Heading out on a picnic? Whether you’re going classic with a blanket and basket or setting up something elaborate like the new trendy outdoor parties, a few cute picnic outfit ideas will make your planning easier and your day more beautiful.

Three photos of people at picnics

A picnic in any season is the perfect time to get cute in a way that we wouldn’t for a date in the evening that requires a little bit of a different look.

If you need a refresher on some spring styles that are absolute picnic classics, here’s a post for spring photoshoot outfit ideas that are easy to use for this occasion too!

Here are some of my favorite picnic outfit ideas with that perfect casual ethereal style.

Four girls wearing summer outfits

Summer Picnic Style

A summer picnic is my favorite. Celebrate various holidays or the summer solstice with a beautiful little garden party, or break out breakfast on a blanket before the heat rolls in.

Here are some summer styles that are perfect for a little picnic idea.

1. Long Flowy Dresses

The longer the dress, the more comfortable you will be sitting on the ground and posing for photos.

2. White And Cream

A white top with khaki pants is a super cute color combination for a summer picnic. You pop against the green and bright background.

3. A Straw Hat

Everyone loves a good accessory.

4. Two Piece Set

Sets are always a winner in the summer, and a light colored neutral is a beautiful choice for a picnic outfit.

5. Crochet Dress

Crochet dresses are a stunning piece for any outdoor event in the summer.

6. Stun In Bright Colors

A lusciously bright and bold color is to die for.

7. All White

An all white moment? Yes, please!

Three perfect fall outfits for a picnic

Fall Picnic Options

The perfect weather for a picnic is going to be in the fall, when the sunshine warms you up after the shade has cooled you down.

Living in Texas, you never know which fall weather you’re going to get on any day, so here are some truly fall and some transitional fall outfits.

8. Cable Knit And Cozy Uggs

Embracing cozy season looks a little like this…

9. Sweater Wrap Dress

Dresses don’t have to be uncomfortable, they can be just as cozy and warm as your favorite sweat set.

10. Matchy Match

Match sweaters with your bestie at your fall picnic. This look is precious and ready for an Instagram photoshoot!

11. Rich Reds

These deep, rich, fall tones are an eye pleasingly beautiful set up.

12. Varisty Jacket

Nothing says fall like a varsity jacket. This with your comfiest pieces is perfect for a fall outing.

13. Striped Sweater

A seasonal staple.

14. All Black

As the cold weather rolls in, an all black outfit is everything you need.

A couple on a picture perfect picnic date.

Picnic Date Outfit Ideas

Again, picnic dates were always my favorite, and there are so many different ways that you can style these that are perfect for the occasion.

15. Neutral And Color

Coordinating date outfits are easy. Someone picks a color and the other picks a neutral that matches.

16. Simple Dress

A dress like this on a picnic will stun your date.

17. Light Colors

Pick your favorite dress and give him a matching button up, and it’s too perfect.

18. Open Back Top

An open back top with a pair of white trousers is a really cute and casual way to put together a good date outfit.

19. A Floral Dress

You can never go wrong with a flirty and feminine floral sundress.

20. Sweat Sets

I love a comfy date. These coordinating sweat sets are the ideal way to achieve it.

21. Boho Layers

Layers and accessories in the boho style are perfect for an outdoorsy and cute vibe. A hat and a denim jacket are just the right aesthetic.

Four girls celebrating their birthdays with a picnic.

Birthday Picnic Party Style

A birthday picnic is such a lovely idea for a birthday party, and these outfits are worthy of the birthday girl’s attention. Stun as the guest of honor with these picnic outfit ideas.

22. Floral Suit

A 21st birthday outfit calls for a bold statement. This is the just the fit you need.

23. Fabulous Gown

This fabulous dress is perfect.

24. Pink Frilly Dress

Nothing says birthday like a pink outfit, and a frilly one is so cute for a birthday picnic.

25. Simple Set

The simplest set is forever a beautiful outfit to ring in another year around the sun. Pick a great color and rock a cute two piece set.

26. Tie Dye On The Beach

If you’re on the beach for your day this year, the tie dye is a cool option.

27. Red And Pink

I adore the red and pink color blocking trend. It’s so cool and edgy and feminine, all in one, and it’s the perfect bold outfit for your fall birthday outfit.

28. White And Lacey

A picnic is just the right spot for a dress like this.

Two beautifully aesthetic spring photos of picnics.

Spring Picnic Looks

Any spring outfit is going to be the perfect vision for a picnic outfit, hands down. Florals, bright colors, anything that makes you think of spring makes me think of a picnic.

29. Flower Power

This is such a stunning dress, it deserves a shining moment in the sun.

30. Cardigan Layers

Throwing on a cardigan over your sundress is perfect for the chilly morning and warmer afternoons.

31. Army Jacket

Army jackets are always cool in spring: the light weight and the color are perfect for those transition months. Layering this is phenomenal.

32. Flower Scarf

The scarf is the finishing touch on this cute look and it makes the dress into an outfit.

33. Puff Sleeve

Puff sleeves are everywhere this spring.

34. Pastel Silk

A pastel silk is a dreamy piece for a spring picnic.

35. Gingham

Gingham has made a major comeback recently. The cottage core look is always bigger in spring, too.

Four outfits for a work picnic

Work Picnic Clothing Combinations

This category is pretty different from the rest, these might be more of an active picnic, running around playing games with your coworkers. A workout dress, a pair of joggers that pass as pants, we have to get creative with our work picnic outfits.

36. Button Up Dress

A casual button down dress is a great option for a work picnic. Not too casual, but not too flashy for something work-related.

37. White Tee And Blue Jeans

You can’t go wrong here!

38. Stripes And Trousers

A mixed pattern in office attire is a cool look for those cooler days on the green with your office.

39. Linen

Linen outfit ideas will always be the best options in an outdoor setting.

40. The Basics

White and denim are the cutest pairing for something so simple and classic as a picnic.

41. Leggings

If this office picnic is more of the casual and athletic kind, pairing athletic leggings with a sweater is a great way to balance the vibe.

42. Cool Button Down

Maybe you’re not in office, but these kinds of tops are cool in and out of work hours.

43. Oversized Sweater

The tried and true.

What Is Picnic Core Fashion

While there isn’t a technical term coined for this kind of outing, there is a specific vibe for it.

I mentioned earlier in the post in the spring portion that it’s very much a spring vibe: light and bright colors, flowy fabrics, floral patterns, but really anything girly will do for your picnic core style.

It’s a cute look, it’s a garden look.

Imagine how you would want to dress going to a garden luncheon and you’re pretty much in the same category.

Easy and breezy in the summer, and bundled and cozy in the fall are the directions I tend to go in for the picnic outfits for each season.

Best Shoes For A Picnic

The best shoes for a picnic are always the most comfortable to walk around a park, beach, or wherever your picnic is.

Style Tip: Don’t wear thin heels to a picnic, your heel will end up poking the grass or sand and make it very hard to walk.

While the outfit may call for a cute pair of wedges, if you have to go on a little stroll to get to the location, I would recommend a little white sneaker or a ballet flat. Sandals are perfect for a park or a beach spot.

In the fall, a boot that you don’t mind getting a little dusty is ideal. An everyday sneaker works here too! Closed toe, comfortable, and easy to wear while wandering for the best spot to park your blanket.

A couple on a picnic date

Picnics are some of the sweetest ways to spend time with someone you know and love, and with our picnic outfit ideas you’ll look cute doing it. With the girls or with your sweet date, you’ve got the cutest excuse to take photos and simply enjoy some fresh air.

As long as we are in something that we feel comfortable moving in, walking around in, and sitting on the ground in, the style going to be just fine. Tell me what your favorite picnic core style look is.

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