Inside: 20th Birthday Outfit Ideas

Every girl wants to look extra special on her birthday, especially for their 20th! You have left the teens and are officially on your way to full-on grown adulthood!

At your own birthday party, you want that one outfit that will stand out from everyone else’s and look amazing. But what are the best birthday outfits to wear?

Your birthday is the one day a year you get to be your most extra self.

While it may be fun deciding which restaurant to go to or which destination best suits your big day, one of the most exciting things to plan is your birthday outfit (after all, there are only so many cool designer shoes, luxury handbags, and statement jewelry pieces you can fit in one ensemble).

Whether you celebrate your birthday for an entire month or need a little push to do any celebrating at all, you’re going to need a birthday look for your special day.

To help you out, we’ve curated our favorite 20th birthday outfit ideas that you can wear to a rooftop dinner, a faraway destination, an at-home pajama party, and more.

20th Birthday Outfits

Cute Outfits for 20th Birthday Party

Real talk—the best part about celebrating your birthday is your birthday outfit. You can go as over the top as you want, and no one can say a word. Of course, maybe sparkles and feathers aren’t for you, which is totally fine as well—again, nobody can say a freakin’ word about it, plus you can still look special without all the frills.

1. All White with Blazer

2. Eli Party Sequin Dress in Pink Iridescent

3. High Cut Silky Dress

4. Bodycon White Feathery Dress

5. Colorful Sequin Wrap Romper

Bday Outfits

20th Birthday Dress Ideas

6. Rose Gold Sequin Dress

7. Bodycon Lilac Wrapped Dress

8. Heart Corset Slip Midi Dress

9. High Cut Silky Dress

10. Bodycon White Feathery Dress

20th Birthday Outfit Ideas Plus Size

Sometimes, finding clothes we love and feel confident and beautiful in can be a challenge, plus-size or not. But don’t let anything hold you back on your special day, girl! Here are some fantastic options for birthday outfits for plus-size girls.

11. Sequin Sheer Dress

12. Shiney Red Dress

13. Pink Sequin Slouchy Dress

14. Plus Dusty Pink Satin Wrap Tassel Hem Midi Dress

15. Fringe Velvet Wrap Dress

Outfits for 20th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

When it comes to your birthday photoshoot, preparation is key. These will be photos that you can hang in your home, share on your social media, and even hand down to your kids. You need to have beautiful images that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

20th Birthday Outfit Ideas Plus Size

16. Hot Pink Everything

17. Sequin Dress with Converse: This is such a playful photoshoot idea, it still shows off that young and free side but with a touch of grown adult energy.

18. Black Tulle Fluffy Dress

19. Full Sequin Jumpsuit

20. Velvet Pink Powersuit

21. White Blazer Dress

Fun 20th Birthday Outfit Ideas

22. Eli Party Sequin Dress in Pink Iridescent

23. High Cut Silky Dress

24. Bodycon White Feathery Dress

25. Colorful Sequin Wrap Romper

20th BIrthday Party Outfits

26. Rose Gold Sequin Dress

27. Bodycon Lilac Wrapped Dress

28. Heart Corset Slip Midi Dress

29. High Cut Silky Dress

30. Bodycon White Feathery Dress

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20th Birthday Outfit Ideas

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