Inside: 37 brunch outfit ideas spring styles you’re going to love! Brunch is the best time to break out your best fashion.

Spring is a time for renewal, and what better way to celebrate the season than heading out to a delicious brunch? A spring brunch is a perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family, enjoy the warm weather, and savor some delicious food. And not to mention rock a really cute spring outfit.

Find me a good mimosa, a latte, and a great Egg Benedict and I am ready to go on any patio and enjoy the spring weather. But when we go to brunch, we all know it’s the perfect opportunity for the best photo opportunities, especially if you’re brunching with the girls.

To add a decorative touch to your spring brunch, consider using colorful flowers and pastel-colored table linens. You can also set the mood with some light, spring-themed music.

Overall, a spring brunch is a fantastic way to welcome the season and celebrate with loved ones. With a variety of tasty dishes and a festive atmosphere, it’s sure to be a memorable event.

Two girls in brunch outfit ideas spring style

What To Wear To A Spring Brunch

Brunch is a staple of the spring season, and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy some great food and better company. But with so many different ways that you can dress, it can be hard to decide what to wear to a spring brunch.

One option is to go for a springy sundress. Sundresses are a classic choice for any spring occasion, and they come in a wide range of styles and patterns to choose from. From florals to solids, there’s a sundress out there for everyone. Pair your sundress with some sandals or flats and you’ll be ready to go. Throw on your best pair of oversized sunglasses and this look is flawless.

If sundresses aren’t your thing, don’t worry – there are plenty of other options to choose from. A lightweight pants and blouse combination is a stylish and comfortable choice for a spring brunch. Opt for a pair of pastel-colored pants and a lightweight, flowy blouse for a spring-ready look. You can also add a cardigan or a light jacket to your outfit if it gets chilly.

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure to accessorize your outfit with a statement piece. A silk scarf or a piece of jewelry can add some flair to your look and help you stand out. And don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you head out – you don’t want to get caught in a spring rain shower without an umbrella. Which is totally possible in the spring. Anything goes this time of year.

Overall, the key to dressing for a spring brunch is to keep it light and comfortable. But be camera ready too, of course!

Spring Trends 2023

The trends for spring for 2023 are a good mix of classic and classy, and casual and edgy. Edgy and spring don’t usually go together, but this year is all about breaking the molds that we usually see for each season.

As you go about seeking out the spring trends to build your wardrobe for this season, don’t forget that adding these pieces, elements, and colors to the mix of your current spring pieces that you already know and love.

The entire vibe of a season rarely changes, but it does channel new styles and new energies so that you can refresh your wardrobe and find new styles that you love. So add these in among your beloved sundresses and maxi skirts.

Spring trends are capitalizing on details we’ve been seeing the past few years, like lingerie style slip dresses and dramatically puffy silhouettes.

Grunge is back for the spring, which again, doesn’t sound like the most synonymous pairing, but it works when you do it well. So if grunge has always kind of had a piece of your heart, this spring is the time to bring it back and bring a little edge to brunch in a high fashion kind of way.

We’ll get into the actual colors next, but for spring this year, allow yourself to dive into denim and metallics. Something that feels so aggressive for the soft spring season, but we’re ready for something heavy hitting this year, apparently, so go ahead and whip out some low rise jeans and a metallic crop top for brunch with your favorite pair of sneakers.

Spring Colors

Spring colors are some of the easiest to guess and to come by, but again, we’re thinking outside the box this year.
Of course whites and pastels are always a great choice and you’re never going to be wrong choosing them for a spring brunch sundress, but you can unlock a more fashion forward approach to your spring wardrobe with the darker shades and brighter hues that 2023 is so in love with.

We’re still saving the super bright tones of these colors for the summer, but the muted and dark shades are totally trending for this season.

Envato created an incredible chart for the spring color palettes that have been all over the runway, and they include the classic pastels, the military tones, and the brighter shades that are so different for spring.

If you’re rebuilding or adding to your spring wardrobe, consider these colors! If you already have them, a spring brunch is the best time to pull them out for the season. The vibes and the energies are high, so elevate them even more with some bolder colors than usual.

Again, white will never be the wrong answer for a spring outfit moment. Just don’t spill your mimosa!

Three casual outfits in neutral colors, perfect for spring


1. Comfy Preppy
2. Jeans And Layers
3. White On White
4. Casual Jumpsuit
5. Linen Set
6. Neutrals
7. Tee And Statement Shoe
8. Matching Set
9. Button Down

Three classic and beautiful spring outfits

Classic Outfits For Spring

10. Pink Florals
11. Criss Cross Top
12. Warm Colors Maxi
13. Split Front Top
14. Black And White Sweater
15. Relaxed Maxi
16. Soft Pink Mini
17. Blue Bell Sleeve
18. White Body Con Set
19. Slouchy Jean
20. Khaki

Girl eating brunch in a cute outfit with a black top and white shorts with a cool belt

Spring Brunch Outfits

21. Floral Jumpsuit
22. Bow Strap Shoulder
23. Red Top
24. Cool Caps
25. Yellow Gingham Shorts
26. White Jumpsuit
27. Floral Blouse
28. Statement Belt And Basics
29. Denim Fringe Pieces
30. Perfect Pink Florals

Four colorful spring outfits


31. Ribbed Pink
32. Tiered Set
33. Silk Skirt
34. Sunset Tones
35. Green Gingham
36. Orange Button Down
37. Green Silk
38. Blue Maxi
39. Blue And Green

A relaxed spring brunch is what all of us need to reset and feel the sun as it starts to make its reappearance to our hemisphere for the next few months or so. I love spring and I love brunch, so when I get to put together spring outfits for a brunch day, I am one happy girl.

It’s so fun to play with the classic brunch outfit ideas spring styles and brainstorm how to add in these new styles that we have coming to us this year. It’s going to be really subtle for now, but it’s going to start booming. Since spring is usually based around the same trends and styles each year, this is a fun opportunity to get to do something different and play with themes and colors. The possibilities are endless and the personal style has never been more creative.
So go get your brunch on with your super cool brunch outfit ideas spring styles that you’re going to love… and the brunch party will too!

Want to channel a more hippie and earthy style? Here are some flower power outfit ideas that are perfect for classic spring styles.

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