Inside: Harry Styles concert outfit ideas that the man himself would love.

Okay…so I am just going to assume that since you clicked on this article, you are going to a Harry Styles Concert. So you and I are just going to take a second to do a little internal(and maybe external) screaming, because this situation calls for it.

Now that we got that out of the way, I want to start discussing the important stuff. There aren’t many events in the world that call for the specific wardrobe and attire that a Harry concert does. This is your opportunity to go ALL OUT. The goal here is to leave your house feeling like your most confident and happy self.

Harry Styles concert outfit ideas. Ultimate Guide. 3 different photos of friend group outfits waiting outside of concert.

You may be asking yourself, ‘But how do I get there?’ Well…I am going to walk you through it. This is the Ultimate Guide to Harry Styles Concert Outfit Ideas. I go over everything you need to know below, as well as give you some prime examples of awesome outfits that you can use as your source of creative inspo. Are you ready?

What should I wear to a Harry Styles concert?

I figured this would be the best place to start. Like I said before, the goal when getting ready to be in the presence of Harry Styles himself is to feel your best when you are done. How do you do this? I have a few key components that will help you on this journey.

1. Pick A Special Outfit – I go into more detail about how to do this below, but the short version is that you need to pick an outfit that is MORE special than your daily attire. Something that you would normally want to wear but feel it’s ‘too much.’ Honey, the idea of anything being ‘too much’ is thrown out the window on the night that you are going to this concert.

2. Pick Something Comfortable Enough – Though I do want you to pick an outfit that goes above and beyond, I still want you to be comfortable enough to be jumping around and dance. If you are someone who can’t stand in heels for more than an hour…choose some comfier shoes that still match your fit.

Honestly, when it comes to outfits, I often will put something on that looks cute but feels super uncomfortable to me, (like a short dress that looks awesome but one that I’ll be adjusting the entire night). You want to avoid that, so you can feel confident and not in your head.

If you are feeling like going in the direction of a dress, may I suggest you check these denim dress outfit ideas.

3. Affirmations – When you are getting ready, you need to set the space. Put on some Harry Styles music, light some candles, and say some affirmations to yourself while you are getting dressed. Here are some of my favorites:

  • I Am Radiant Tonight
  • I Am Having The Time Of My Life
  • I Am Living My Best Life

What is normal to wear to a concert?

I would say that a normal concert outfit can vary. For the most part, when it comes to a Harry Style concert, you can expect to see a lot of people wearing Harry-Themed outfits. The man himself is currently sporting a lot of iconic 70s looks, complete with Go-Go boots and boas, so you can truly go all out. I have some Harry Styles Concert Outfit Ideas below to help you out.

Is wearing a dress to a concert a good idea?

Love this question, but it’s all about personal preference. If you feel your most confident in a dress, then you should definitely wear one. But if you want the ability to be able to dance your heart out, make sure you add some shorts under it. This way, you can be comfortable AND cute.

What kind of shoes do you wear to a concert?

This will depend on your ability to walk in heels. If you are elite, then you will be able to walk in those things all night without getting tired or sore. Sadly, the majority of us are not like that. So if you want some comfort, I would say going for a platform boot look instead of a heal. This way, you still get the elevated look without the pain!

4 different outfits perfect for a Harry Show

Harry Styles Concert Outfit Ideas

Harry fans are truly the best, and I think you would agree. I mean… just check out these amazing outfits, and you’ll see that we go above and beyond when it comes to living this life. And why not? We are only here for a small period of time…I say that we should make the most of it! Take a look at the list below to start gathering inspo.

I have everything from mini skirts to jumpsuits (You need to see these jumpsuit outfit ideas).

1. Orange and Brown Outfit

2. Orange Flowy Outfit

3. Bell Bottom Jeans with Rainbow Details

4. Green Detailed Pants

5. Mixed Patterned Pants

6. Halter Top with Wide Pants

7. Floral High Waisted Pants

8. Wide Jeans with Cheetah Jacket

9. Floral Overalls Idea

10. Blue Jeans with Flower Belt

11. Bell Bottoms with Rocker Shirt

3 different examples of cool pants and outfits for concert.

Must See Harry Styles Concert Outfit Ideas

I think you might be able to sense a pattern here literally, because the pattern is patterned pants. Specifically, patterned pants that flair! I am obsessed with the fact that these jeans are coming back into style in their own way. You seriously need to look at these examples.

12. Light Pink Jeans with White Shirt

13. Bright Orange Sparkly Halter Top

14. Hot Plus Sized Outfit

15. Cherry Outfit Idea

16. Heart Cut Out One Piece

17. Adorable Outfits with Boas

18. Heart Cut Out Wide Jeans

19. Harry Styles Fans Best Outfit

20. Awesome Purple Pants Idea

21. Epic Star Pants with Fluffy Shirt

3 different colorful outfit ideas with halter tops and cute cover ups.

Outfits Harry Would Approve Of

I know this one is a tall order, but I really feel like this last list is full of outfit ideas that Harry Styles himself would approve of. I mean…that man just has impeccable style. Take a look to see if any of these ideas call out to you. I am definitely going to have to get myself some cherry earrings!

22. Cute Floral Outfits

23. Crochet Top with Yellow Pants

24. Epic Jacket and Skirt Combo

25. But Daddy I Love Him

26. Floral Sweater with White Fancy Pants

27. Themed Ts with Leather Pants

28. Pink and Orange Outfit

29. Epic Pants with Leather Jacket

30. Leather Jacket with Red Dress

Let’s take another moment to internally scream…you are going to a Harry Styles concert! My inner teen is geeking out right now. I remember when Harry was still my favorite member of 1D. Oh, how the times have changed.

It’s been amazing watching his career blossom and shift over time. His style evolution was one of the biggest changes (besides his music). That’s why I think it’s so important to really put some effort into your outfit. You get one night to go above and beyond what you normally do. You have to take advantage of that!

So I hope you loved this list of Harry Styles concert outfit ideas. There are so many more out there, but these are definitely the cream of the crop. I know that the music is the most important part of any concert, but I think that you can really make the entire night special. From the moment you get ready to the moment you get home.

Get out there, dress like you are the main character, and have the time of your life! And if you have a TS concert in the future, you need to check out these Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Ideas.