Colors And Patterns

Want to have some fun with your workout outfit, a cute color and fun pattern is really cute, and I think this is a great example!

5. Matching Set

The matching sets are still going strong this year, so if you’ve got your eye on a matching set, I can’t recommend it enough.

6. Retro Detailed

The red lining makes me thinking of a retro vintage workout outfit and I love it. This is a really cute athletic look with some style to it.

Four different bike inspired outfits.

Biker Core Style

It’s trendy to look like you just went to a Soulcycle class!

Whether you’re in your health and wellness era or not, these are cute looks that will make it look like you are.

7. Barbie Core

I love the Barbie coloring for this biker core outfit.

8. Cropped Sweatshirt

A classic cropped sweatshirt is the ideal piece to throw on over your biker shorts after a good workout.

9. Colors And Cardigans

An easy breezy cardigan is too perfect to layer over a colored sports bra and biker shorts. This one’s cute and neutral, but a fun colored or patterned one would be amazing too.

10. Matching Tee Shirt

I love the look of a tee shirt that matches the shorts, it feels different from our classic sports bra pair.

11. Travel Sweatshirt

Throwing on a travel sweatshirt with a biker short is the perfect and easy outfit for a biker short outfit.

12. Belt Bag

Want to feel like a biker core outfit? The easiest way to achieve this is by throwing on a belt bag over your outfit.

Three athletic 80's inspired outfits

80’s Inspiration

Of course we saw these looks in the 80’s first… No brainer. And we loved it then too!

Let’s pull some inspiration from the originals and call it a day.

13. Printed Shorts

A pair of printed biker shorts, and animal print especially, is hugely influenced by the 80’s! This is the way to go for a low-key 80’s look.

14. Hot Pink Set

Bright colors will also give you a little blast from the past.

15. Coordinating Animal Print

Match your belt bag to your biker shorts for a real retro feel.

16. Chain Belt

A little bit of bling goes a long way in this styling. I think this is so fun and a cute combination of relaxed loungewear and party outfit.

17. Retro Graphic Tee

A vintage graphic tee is so cool and if you pull it from the right era, you will look like you jumped right out of the era.

18. Funky Wind Breaker

Nothing says 80’s like a funky and colorful windbreaker.

Three 90's inspired outfits with biker shorts

90’s Biker Shorts Outfit Style

The 90’s called… They want their shorts back. But don’t give it to them, instead do it better than they did. (If that’s even possible.)

19. Monochrome Sweatshirt

A monochrome outfit is super trendy now but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it in the trend cycle! This is a nod to the 90’s style as it evolved from the 80’s.

20. Doc Martens

A combat boot outfit, especially the Doc Martens will always be the iconic way to style anything in a 90’s aesthetic.

21. Crew Socks

A cool, casual, and relaxed outfit with athletic socks are perfect for this look.

22. Dad Hat And Denim

A dad hat and denim jacket will be a classic 90’s look for everyone.

23. Logo Hoodie

Logo hoodies are way too cute and perfect for a 90’s look for your biker short outfits.

24. Grunge

Grunge looks is the ideal 90’s resurgence. It’s too perfect and too classic for the styles that come in and out of fashion over the years.

A girl in biker shorts walk down into the subway station

Travel Outfits

Hopping on a flight? I usually opt in for full leggings when getting on a plane, but if the destination is pretty warm, I’ll go for a biker short instead.

25. Loose Crop

A loose fitting crop top and sneaker is the cutest travel look in my book!

26. Getting Graphic

A graphic tee outfit is ideal for just hanging on the go and getting from point A to point B.

27. Cozy Button Down

A cool and loose button down is the coolest, trendiest, and most put together way to travel in biker shorts.

28. Bright Puffer

Cool layers like this bright green puffer is a great way to wear something that’s tough to pack as well as create a fun look with the colored puffer coat.

29. Basic Long Sleeve

Throw on your basics and call it good.

30. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are back, and I love the long sleeve look with shorts, and I think this is a great outfit for travel.

Are Biker Shorts Trending In 2024?

Easy answer, yes! The different styles (lengths, waist styles, etc) may change over the years, but your classic biker shorts will always be in style. The versatility and practicality of the piece is the kind that never goes out of style.

Everything comes back, fashion is cyclical. They remain a staple but have their seasons of being really hot, so you have nothing to lose by investing in a pair of these if you haven’t already, and nothing to lose from learning new ways to style them if you already have them!

Biker Styling Tips

With a piece like this, there’s no right or wrong ways to wear them

They’re easy, they’re simple, and they’re casual. It’s inherent to wear something casual and relaxed with them, but you’re not limited to it. You can throw anything on effortlessly, or get creative. Up to you.

If you’re looking for the stunning Princess Di vibes, the vintage uni sweatshirt is the way to go.

Style Trend: Oversized is best, for the really effortless look, but you know what’s best for your body type. If a little bit more cropped and fitted cut is best for you, then make it happen!

If you want to dress it up, the same original concept still applies. Oversized is best, however it’s not super necessary.

We’ve all seen the blazer girls running around town with their work wear as outerwear, and I think an oversized blazer with a biker short is just the coolest look. Make it current with a Birkenstock clog or a knee high boot, but even the cool “It” sneaker makes it current.

With a basic piece, you want to add the personality into your top, whatever that personality is.

Girl exercising

Traveling, leisurely walking, or dressing up, there are a hundred different ways to wear the same pair of spandex shorts. And these are just 30 of my top picks! I love the way these looks exemplify the variety of styles that biker shorts hold, and just how easy it is to make a cool look with them.

As you’re figuring out just how to style your shorts, remember that it’s all about you and your confidence. All you have to do is figure out how to make these looks into something that you feel confident in, and you’re golden.

These are outfits that you can work hard and play hard in, and I just know you’re going to find the right ones for you.

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