Inside: Wondering what to wear under ski pants? I’ve got the answer for you here and some cute examples for what to pack on your ski vacation.

Is this your first time skiing this season? Mine too. And let me tell you, agreeing to go skiing when you don’t really have any idea what’s supposed to be going on is a huge undertaking, and I really overestimated myself on this one.

As you’re asking all of the questions like what should you be packing? What do you rent versus what do you buy? Can I even learn how to ski? Just know that I’m right there with you and asking myself all of the same questions myself. You’re not alone in this, I promise you. I need to know too!

One of my biggest questions I’ve had to ask is something I think I need to share with you all. It’s time to discuss what to wear under ski pants. I mean for real!

I’ve found some great answers, tips, and tricks for all of us and I think they’re really going to help you like it’s helped me pack for my first ski trip.

Girl wearing a designer snow suit

Skiing has become such a fun and classic vacation pass-time in American culture in the winters, and not to mention all of the great photo-ops you’ll have along the way. Are you a cold weather girlie or warm weather? I lean more to the warm weather myself, but something as fun and different as skiing makes the idea of being in the cold all day worth it.

It’s all about the fun and the getaway and cute vacation photos more than the actual activity. At least for me. The boys are so stoked to hit the mountainside. So I’m ready to show up bundled up and warm– comfort is my number one goal while out in the snow, and that will forever be my mantra.

While you’re getting ready to go on this trip, don’t forget to capture moments and have fun even as you stumble through the snow. Vacations with friends and or family shouldn’t be taken for granted and as long as you value the moments, it won’t matter how well you do while skiing!

Why Layering Matters

Wearing matters under ski pants for a lot of obvious reasons. Staying warm while skiing is obviously going to be your ultimate goal. There will be a lot of moving around and being active, as this is still a sport, even though it’s in the snow, so there’s a balance between layering for warmth and layering for other functional purposes.

If you pay all the money for the slopes, the lifts, the loft, the resort, the car, the tickets… You’ve put a lot of money into this, you want to enjoy it once you hit the slopes! Make sure to do all of your research and put all of your efforts in to finding the best layer so that once you’re out there on the mountain side, and trying to figure out how to make those skis work for you, you’re comfortable and ready to go and all you have to focus on his learning a new skill.

There are a lot of functional purposes behind the different kinds of layers you can use, and here we will kind of talk about some of them. While padded ski pants feel like they should be enough for a day out on the mountains skiing, you’re going to want to have a little something under it as well.

Ski pants aren’t meant to be worn directly on the skin. As you go throughout the day in the elements, you want to be ready for whatever is coming at you even through the puffy pants that are oh-so flattering!

Your base layers are going to help make sure that you stay dry, comfortable and warm throughout the day.

Can I Wear Regular Leggings?

A common question for new skiers is if you can wear regular leggings under your ski pants. While this would be a comfortable base layer, there’s a little bit more functionality than just simply having a layer between you and the ski pant.

Some things that you’re going to want to look for in your base layer are moisture wicking, thermal trapping, and of course, comfort. You don’t want anything too stiff or too tight fitting that you can’t quite move in them, but anything on the market made and marketed to be ski base layers from reputable brands are going to be great options for you! They’re made for this and made for you to move around all day in the snow.

Typically, long johns would be a good word for the base layer, but in modern-day ski wardrobes, we have hundreds of options of synthetic fiber and moisture wicking base layers that are going to do more for you throughout the day, then a comfy, cozy long John, or legging would. Invest in these pieces, so you don’t feel miserable out on the slopes later on.

Girl excitedly skiing

Best Base Layers Under Ski Pants

Wearing the wrong kind of legging can be detrimental to how much fun you have while skiing on this trip.

Workout leggings sound like a great idea, but they’re made to hold in moisture versus being moisture wicking, so likely it only makes you colder as the day goes on.

Whether you’re sweating from all the movement or you’re hitting the ground so you’re encountering some melted snow in your pants, you’re going to want that moisture to be wicked away.

There are some common workout legging brands like Lululemon that have specifically moisture wicking materials that would be great under your ski pants. So if you’d like to stay to your usual work out legging brand, they have some great options for you!

Experienced skiers recommend staying away from anything cotton. All it does is soak up moisture, and you’ll never dry out! So stay away from sweat, pants, regular leggings, and long johns. You’ll need about three layers, your base layer, which should wick away moisture, and keep your skin dry, your mid layer should also, but your number one priority is the heat trapping abilities. Then the outer layer. Your base layer should be tight and your middle layer shouldn’t be too much looser than that!

three options for base layers for ski pants

Here are some ideas for great base layer options!

1. Lululemon
2. Smartwool
3. Sweaty Betty
4. L.L. Bean
5. Merino
6. Cordova

Skiing is no easy sport. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people really go out and do this leisurely… I know I’ll love it once I start, but I know I’m definitely nervous about getting out there.

But before we can even get there, we have to make sure we’re prepped and ready to go from the start. Being ready for the snow and better yet– the stark cold wind in the snow are tough tasks on their own, so be sure that you’re prepared before you hit the slopes. If you can manage to nail down these basic tips you need for prep, you’re good to go, and it will just make the learning process that much more enjoyable.

If you need some cute outfit ideas for the rest of the trip where you aren’t sliding down a mountain for sport, these festive winter wonderland outfit ideas would be so cute to rock around a resort.

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