Circus-inspired outfits might sound crazy, but just wait until you see these stunning inspirational pictures! You’ll want to be wearing them as well.

What I love most about fashion is that you can take inspiration and ideas from just about anywhere. Including the circus!

If you love a cool statement jacket or something a little colorful, this post is for you my friends.

Four outfits that are inspired by the circus

Shoulder pads and tassels, bright colors and ruffles, there’s something circusy about it all, and we’re going to take that style and inspiration and turn it into one of the coolest outfits you’ve ever seen on yourself.

If you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone, this is it.

A great place to start and a great training ground to see how it’s possible to get cool ideas from just about anywhere.

Euphoria themed outfits are another genre to dig for cool inspiration, seeing how trendy and on top of the game this theme is. It’s another style that is totally extra, but totally possible to bring it back down to earth.

Three outfits that pull inspiration from an acrobats style

Acrobat Style

Acrobat style is totally a unique way of dressing and styling your outfits that need a little something exciting and cute. This might be a reference we use a lot in this post: it’s one of my favorite movies and it’s totally possible to pull inspiration from it, but think Zendaya in The Greatest Showman. Her costumes are so beautiful and are something we can subtly mimic in a really cool outfit.

1. Leotard Style Bodysuit

A bodysuit is going to be your go to for this style.

2. Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a common piece of athletic wear to have on hand for before and after rehearsals when your uniform is a leotard.

3.Fun Skirting

While we’re not working on a costume here, the fun style that acrobats wear like their fun skirts are a fun theme to pull from for the cool acrobat style.

4. Sequins

Make a sequin skirt casual.

5. Ruffle Top

Go big or go home! Be eye catching like a beautiful dance costume style. But make it cool.

6. Mini Dress

Something like this dress is so in style and such a great throw at the acrobatic style we want to emulate.

7. Big Sleeve

Something as beautiful as this top will grab all eyes.

8. Silver Flower Bra Top

Flashy and bright, like a fun acrobat outfit.

9. Feathers And Fun

Bright and bold, the cool jumpsuit that looks like the athletic fit of an athletic jumpsuit.

10. Wrap Skirt

A wrap skirt is the perfect throw on.

Three outfits featuring pieces that are similar to that of a ring master

Ring Master Style

Shoulder pads and fringe, gold details on tailored jackets, leather leggings… There are so many cool details you can pull from a classic ring master style to curate a really cute look.

11. Ruffle Bolero

A bold sleeve is the coolest way to make a gesture to cool ringmaster style.

12. Cape

A jacket that allows arm movement is perfect for the role of ring master.

13. Studded Leather Jacket

Bright and flashy, just the thing.

14. The Perfect Pinstripe

A well-fitting suit is the perfect go to for something to give the illusion of a ring master’s suit.

15. Stirrup Leggings

At the core, a ring master is an equestrian. Western style is a great base to start with for this kind of look.

16. Coat And Stirrup Combo

The combination of the coat with button details and stirrup leggings are the perfect combination to give you the look of a casual ring master.

17. Red Leather

Besides shoulder pads, the other hugely identifying style choice for a ring master is a structured red jacket. And a leather one like this has the vibe written all over it.

18. Edgy Fringe Jacket

A cool and edgy fringe jacket is just the way to go.

19. Riding Boot

A riding boot to go with your stirrup leggings.

20. Oversized Bolero

This is one of the coolest pieces that you’re going to love.

21. Pointed Shoulder

So dramatic, and so perfect. Exactly what I envision a ring master wearing in every show!

A red ruffled outfit that is perfect for the modern clown inspired outfit

Modern Clown Inspired Outfits

This one might stop you in your tracks, but the ideas and the creativity behind it might be just what you’re looking for to shake up your current wardrobe. Have fun with these pieces and you might just find that this category is exactly what you’re looking for for a new look.

22. Ruffles And Red

The color and the drama are perfect for channeling a little bit of a modern clown look.

23. Stripes

There are many patterns that work to channel this style, but a big striped pattern is the best one.

24. Ruffles And Puff

Some of the details of a clown costume that you can pull into your different stylistic outfit ideas. This sleeve is perfection, and the kind of top that you need to create a modern clown or villain evil clown outfit.

25. Exaggerated Neck

The exaggerated neck is perfect.

26. Ruffle Skirt

A more subtle way to give a modern clown style.

27. Flower Details

The floral details are a subtle and fun detail to

28. Red And White Striped Pants

Back onto the stripes, a flare jean is just the perfect style.

29. White Tulle Dress

White tiered and ruffled dresses are a perfect piece in your closet for the modern circus look.

30. Red Mini Skirt

This red mini skirt goes perfectly with any outfit you’re piecing together for a good clown outfit idea.

31.Ruffle Strands

The more extra you can be, the better!

How To Pull Inspiration From Circus Outfits

Hopefully all of these outfit ideas have given you a good idea as to how to pull ideas from something as extra as a circus outfit, but here are some other tips to keep in mind as you’re considering this outfit theme.

Looking at the overall picture, sure you’re not going to be wearing an acrobat leotard, but you might just be wearing a bodysuit that has an athletic look to it! With a really cool silk flowing pant that channels movement and energy, this could be a great outfit that you used an acrobat’s uniform to inspire you.

Pro Style Tip: It can just be as simple as throwing a cool jacket with metal plating or fringe details over your casual tee shirt and jeans just to make it a little more interesting for night time.

When pulling inspiration from a very specific idea or theme, it can be hard to see past the extremely stylistic and costume-y choices, but analyzing and picking out the details like these will make the process a little more simplified.

  • Silhouette
  • Colors
  • Elements (movement, structure, etc.)
  • Accessories
  • Time period references

Girl in leotard and red blazer, showcasing circus inspired outfits as streetwear.

The Details

This is one of the trends that are so subtly styled that you don’t even know you’re looking to curate a circus themed outfit until you read about it and know that’s what you’re doing.

I always say when it comes to putting together a really good outfit that the devil is in the details and you have to pay attention to the details that make the look what it is.

Details and accessories I think you should keep an eye out for when trying to channel this look are:

These are all huge trends right now individually so you shouldn’t have any problems tracking these down to style your cute new circus themed outfits!

Adding subtle details changes the entire look of an outfit, and I just know that you’re going to love what you come up with the more that you play with different details and ideas.

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