Inside: Ideas for what to wear on a movie date with your girls or your beau. 

Planning a date? Planning a date outfit? I’m not sure which one is more intimidating, especially if this is a new fling, a new person, or anything new for that matter!

Dates can be intimidating and scary, but they don’t have to be, because half of the stress… At least for me… Is wondering if I have the perfect outfit to make sure I’m dressed appropriately. So if you’re heading to a movie date, I’ve got some great outfit ideas for you.

It would almost be easier to go on a formal date, because casual dates still have to have some level of intentionality and effort to make the outfit work. Of course, I would love to just show up and watch a movie in my big sleep T-shirt, and some shorts, and my Birkenstocks, but realistically, unless this is someone you’re already really comfortable with and you’ve decided that that’s the vibe for your movie dates, you need to put a little bit more effort into it.

Dates are fun to get dressed up for, but where do you find the middle ground? Let’s go ahead and look at some of these 33 ideas for what to wear on a movie date to find the best outfit for you!

what to wear on a movie date

How To Dress Up A Casual Outfit

Dressing up a casual outfit is a tricky game of balance, but I think it’s a necessary one to conquer. It’s easy to throw on leggings, a tee shirt, and a pair of trusty sneakers, but realistically, when you need to dress it up, how do you do so?

This has also become really trendy with streetwear– throw on a really cute dress but maybe add a pair of cool sneakers and a ball cap and you have something different and a little edgy. Easy! But if you’re like me and you need something more comfortable to dress UP instead of dressing something nice DOWN when heading to the movies, it can get a little trickier.

First place to start is with the season. This is easier in the summer. There are so many comfortable shorts that look dressy, but really feel like pajama pants. These are a great place to start! And then working with something like a bodysuit or a plain, fitted tee that can come across as dressy is a perfect move. If it’s hot hot HOT outside, roll with some cute casual sandals. You may feel like you’re in your pajamas, but this is such a cute and casual look.

In the winter, it might be a little risky, but I would go for some layers. I would start with a hoodie, and that’s where the risk is. If you go for a hoodie, you’ll have to balance it with a cool leather jacket or trench coat, and for sure have your hair and makeup done.

Instead of jeans, opt for your favorite pair of jersey knit trousers that feel comfortable but look like you could wear them into the office if you have to. Maybe even your favorite relaxed jean, but generally anything other than leggings or sweatpants.

Layer your coat, do your hair, and a cute pair of loafers or boots that go with the outfit is the perfect way to balance out a comfortable outfit for a movie date.

Daytime Versus Nighttime Dates

Daytime dates are always a little more casual, and then add the movie theater factor to it and you’ve got a pretty casual date set. But you do always want to put the best foot forward, whether you’ve been together for a while or it’s a first date. Or anything in between!

It’s so simple to move forward with a casual outfit (balanced out of course!) in the day time, on a Sunday afternoon, but what about in the evening?

You do have a little bit of a more formal element when the date is set for an evening showing. This is where I would recommend going with a bootie and a pair of comfortable trousers rather than a slouchy jean.

The winter outfit can elevate with a sweater instead of the hoodie layering combo, and the summer outfit can elevate with adding a cute cropped jacket like a leather or suede to add something a little nicer to it and accommodate for the summer night breeze.

These are obvious very specific examples, and we will look at photos of a ton of other options later in the post, but these are some ways that you can dress up from day to night for the different movie times your date may have picked.

Overdressing is always better than underdressing, but remember you are there to have fun and get to know your date better.

Movie Date Outfit Ideas

Take the stress out of getting dressed for a date with these outfit ideas. I really think you’re going to love them, and I think that they’re worth all the time and effort you put into it.

Dates are meant to be fun, not scary, even though they can be on their own. So just enjoy the time you’re getting to spend with this person and enjoy the movie you’re seeing together!

Some of these outfit ideas can change based on the plans for the evening. If you’re going to a movie then to dinner, then that changes some things and it takes the pressure off of the perfect casual comfy outfit. You can just go dressed for the dinner plans and let the outfit be what it is for the movie.

Luckily, we’re in a phase in fashion where a lot of comfy clothes are really trendy, and have the ability to be dressed up. I love a good pair of knit wide legs, they’re flowy, comfortable, and cool! They’re not dress pants, but they’re not jeans and that’s the perfect in between. A plain T-shirt can never go wrong, because you can layer it in so many ways to bring it to the elevated level that it requires.

Don’t stress too much, whatever you have in your closet is perfect. However… I always use a first date as an excuse to shop! So be like me, or shop your own closet, but either way you’re going to find the perfect outfit for your movie date.

Three girls in cool outfits

Movie Date Outfit Ideas

1. Leather And Oversized
2. Plaid And Tee
3. Cardigan
4. Cozy Sweater Dress
5. Comfy Slacks
6. Shacket
7. Sweater And Shorts
8. Linen Romper
9. Long Cardigan
10. Linen Button Down
11. Beige Comfy

Three casual outfits

Casual Movie Date Outfits

12. The Basics
13. Dressed Up Comfy
14. Turtleneck
15. Sweater Dress With Tights
16. Overalls
17. Linen Pants
18. Linen Set
19. Cotton Romper
20. Corduroy
21. Color Block Cardigan
22. Hoodie Layer

Four date outfits for a night time date

Late Night Dates

23. Sleeveless Sweater
24. Ruffle Trim Set
25. Bodysuit
26. Muscle Tank And Leather
27. All Black Chic
28. Big Blazer
29. Mesh Bodysuit
30. Ruffle Sleeve Top
31. Trouser Shorts
32. Classy Sweater
33. Plaid Blazer

Going to the movies is such a fun way to pass time, spend time with someone, or enjoy a really good movie. And dressing for a movie date should be just as fun and relaxing as the movie itself. Don’t put too much stress on what’s happening and how to dress perfectly for the movie, but do enjoy yourself, and have fun with it!

Dates are to get to know the person you’re talking to, and let them see your real personality through your style. How you dress on a date says a lot about you: how seriously you’re taking the date as well as who you are and your full personality. So let them see who you are and wear whatever you want for this movie date!

It’s all about fun anyway, don’t take it too seriously.

If a cardigan is your go to for this kind of comfortable and casual outfit, then here are 41 cozy winter cardigan outfits for you!

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