Inside: 21 cute English teacher outfits.

There are few people in this world with the vibes quite like an English teacher.

The lovers of stories and literature, tales and history have a true aesthetic all on their own. Honestly, in my day we referred to the aesthetic as hipster, and it was very similar to that of academia, either dark or light. But now it’s more of a sweet and relaxed style while still very academic and smart influenced.

If you’re one of the English teachers out there that really needs a help with gathering some outfit ideas together for the coming school year, look no further, I have what you need and are looking for here!

Whether you have more of an understated style or one with a bit of personality, there are plenty of outfit ideas for you here to take inspiration from and start to build your closet for the next year of teaching America’s future.

Side note, I can’t thank teachers enough!

Three outfits for an English teacher outfit inspiration

Teacher Dress Codes

Teacher dress codes vary within the independent school districts as well as within each school in the district. There’s a wide range depending on the age range of school you teach and the geographical area in which you teach in.

That being said, there’s generally a pretty consistent idea of what’s acceptable to wear daily as a teacher for most grades and school districts.

A safe route will always be professional or smart casual. While overly casual pieces like jeans, sweats, and tee shirts aren’t allowed, there are so many options to stay comfortable while teaching all day and stay within a professional dress code.

Modern workwear has really developed and evolved into slacks that feel more like sweatpants, button down shirts that feel like a tee shirt, and so on. Whatever perception you have of how professional attire feels, you can throw it out the window. There’s never been a better time to dress professionally!

If you’re an elementary teacher, there’s a little more flexibility with all the running around and time outside you have throughout your time with your class, and some space for some more fun and interesting outfits that engage your students and bring life and fun into the classroom. However, professionalism is still the tone for the outfit requirements.

There are a lot of specific questions about different pieces in your wardrobe being allowed as a teacher.

Are jeans allowed? Are leggings? Cargo pants? How about leather pants?

These are all going to depend on your school specifically and the dress code given to you, but overall I’m going to have to say that jeans and leggings are a no unless explicitly stated by your leadership that they’re okay to wear. Cargo pants and leather pants may be okay, depending on how easily you can dress them up. Leather pants may not be a super safe option as they have the tendency to look a little like club attire, but if yours specifically do not and you can wear them professionally, then I say go for it!

Find cute English teacher outfits here that fit your dress code, and if they don’t, get creative with ways to make them work.

What Should An English Teacher Wear?

English teachers have a really cool role, especially in the higher grade levels.

The basics are covered, you know your students know how to read, you know they can write, but can we read the classics and comprehend? Can we crack open a love of reading and literature in them?

Usually this passion tends to bleed into your style, as your own love for literature bleeds into your personal style. Again, as I mentioned before, this is an aesthetic that we used to refer to as hipster when it was more closely related to the academia styles.

Oxford dresses, cool loafers, trousers, and of course blazers and cardigans are some of the most necessary pieces to have in your closet for an English teacher look.

It’s not just a professional look or an overly educated look, but there’s usually a love for vintage pieces in these as well. You might be able to say that there’s a little cottage core influence to it, anything sweet.

A chunky sweater with your favorite trousers and a big classic belt with the right shoes is the way to go. English teachers and history teachers tend to blur the line and generally have the same vibe, and these are some of the pieces that I think are ideal for building your wardrobe.

Thinking about the academia classic films like “Dead Poets Society” and “Kill Your Darlings” can inspire the vibe if you need a little inspiration in the darker and more classical feeling direction. Not to mention, these are some of my favorite movies! Though dark, just a warning. They do deliver on the aesthetic fully though.

Styling Ideas

If you need some styling ideas for these outfits, I have a few simple ones that you can steal and start to build off of as you start to build your new English teacher wardrobe.

First, once you’ve selected your base layer, all you have to do is accessorize to make an outfit great. The base layer can be really simple, a white top and black slacks for example. If it’s chilly outside, then picking your next layer is the next step. I personally love a chunky cardigan for the English teacher style, either cropped or long, but one that compliments the length of your shirt. If you’ve tucked in your shirt you can go either way, but if it’s longer and untucked, you can plan to wear a longer one. Same goes for blazers.

Second, the shoes matter just as much. If you’re in a school that accepts sneakers as teacher shoes, take advantage! They’re cool, trendy, and comfy. Slip on your favorite pair of simple or statement sneakers that go with the colors of the rest of your outfit.

Lastly, styling your hair at the crack of dawn isn’t ever ideal, and my personal favorite way to look put together, professional, and like you’ve got it together is with a slicked back mid bun. But! My favorite way to style that is with a silk hair scrunchie that matches my hair color. It’s an elevated way to play with hair styles.

Three outfits for a teacher

English Teacher Outfits

1. Classics
2. Yellow Scarf
3. Linen Dress
4. Trousers
5. Cardigan Outfit
6. Oversized Sweater Layers
7. Patterned Skirt

A girl in an all black academia inspired outfit

Styling Ideas

8. All Black Outfits
9. Socks And Docs
10. Cream Jeans
11. Wide Leg
12. Split Hem
13. Black And White
14. Pink Trousers

Two outfits for a teacher

What To Wear As An English Teacher

15. Tie Waist Pants
16. Midi Skirt
17. Button Downs
18. Floral Skirt
19. Plaid Pants
20. Interesting Pieces
21. Tied Top

Teachers have made it their entire life to educate and care for the students of this nation, and the English teachers are tasked with some of the most elaborate and important education in the system. Regardless of career paths, to be literate is of the highest importance and it can take you so many places in life. To develop this skill in young minds is a special skill all on its own, and for that reason we must thank our English teachers greatly!

Not only are you in the schools and educating our students, you’re also doing so incredibly early, much earlier than most of us have to check into our own jobs. If helping you be a little inspired to pick your wardrobe is all that I can do to help you get out there and get at it, I’ll do it all day!

And as teacher dress codes range, I just know you’ll find some that work for you.

Let’s get going on this school year and get excited for the semester ahead.

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