Inside: 47 cute comedy show outfit ideas for dates, girls nights, or casual hang outs.

Cute and unique hang out ideas are hard to come by, but if you get creative and find fun happenings in your area, you might just find comedy shows are a good place to spend the evening with your besties, family, or partner. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover the next big comedian in the spotlight.

Laughter is the best medicine, and if you need a good laugh, chances are you probably also need a good outfit. So whatever your plans are for the evening, if they include a comedy show, I’ve got some outfit ideas for you! It can be tricky because for most comedy clubs, anything goes!

They tend to range from casual to dressy, but you typically have a lot of freedom with your outfits for this occasion.

We all love to laugh and stand up comedy is a great time! This is such a fun date idea, and we all know that one of the best parts of a great date is the cute outfit you can break out to impress your date for the evening. 

Either try something new or stick to your trusted favorite pair of jeans, but either way you’re going to show up and show out in these outfit ideas.

Outfits for a comedy club, two women in cute casual outfits

Comedy shows are often a casual event, but depending on the scale, location, reason for going out, you may find that it’s not just something to pull your usual top out of the closet for. 

First date? Birthday party? Whatever occasion, here are some outfit ideas to help spur you to inspiration for what to wear to a comedy show.

cute comedy club outfits

Cute Outfits For A Comedy Club

Going out and doing something fun, unique, and entertaining is always extra fun when you like your outfit (as well as your company!) Add in getting a laugh out of it, and it’s the best way to spend your night. If you’re the kind of girl that believes there is no such thing as being overdressed for a casual night out, then here are some cute outfits for you that vibe with the concept of going to a comedy club.

There’s no wrong answers for the question: “What should you wear to a comedy club?” but when anything goes, it’s easy to get stuck.

Are you going with the girls tonight? With the fam? For a birthday? Enjoy some outfit inspo to get the ball rolling on your evening plans. 

  1. Fun Knit Sets
  2. Leather Pants
  3. Sundress and Sneaks
  4. Preppy Sweater
  5. Monochrome
  6. Athletic Onesie
  7. Knit and Silks

We love to go out with our favorite people and look cute while doing so! A comedy club, even if a more casual environment is no different!

With the dress code decision in your hands, there’s so many options, so get inspired and pull out your best comedy club fits.

  1. Knee High Boots
  2. All Leather
  3. White Romper
  4. Linen Set
  5. Oversized Knit
  6. Jeans and Heels
  7. Split Hem Jeans
  8. Grunge Tee
  9. Statement Shoe

comedy club outfits

Comedy Club Outfits

Every comedy club is as different as every comedian, some are more casual and some have a dress code. But if you’re going and chilling out while taking in some well-rehearsed jokes, then no need to go above and beyond. Personal style may say different, and we all love to fit the occasion and dress for a show! If you’re looking to dress up OR dress down tonight, there’s a perfect outfit for your outing. So here are some outfits to wear to a comedy club that aren’t too much but just enough.

  1. Color Pop Blouse
  2. Corduroy and Heels
  3. Ribbed and Slacked
  4. Cropped Knit
  5. Scarf Top
  6. Halter Top
  7. Slip Dress
  8. White Boots
  9. Pink Button Up
  10. Tee Shirt Dress
  11. Striped Set
  12. Cool Jumpsuit
  13. Statement Skirt
  14. White Jeans
  15. Muscle Tank
  16. Cool Slouchy Top

Date night outfits to go to a comedy club

Outfits For A Date At The Comedy Club

Date outfits are pretty standard no matter where you go, especially if this is one of the first dates, then you’re very intentional to show up and show out to put your best foot forward. I tend to air on the side of over dress rather than under dress. That being said, you can also slide by with something not so overdressed if you wanted to. So if you’re dressing up to meet up with a new fling and show them your good style, or if you’re hanging out with a long term partner, here are some different outfit ideas for you and your boo to go to the comedy club. 

  1. Fringe Jacket and Boots
  2. Corset and Leather
  3. Knit LBD
  4. Blazer Outfit
  5. White Halter
  6. Romantic Blouse

What’s the plan before or after? Dinner at your favorite restaurant or drinks at your usual spot? The direction you go doesn’t matter when you’re dressed for anything! 

  1. Button Down Maxi
  2. One Shoulder
  3. Leather Skirt
  4. Flirty Tops
  5. Sweater Dress

Fun outfits, cute outfits, casual outfits are all great options for going to a comedy club and having a great night of laughter with your people. Going to shows of any kind are always the time to get at least a little dressed up and have a good time, so check out some of these comedy club outfit ideas and have a good time. 

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