Great New Fall Birthday Outfits For Everyone.

We love a good birthday outfit, but when you have to dress for cooler temperatures, it makes a cool party outfit a little more difficult. So if you need some inspiration for a fall birthday outfit, we are your source!

Layering for fall is a cult fave, but layering with your birthday dress can put a damper on it, if it’s a spring/summer style dress that you wanted to show off in. I get it. 

But there are plenty of fabulous fall birthday party or birthday dinner style outfits that will grab the attention of the room, the restaurant, the bar, wherever you are so you can still pull all the attention of the day and also stay seasonally appropriate. 

Four cute fall birthday outdid ideas

Party outfits and coats don’t normally mix, but here is some inspiration to make you feel like you can still shine on your big day. It’s about you, and we won’t let your friends or the other patrons forget it!

You can still be Insta-ready while dressing warm enough for these fall temps. 

Four cute fall birthday outfits


Cute, edgy, street, girly, sporty… No matter your style, chances are, you want to aim for cute on your big day— we all want to be a little bit cute when the camera’s on us. Cute and bulky layers don’t always work together, but with the layering and coat trends as of late, you’re sure to look cute and trendy while celebrating.

If you need some inspiration to get you started dressing for your fall birthday, here are some cute outfits that you can replicate for your day

  1. Frilly Girl
  2. Sequin Pants
  3. Monochrome Pink
  4. Edgy Suit
  5. Cropped Blazer
  6. Varsity Bomber
  7. Shimmer with Color
  8. Silk Match
  9. Green Suit
  10. Blazer Dress
  11. Trench Coat Chic
  12. Sweater and Coordinates
  13. All White Sweater Dress
  14. Leather and Silk

Fall birthday dresses, four women in fall outfits


Dresses are a fabulous go-to when it comes to birthday celebrations. They’re always classy, they’re always ready for any occasion, and they always are ready to show off. We love a good birthday dress. But now there are so many styles of dresses that it’s hard to pick the route you want to go for the dress you want to be photographed in all night, and it depends on the location and style of celebration as well.

Luckily, dresses for fall are pretty specific, so the time of year helps narrow it down majorly. Unluckily, it almost narrows it down too much to where it can be hard to find a dress that’s celebration-worthy.

So if you’re looking for inspiration for your best birthday dress, look no further. Here are some of the best fall birthday dresses.

  1. Glitzy Blazer
  2. Brown Knit
  3. Button Up Layers
  4. White Sweater Dress
  5. Fitted Maxi
  6. Ribbed Knit Midi
  7. Sleeveless with Leather

Dresses are the go-to for celebrations, even in the fall! 

  1. Trench Coat Dress
  2. Velvet and Lace
  3. With a Vest
  4. Slip Layers
  5. Belted Cargo
  6. LBD
  7. Party Dress
  8. Fall Colored Ruffles

Two casual fall outfits


If a classy, boujee, birthday party or dinner isn’t your style and you need something more casual that still calls out to everyone that passes by: “It’s my birthday!”, we have some inspiration for you. Everyone, even the causal gals, want to feel a little special on their birthday and still want to stand out without looking like they tried to hard. I get it.

We don’t want to dress like it’s just any other day, and you don’t have to.

You shouldn’t have to!

So here’s the best casual birthday outfits for you to feel special but not be over the top. (Unless you want to be!) 

  1. Gold Pants
  2. Accessorized Sweat Set
  3. Tee Shirt Dress
  4. Graphic Statements 
  5. Graphic Sweater Dress
  6. Overly Accessorized Knit

Casual birthday girls are so fun and have a different kind of version of celebrating. We love a relaxed cool girl on her birthday.

  1. Cool Shacket
  2. Color Blocking Sweats
  3. Statement Trench
  4. Oversized Button Up
  5. Oversized Puffer
  6. Baggy White Suit
  7. Leather Pants
  8. Pattern Mix


Jumpsuits are some of my favorite inventions in fashion: They’re one pieces that require minimal effort, but they are still so classy you can wear them for any occasion. They’re warmer in the fall/winter seasons than a dress, and are so, so fabulous. Glam, street, cute, ruffly…. You name it and there’s a jumpsuit option for you and your big night.

This is my pick for a fall birthday outfit: pair with sneakers or pumps and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for a night out— and usually pretty comfortable too.

Check out these jumpsuit looks that are perfect for your fall birthday! 

  1. Shimmer and Flow
  2. Velvet
  3. Bold Colors
  4. Mock Neck Catsuit
  5. Embellished
  6. Silk V Neck
  7. Leather Panels

Jumpsuits can be bold or relaxed, a statement or understated. 

  1. Super Capes
  2. One Shoulder
  3. Groovy in Pink
  4. Elegant Green
  5. Puff Sleeves
  6. Belted Drama
  7. Wide Leg Jumpsuit
  8. Chic denim


Skirts are so fun— you can get creative and pair them with just about anything for any style of outfit you want. You can create some really fun looks with skirts, and really get some good mix and match action in there! Pairing outfits and making funky or classy combinations can be fun.

If that’s your thing and you love to create interesting outfit pairings, then check out these skirt outfit inspirations for the fall. 

  1. Knit and Silk
  2. Green Pleats
  3. Animal Print
  4. Red Wine
  5. Velvet
  6. Statement Boots

Skirts are such a fun way of creating a new look with the same pieces, or using a statement piece to put a power punch into an outfit.

  1. Tulle and Trench
  2. Bubble Skirt
  3. Diamonds
  4. Silk Skirt Set
  5. 4 Piece Monochrome 
  6. Pair a Sweatshirt
  7. Sweater Vest
  8. Sequins and Feathers
  9. Statement Color

Birthday outfits are supposed to be fun, spunky, and attention grabbing. In the fall, you have to get a little creative to make an alluring outfit under some of those autumn layers. But there’s ways to be intentional to create outfits that give the same birthday appeal as a summer “going out” outfit.

No matter your style goals for the big night of celebrating, with some of these style inspirations, you can be sure you’ll steal the show. As you should, it’s YOUR show.

Enjoy the partying and stay warm in the brisk fall weather, wherever you are!

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