Inside: 53 cute New Orleans outfit ideas for your next travel destination. 

Traveling to New Orleans soon? Need some outfit ideas? I’ve got you covered! Going to such an iconic city like New Orleans can be tough picking out your outfits because you know what they’re known for, but it’s not like you’re going to dress for Mardi Gras every day! 

And being in the south, it’s a little hot and steamy down there in New Orleans, so dressing cute for hot and humid is a tough task to take on, but you’re here now, so you can relax and take in some outfit inspiration and know that I’m giving you the pointers you need to dress well and appropriately for New Orleans. 

Whether you’re going for a week or a weekend, here are some of the best outfits for you to toss in your suitcase, ready to wear for your trip to NOLA. Leave the packing stress at home and enjoy your trip!  

Two women in colored jumpsuits

Dressing for the heat and for easy travel both come down to one main style tip: light fabrics! So keeping your eye on cotton and linen will help you when you’re trying to pack for this trip.

Even if you’re hitting up New Orleans in the spring or fall, you’ll still want to stick to this tip and add on a light jacket. It still doesn’t cool off too much in November! 

Three hot weather outfits for vacation

What To Wear To NOLA 

New Orleans (or NOLA) is a favored travel spot in the south, if you’re not looking for a beach or big city. It’s a city with a ton of history and so many great spots, and because NOLA content isn’t over saturated, there’s a lot of great hidden spots and cool things to discover during your stay. 

You can wear just about anything here, there’s no unspoken dress code like New York City or the Italian countryside. It’s a classic American favorite, and you can come just as you are to see it for all it is! 

It is on the warmer side, so think a little lighter and a little breezy when planning outfits and you’ll be just fine. There’s a lot of walking to be done, strolling down Bourbon Street and through museums, so think comfortable shoes as well, and pants you’ll want to walk in.

Check out some of these ideas for what to wear in NOLA, catch some ideas, and get to packing! Again, it’s an easy city to dress for, so no stress! Just get inspired. 

  1. Relaxed Button Up
  2. Colored Tank
  3. White Linen Top
  4. Gingham Fit
  5. Yellow Sundress
  6. Yellow Maxi
  7. Black And White
  8. Chambray Dress
  9. Striped Top
  10. Trouser Shorts
  11. Cottagecore Dress
  12. Orange Midi Skirt
  13. Slouchy Trousers

Two women in cute flowy outfits

Cute New Orleans Outfit Ideas For Travel Days

If you’re not as concerned with what the climate and activities are in New Orleans as much as you are thinking about the cute outfit aspect of your vacation plans, here are some cute outfit ideas that tie it all together! These are some cute outfits that are perfect for NOLA but also aren’t thinking too hard about what the city is like– they’re just really good travel outfits!

  1. Speckled Dress
  2. Blue And White
  3. Linen Set
  4. Baby Crop And Denim Shorts
  5. Crochet Shorts
  6. Silk Midi
  7. Black Mini

What’s your style like when you’re on vacay? Do you channel the same style you wear at home or do you like to dress more towards the culture of the city you’re visiting? These are great questions to think about when planning outfits for a trip– if you want to dress like you do at home, then there’s a lot less planning and stress that goes into it! Just pack your all-time favorite pieces (seasonally appropriate, of course!) and call it a day! Done. 

But if you like to think about the city you’re going to, that’s where thought and planning takes place, and you have to do your research. A lot of bloggers post their style in different cities, so you have to dig for content that is specific to each city traveled to! 

Here are some cute outfits to brainstorm while packing for your own style, and we’ll continue on with outfits that are New Orleans inspired. 

  1. Red And White Knit
  2. Khaki And Blue
  3. Cottagecore Mini
  4. Striped Set
  5. Red Jumpsuit
  6. White Midi

How to dress for New Orleans

New Orleans: How To Dress For it 

Here we are: how to dress for New Orleans. We’ve covered the basics: it’s hot, you walk a lot. Where do we go from here? 

If you have a general itinerary for your trip, that will be a helpful place to start planning outfits more specifically. Something cool about New Orleans is that it’s pretty common to go dancing while visiting the city! If this is something you and your travel buddies are into, you have to make it a priority on the schedule! Even if it’s not necessarily your thing, you need to try it– it’s a staple in NOLA! 

If you’re determined to give it a go, plan a fun dancing outfit for it– a good swing dress and comfortable enough shoes to dance the night away with your partner or maybe even a cute stranger. 

During the daytime, casual cute is the move, just your classic American style will do just fine. But any fun activities you find to add to the schedule, plan outfits around that and you’re good to go. The night life is incredible, it is New Orleans after all, so pack some fun outfits to go out in as well, and you’re covered from day to night! 

  1. Red Sundress
  2. Flowy Maxi
  3. Cute Pattern Button Up 
  4. Graphic Tee And Fun Shorts
  5. Fruit Patterned Dress
  6. White On White Knit Set
  7. Multi Colored Wrap
  8. White Cotton Shirt
  9. Blue Daisy Maxi
  10. Red Striped Set
  11. Sage Silk Mini
  12. Paisley Halter
  13. Floral Tiered Dress

Women in cute travel outfits

Best Outfit Ideas

The best outfits for New Orleans are anything you travel well in. While there are certain things like brunch in the French Quarter and dancing on Bourbon street that you want to be intentional about when packing, the overall feel of the city is very relaxed. You’ll be in the perfect NOLA fashion in your favorite pair of shorts and go-to sneakers. You can’t go wrong with a classic summer outfit. 

  1. Plain Silk Maxi
  2. Mesh Top
  3. Green And White
  4. Cotton Blouse And Jeans
  5. Chambray Over White
  6. Red Pop Heels
  7. Orange Florals
  8. Blue Mini Dress

Flowing dresses and summer colors are the winning styles here, and you’ll be comfortable enough to enjoy the city as well. Keep the main thing the main thing, and that’s enjoying exploring the new city with whoever you travel with, and of course snapping pictures that are perfect for social media! 

  1. Fun Print Tank
  2. Black Overalls
  3. Red Floral Mini Dress
  4. Silk Scarf Top
  5. White Trouser Shorts
  6. Blue Set

Whatever your ideal vacation outfit is, it probably works for New Orleans! Unless your dream outfit is for New York in the winter… then maybe not. 

But a dream summer vacation outfit is a different story and you’ve got it down. New Orleans is such a well traveled city that looking like a tourist isn’t a big deal there, so wear something cute and comfortable that you feel confident in, and you’re ready to rock! The key to packing your New Orleans outfit ideas for this trip well is simply your comfort and your confidence! Just have fun with it! NOLA is such a fun city, you won’t be too concerned with what you’re wearing! Except when grabbing pictures of course, but that’s always a given. 

Check out these travel packing tips and get ready for your trip to New Orleans!

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