Inside: Denim dress outfit ideas including how to wear your jean shirt dress with leggings.

Do you love the idea and the look of a denim dress, but you’re not sure exactly how to wear one? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

There are lots of different variations when it comes to denim dresses, some are tight, buttoned, short, long, slouchy… The list is endless, but there are different ways of wearing each style and it couldn’t be easier!

The denim dress was made quite popular by the likes of Alexa Chung actually a few years ago, we kept spotting her out and about in different cuts and fits and she completely rocked them! Denim dresses have become a statement in their own right!

So, how do you wear or style a denim dress? Let us show you how! Check out our favorite denim dress outfit ideas!

Denim Dress OOTD

How to Style a Denim Dress

Denim dresses are one of the most versatile styles to layer, making them perfect for year-round outfits when worn with the right items. These denim dress outfit ideas can either super casual or dressed up, which is why they’re a favorite.

Jean Dress Outfit Ideas

1. Collared Jean Dress

2. Distressed Bodycon Denim Dress

3. Long Denim Maxi Dress

4. Baby Button Down Dress with Wide Brim Hat

5. Simple Denim Wrap Dress

6. Black Denim Dress Inspo

How to Style a Denim Dress

Accessorizing a Denim Dress OOTD

7. Hankercheif Around the Neck

8. Wide Brim Hat

9. Denim Dress with Leggings

10. Layer with a Jacket

11. Shirt Under Dress for Layered Look

12. Pops of Color

What Shoes to Wear with Denim Dress

I will mostly be speaking about blue jeans dresses today. That being said, the list of shoe and boots styles I’ve put together will also look great with other denim dress colors, such as grey, beige and more.

  • Shoe Colors for Denim Dresses: white, beige, blush, pop of color (yellow, pink), all metallics.
  • Shoe Prints for a Denim Dress: Polka dots. Plaid for Fall/Winter. All animal prints, including: leopard, zebra, cheetah and snake print especially.

13. White & Neutral Sneakers: You can create an extra trendy denim dress outfit with a white chunky sneaker or platform sneaker. Right now, you can’t go wrong with a white Nike Air Force.

14. Strappy Sandals: Strap sandals styles come in both flat, mid and high heel form. Since the nineties, they’ve been a staple in just about every woman’s summer wardrobe.

15. Espadrille Wedges: I love a classic or trendy espadrilles wedge and are such great shoes to wear with denim dresses in the summer!

16. Clogs: A laid-back favorite for summer, but can also work for the Fall season, clogs and denim dresses are a match made in fashion heaven! Depending on how you style the two, you can go for a current look or give it a 70s vibe.

17. Mules: I love mules as they’re such an easy shoe to slip-on/slip-off shoe! And then come in many forms. You can find mules that are flat-heeled, low heeled, and high heeled. They are also offered in many neutral colors and prints that go with a denim dress.

18. Pumps: Pumps with a denim dress are great for Fall/Winter or transitional months. I like to wear pumps with a block heel with a structured shirt dress.

19. Loafers: From classic brown leather penny loafers, to lug sole patent loafers, slipper loafers and even high heeled loafers, the only issue will be picking a favorite for your denim dress!

20. Boots: Classic ankle boots with an almond toe and mid or high block heel can never go wrong with denim dresses, or any outfit, really!

Denim Dress Outfit Ideas

21. Loose and Layered

22. Denim Wrap Dress

23. Off the Shoulder Jean Dress

24. Button Up Jean Dress with Layered Shirt

25. Layered Denim Dress and Jacket

26. Flowy Layered Maxi Denim Dress

27. Patchy Denim Midi

Jean Dress Outfit Ideas

28. Tailored Short Denim Dress

29. Jean Dress Paired with Leather Jacket

30. Collared Jean Dress

31. Distressed Bodycon Denim Dress

32. Long Denim Maxi Dress

33. Baby Button Down Dress with Wide Brim Hat

34. Simple Denim Wrap Dress

Jean Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas

35. Dark Denim Dress with Leggings

36. Frayed Light Denim Dress

37. Shirt Dress Paired with Large Belt

38. Multiple Layered Dress Look

39. Denim Dress OOTD with Tall Boots

40. Distressed Denim Button Down Outfit

41. Black Denim Dress Inspo

Black Denim Dress Outfits

Black denim dresses are a style of their own. They take on a more fall/winter look, but can be styled to fit any season of the year.

Black Casual Dresses

What to Wear with Black Denim Dress

42. Black Denim Overall Dress with Chunky Sweater

43. Belted Black Denim Dress with Heels

45. Frayed Black Midi Dress

46. Long Sleeve Black Dress with Wide Brim Hat

47. Button Up Black Dress

More Style Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these denim dress outfit ideas then check out a few more of our favorite style inspirations.

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  • Magical Disney Looks – Incorporate your denim dress into your Disney or theme park style with these cute tips and tricks. Creating a magical look for that special day is so fun and totally adds to the excitement of the park. See how we put together the cutest outfits that are both comfortable and magical.

Denim Dress Outfit Ideas

Throwing it back to the 90’s, and a staple in everyone’s closets was a jean dress. Denim was everything then, and still is now, but when you have Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake throwing the best denim on denim coordinating sets at us, the blue jean trend was everywhere, and for everyone. 

Jean jackets with jeans, jean overalls, jeans jeans jeans. 

And now, with the 90’s still being one of the largest style inspirations of the 2020’s, we need to revisit the denim dress. We love anything that’s a one piece, that elevates our style while still only throwing on one major piece of clothing. Now how do we style it? 

Denim Dress Outfit Ideas, four women in denim dresses

Styling a denim dress is simple, because denim is simple. Classic, clean, and casual.

We can style it any way that we want, and we can put any spin on it that our hearts desire because a jean dress is a blank slate for us to get creative with. So let’s revisit some of the best looks and some retro inspired versions of the denim dress, and let’s look at some new ways to style this staple. 

Jean dress outfits

Jean Dress Outfit Ideas

We need more denim dress outfit ideas, don’t you think? Unless you’re planning to throw on the dress without any styling, it’s hard to think of something new to do with something so classic. Layering options, shoe choices, you name it, and it will change the game.

If you’re wanting something girly for brunch or casual for coffee with a friend, this is the piece for you, you just have to figure out how you’re looking to wear it. 

  1. Peasant Sleeves
  2. Cottage Core
  3. Rock On
  4. French Girl Aesthetic
  5. Off Duty Model
  6. Bohemian
  7. Acid Wash and Belted
  8. Simple Girly
  9. Ruffles
  10. Old School
  11. Laced Layers
  12. Patchwork
  13. Midi
  14. Tee Shirt Layers
  15. Hipster
  16. Short Sleeve
  17. Zig Zag Buttons

Two blue jean dresses

Blue Jean Dress 

There are so. many. different. styles of blue jean dresses on the market since they came back on the scene. Which one is your favorite? No stress, because no matter which one grabs your attention, there’s something unique you can do with it. There’s edgy bustier versions, very 2000’s paper bag style, 2014 bodycon, etc. Too many to chose from.

But these different styles will help you decide which staple to invest in, because if you buy denim right, it stays with you for years. So find your favorite style and give it a go, and style it every way you can think of for the rest of its little, denim life. 

  1. Tiered Dress
  2. Southern Styling
  3. Button Up
  4. Lace Layers
  5. Belted
  6. Graphic Tee Layer
  7. Puff Sleeve
  8. Denim Trench
  9. Peter Pan Collars
  10. Girly Pop
  11. Midi 
  12. Lace Trimming
  13. Embellished Collars
  14. With Statement Boots
  15. Western Wear
  16. Grunge Style
  17. Turtle Neck

Styling options for a denim dress

Styling A Denim Dress 

Now that you’ve decided on the denim dress of your dreams, styling it is a different question. You can wear it out on the town like a Hadid or in the streets on a stroll to buy some fresh flowers like the cute Pinterest girls. There’s no one way to wear such an iconic piece, and you can make it work for you from day to night, from lunch to dinner with just a few accessory changes. Here’s some inspiration to give you some insight of what gives one piece so much variety. 

  1. Double Button
  2. Minimalist
  3. It-Bag and Boots
  4. Contrasting Sweater
  5. Zip Up
  6. Button Up Shirt
  7. Shift Dress
  8. Street Halter
  9. Long and Layered
  10. Urban Belting
  11. Boho Chic
  12. Bleached Mid
  13. Light Wash Maxi
  14. Halter Mini
  15. Deep V Layer
  16. Girly Shift
  17. Patterned Top

You can’t go wrong with a denim dress. There’s too much you can do with it, with the same garment, that it’s impossible to get it wrong. With something so classic, so reminiscent of 2000’s GAP, it’s so fun to get creative with playing with different stylings of it and to pull in inspiration from anywhere you’d like.

A denim dress is always a win, and this is a win you need in your closet.

So find your favorite style (or maybe styles) of denim dresses and get styling! Have fun with this piece, you’ll hold on to it for a lifetime. 

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