Inside: 37 cute hiking outfits for your outdoor adventures.

In the next week or so, I’m planning to be on the West Coast exploring beaches, caves, and minimal hikes, and if you’re looking for different hiking outfit ideas, I am right there with you. What are you supposed to wear on a hike? And how do I look effortlessly cute doing it? That’s all I want to know.

Of course I always lean towards the cutest workout sets and onesies, but that’s not always the most practical. For me next week it will be, but for you it may not! Of course the ideal outfit for this depends on the level of difficulty of your hike and the temperatures you’re going to encounter.

If you’re looking for leggings, shorts, or a classic and staple hiking pants outfit, I have the ideas and products for you. Any range of seriousness, from “very serious” to “just along for the ride,” there’s an outfit for you here.

Get into the hiking spirit with these hiking outfits for your outdoors adventures.

Three girls in outdoorsy outfit ideas

Hiking Essentials

With any packing list and with any expedition in general, I try to start with learning what the essentials are, as well as the do’s and don’ts. Like running. I love running. But it took me quite a while to learn that not just any comfortable workout shoe is good for running, and that really made a difference.

So what are some of the basics we should learn about hiking?

First you should learn a lot about the location in which you are hiking. If you’re hiking in a cold or warm climate, if you’re hiking on rough and textured terrain, or if it’s simply casual paths meant for more of a sight-seeing adventure.

This is going to make a big difference in what you’re looking for! If you’re in a warmer area climbing around causal paths, regular tennis shoes and athletic gear is perfect for a hike. This could be a workout set, a onesie, your favorite tee and running shorts, it’s all up to you! But for this kind of a hike I would opt for some kind of biker shorts and a tank top.

If you’re in a warmer climate on a more aspirational hike, you might want to consider investing in some moisture wicking shorts and tops, as well as really researching a good pair of hiking boots. And of course a good pair of thick socks that will keep your boots from rubbing blisters.

Moisture wicking is an important feature for some athletic clothing, especially if this is a long hiking trip, you don’t want to feel so super disgusting if the sweat clings to your body on all of your clothing.

In colder weather, you still want your bottom layers to have the moisture wicking element, because you may still work up a sweat in the cold. Keep all of your layers to wool, fleece, and synthetic fabrics that really work to keep you insulated with your body heat.

You’ll for sure want a beanie or headband that covers your ears, and a solid pair of hiking boots that are going to keep you ready to hike all the way!

Staying dressed for the correct temperature is the number one way to stay comfortable during such a workout. Not getting too overheated and not letting the cold chill you to your bones will keep you going for the long haul of however long your hike is likely to be.

Should I Hike In Pants Or Leggings?

Asking whether you should hike in pants or in leggings is a common question. This is likely going to be a matter of preference and of duration of the hike.

If you’re planning on hiking for a long time or a pretty intense hike, I would recommend pants. Even in the cold, you probably want the breathability that hiking pants give you, you get the freedom of not feeling a fabric clinging to you for hours as you climb up a mountain, and it’s what the professionals do, so why not trust their expertise?!

For shorter and easier hikes, I think that leggings are fine and a great and comfortable route to go. Your favorite pair of workout leggings can never go wrong on a leisurely stroll through nature, so I don’t see why these can’t be a good option for some instances.

Either way, no matter which route you go between leggings and pants, make sure that you have the moisture wicking technology built into it. This will save you whether the pants are tight and fitted or loose and baggy, you want it to wick away completely for ultimate comfort. Even if it’s chilly, you’re likely to work up a bit of a sweat.

Some leggings offer this, and most standard hiking pants have this built in.

Can I Wear Sneakers Hiking?

While we’ve already touched on this, I’m just going to go into it a little deeper. Because if I hadn’t read up on it all, I may not know when I should be switching from sneakers to boots.

Sneakers are great for trails and leisure strolls. Hiking boots are necessary when you’re taking on elevated trails, rocky trails, and anything not super easy to maneuver.

Hiking boots aren’t just good for stepping on tough obstacles you find, the way that you lace them up can help keep you from rolling your ankle and help protect your ankles from wildlife like thorns and bugs. And then you’re also not messing up nice gym shoes in the dirty forest, either!

It’s still a simple explanation, but hopefully this helped you narrow down which route you should go when choosing which shoes to purchase and/or pack for your hiking expedition.

Four warm weather hiking outfit ideas

Summer Hiking Outfits

1. Workout Fit Plus Boots
2. Biker Shorts
3. Matching Set
4. Free People Adventure Shorts
5. Outdoorsy Cowgirl
6. Hiking Shorts And Big Tee
7. Trek Onesie
8. Relaxing Set
9. Transitional
10. The Staples
11. Comfy
12. Black Set

Girl in colored fleece jacket

Fall/Winter Hiking Outfits

13. Flannel
14. Puffer
15. Oversized Shacket
16. Leggings And Fleece
17. Outdoor Voices Zip Off Pants
18. Granola Staples
19. Eco Friendly Hiking Pants
20. Fun Fleece
21. Flannel And A Hat
22. Outdoor Pants
23. Windbreaker
24. Cold Weather Basics

Four bright colored hiking outfits

Cute Hiking Outfits

25. Athletic Onesie
26. Zip Up
27. Skort
28. Scoop It Up Tank
29. Bright Set
30. Mix And Match
31. Laid Back
32. Practical Shorts And Tee
33. Crop And Leggings
34. Good Colors
35. Workout Set
36. Electric Set
37. The Clamber Pants

Are you just so ready to get out there and get hiking now? Honestly, if I’m well prepared with a good outfit and all of the necessities, I can be ready for hiking in any context. But the key is a good outfit! So I’m going to be shopping from my own post to motivate me to get out there even harder next week on the coast of California.

I love the outdoors, honestly, as much as I joke about not being all about it without the cute clothes, but I am a fashion girl at heart so sometimes I need a little bit of fashion to encourage the fun outdoors activities then intimidate me a little bit. But I love getting out in the fresh air and seeing nature and all of the things that the world has to offer. I hope you feel encouraged and excited to get up and get out there now too.

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