This year is going to be a spectacular year for concerts, and depending on your lineup, you probably need some Noah Kahan concert outfits.

Concerts are some of my favorite events to style for, and I love a good planned outfit that is perfect for the artist and venue vibe. Noah Kahan is definitely a vibe to dress for, which is why I’m so excited to be putting together my Noah Kahan concert outfit for this year’s tour.

Not only does each genre of music have its own outfit aesthetic, but so does each artist… Noah’s might be my fav yet.

Two cool outfits for an edgy hipster concert

If you’re getting ready for a Noah Kahan concert, like I am this spring – there are so many cute outfit routes for the cool indie aesthetic of his show.

Let me show you what I’m planning on wearing to the upcoming California show.

Here are a few Pro style tips to keep in mind for your own Noah aesthetic outfit selection:

  • Indie is the name of the game, so try your hand at thrifting or putting together pieces you wouldn’t normally.
  • Balance out the casual aesthetic with something cute like a lacy bralette or great shoes.
  • Accessorize think bandanas, stacked bracelets and big sunglasses for his outdoor shows.

Two girls dressed in indie aesthetic

Noah Kahan Aesthetic

We all know and love the aesthetic of his music, but what’s the outfit vibe that matches?

It’s a pretty low-key and hipster sound, but nothing crazy. I would say to not opt for the edgy route or dramatic route, but keep it breezy, airy, and maybe a little hippie.

1. Street

A street tee and cargo pants combo is an easy look that matches the hipster style of this concert.

2. Bandana Accessory

Throwing on some flattering basics and accessorizing with a bandana in your hair is the epitome of indie style.

3. Lace Top

This lace top is screaming indie concert to me. This paired with just about anything is so cool, pretty, and feminine all in one.

4. Grunge Set

A cool set like this is made for a cool concert vibe.

5. Flames Tube Top

Classic black tube top never disappoints, but this one with a little fun embellishment makes for a fun concert version of a staple.

Two perfect outfits for a Noah Kahan concert


When you’re into fashion, outfits for every outing really matter to you. They matter a ton to me!

I’ve come up with a ton of concert outfits and pulled inspiration from many places, but mainly the artist playing.

So here’s what I’m wearing for a Noah Kahan concert.

6. Staple Bodysuit

Keeping the staple bodysuit makes for an easy pairing with your favorite jeans or cargos.

7. Black Or White

Both of these options are perfect for a concert of any genre, even though it’s clearly a country themed outfit. Something indie and hipster sounding like Noah Kahan is still a perfect occasion for an outfit like these.

8. Black Jumpsuit

The styling possibilities are endless with a jumpsuit like this!

9. Cute Casual Styling

I adore these three versions of wearing graphic tees in styled ways to make it something that’s concert worthy.

What Is  Your Best Concert Style?

I love something a little flashy to wear to a concert that I wouldn’t normally wear to something as low-key as dinner. Concert style is anything you want it to be!

I always say that the only staple of a good concert outfit is a good, comfortable pair of shoes that you can stand in line and stand for the show in, if you’re in a standing section. And even if you’re not, there’s still usually a lot of walking and standing happening.

  • Some of my favorite shoes besides sneakers for this are:
  • Platform boots
  • Kitten heels
  • Cowboy boots
  • Sandals

Man on stage playing guitar

Concert outfits should be a combination of your personality and theirs. It’s like how their music reflects in your life! A rather personal experience.

Most importantly, you really want to make sure it’s something you can hang out in, have fun in, and dance around in. If you’re going with your friends, coordinating is a really fun way to make it more of a group occasion.

Have the best time at your concert, and be ready for a great show!

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