A girl with a sweater tied around her neck and a pearl necklace

21 Perfect Preppy Outfits For

Inside: Cute and preppy outfits for all of your aesthetic needs. Preppy outfits are back! Now stronger than ever, but the word preppy means something a little different now than it did back in 2015. The prep school vibe aesthetic comes and goes every few years, because it’s a classic. But this time around, it’s […] Read more…

English teacher outfit flat lay

21 Cute English Teacher Outfits

Inside: 21 cute English teacher outfits. There are few people in this world with the vibes quite like an English teacher. The lovers of stories and literature, tales and history have a true aesthetic all on their own. Honestly, in my day we referred to the aesthetic as hipster, and it was very similar to […] Read more…

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57 Lovely Light Academia Outfits

Inside: 57 Lovely Light Academia Outfits To Wear This Fall. Light academia, or academia as a whole has been one of my favorite aesthetics for a while. It’s more than just dressing like you’re an edgy kid in prep school, it’s really diving into the culture and literature that surrounds us that so many of […] Read more…