Inside: The Best Nashville Outfit Ideas.

Planning your wardrobe for Nashville is nearly as stressful as planning the actual trip itself! Thankfully, Nashville-style outfits are all the rage. Bring on the luxe hats and everything fringe!

Nashville is known for its downtown life, music, history, and fashion, you want to make sure and enjoy every aspect of your trip. Will their casual style, planning stylish outfits to fit any of their popular scenes can take some time, but we have you covered.

If you’re looking for trendy Nashville outfits that will rock your trip to Tennessee?

Here are some seriously stylish outfit ideas that will make you shine like a Rockstar during your trip to the next budding fashion capital of the world – Nashville, Tennessee.

Cute Nashville OUtfits

What to Pack for Nashville Trip

  • Don’t Dress too Literal: Nashville may have a reputation for being the capital of country music, and it might be tempting to pull style references from that. But while cowboy boots and Stetson hats can be cute, they can also feel a little out of place when compared to how the locals actually dress.
  • Casual is Better: Compared to many other cities around the United States, especially New York style, the residents of Nashville dress more on the casual side. Think lots of denim, nice sweaters during the cooler season, and shorts versus fancy dresses and skirts.
  • Dress for the Season: Nashville has two main weather seasons and both can be fairly extreme. The summer is very humid, muggy, and hot (June to September), while the winters are often cold and quite wet (November to March). Make sure to consider the extras, like rain boots or sunglasses, when packing for either of these seasons.

Cute Nashville Outfits

1. Leopard Pants with Cropped Tee and Felt Hat

2. Dark Denim Dress and Combat Boots

3. Howdy Honey Shirt with Braided White Felt  Hat

4. Silk Leopard Skirt and T-Shirt

5. Layered Tops with Leather Hot Shorts

6. Flowy Short Floral Dress with White Booties

7. Denim Dress with White Docs

Nashville Going Out Outfits

Nashville’s nightlife is where the city makes a name for itself. Whether you’re interested in live music or bar hopping, an exciting night is in store. Nashville is trendy but casual. Don’t go overboard with your outfit when you’re planning your night out. The atmosphere is fun and stylish but relaxed!

8. Flowy Printed Dress with Ankle Boots

9. Lace Bodysuit with Bellybottoms

10. Short Bright Pink Wrap Dress with Long Sleeves

Going Out on Broadway Style

11. Classic Casual Going Out OOTD

12. Retro Velvet Long Sweater

13. Dressed Up Fringe Jacket

14. Cute Sequin Dress

Our Favorite Nashville Outfit Accessories

There are a few accessories that will make any outfit you plan for your Nashville trip… Here are a few of our favorite outfit add-ons that will make you look just like a local.

  • Big Hat: It may not be a traditional cowboy hat but it’s close and more modern! Brixton is one of our favorite hat brands because their hats are so structured. Hats like this are very big with locals and fedora-type hats go with everything in our closets.
  • Booties: Ditch the cowboy boots for some booties. I don’t know about you but cowboy boots can be a little uncomfortable so comfy booties are a must if you’re walking around in the Gulch or 12 South.
  • Statement Jewelry: Nashvillians love their jewelry from turquoise to draw-dropping earrings. They also believe in having a ring for every finger.
  • Layered Denim: Get some denim and put more denim on that. Especially a denim jacket! When in doubt, always add more denim. You get extra cool points if your denim jacket has patches and embroidery. If double denim is too much for you, layer with gingham or a tunic with bell sleeves.
  • Sequins: Like country stars, locals love their sequins and incorporate them in any way they can. You can incorporate sequins in items like tunics, skirts, or even pants. Paired with a hat, belt, and booties you’re ready to hit any stage in Nashville!

15. Fringe Back Denim Jacket

16. Wide Flare Sequin Pants

17. Fun Pink Felt Wide Brim Hat

18. White Ankle Booties

19. Layered Statement Necklace

20. Wide Brim Hat

21. Pink Sued Cowboy BootsOf course, we had to add these beauties!

What to Wear in Nashville (Summer)

If you’re traveling during the spring or summer, expect to sweat while walking around. Many people aren’t used to the humidity, so the more breathable your attire is, the better. A flowy sundress is ideal.

22. Sequin Skirt and Graphic Tee

23. Off the Shoulder Blouse with Jeans

24. T-Shirt Dress, Jean Jacket, and White Ankle Boots

25. Baby Doll Blouse and Bellbottom Jeans

Nashville Outfit Inspo

Cute Outfits for Nashville (Winter + Fall)

26. Striped Bellbottoms with Corduroy Jacket

27. Half Tucked Corduroy Button Up

28. Flannels, Jeans, and Booties

29. Casual Layered Look

Nashville Bachelorette Outfit Ideas

30. Fringe Jean Jacket with Stars

31. Sequin Fringe Dress

32. Fun Matching Shirts with Cute Cowboy Hats

33. Fun Pink Get Up

Nashville Bachelorette OutfitI deas

34. Sequin White Fun Pants

35. Decked Out in Denim

36. Pink Fur and Sequins

37. Head to Toe in Pink

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Nashville Outfit Ideas

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