Leg warmers are never something I thought I would be styling in 2024, but here we are. They say everything in fashion really does come back around and we’re seeing this with every 80’s trend that you can imagine.

If you’re unsure about this trend, you’re not alone. Here are some really cute ways to style them!

Four girls wearing cozy winter outfits

These are so cute and honestly quite practical. I love a good winter mini skirt or dress outfit even for something pretty casual, and leg warmers just make it possible to stay warm while doing so.

The ballet core trend had a lot to do with this resurgence I’d say, but again, how many of my blazers have shoulder pads? The answer is all of them… The 80’s are back, baby.

And accessories are my favorite part of any throwback outfit.

How you style an outfit is almost more important than the outfit itself sometimes! Here’s a list of some of my favorite accessories for every season that you might want to try as you have fun with styling your wardrobe with fun details.

If you’re questioning leg warmers, question no longer. I’ve been wearing them & I’ll prove to you, they’re better than ever.

A girl in a super 80's kind of outfit


I’ve already mentioned how prominent it is that the 80’s are back in style, and these leg warmers really take it up a notch! They’re not super subtle and they’re a bold fashion statement.

1. Sassy Styling

This is a sassy outfit in its own right, but it’s got an 80’s spin on it with the glasses and leg warmers.

2. Sweatshirt And Belt Bag

Wear a slouchy sweatshirt and a belt bag as staples of the 80’s and 90’s.

3. Loungewear

Rock it with your loungewear pieces and you’ve got a great and warm outfit with your leg warmers!

4. Bold Colors

This one might hit too close to home, but the bright neon color blocking is the ultimate 80’s look.

5. With Maxi Skirts

Throwing these on with your maxi skirt is the cutest way to keep those ankles warm while wearing that cute peasant styled skirt in your closet.

Four girls wearing fur leg warmers


There are many different fabrications for leg warmers to come in, and fur is one of the trendiest ones this year. It’s a little more niche, so check out the different outfits you can throw them on with!

6. Tweed Skirt

Preppy goes punk.

7. Matching Outfit

The matching dress and fluffy ear muffs, this is the perfect way to wear fur leg warmers.

8. Metal Belt

Adding a metal chain belt to the outfit changes the overall look of the outfit and breaks up the soft vibes.

9. Rainbow Fur

Make a new statement with something full of color.

10. Groovy

Mix the 80’s and the 60’s and you get these super groovy chunky fur leg warmers. These are a personality piece that will start conversations.

11. Matching Hat

These striped pieces matching the hat are iconic accessories.

12. All Black

I love these all black fur pieces with the bows and sunglasses.

13. Furry Knit Leg Warmers

A more low-key version of the furry leg warmers. These are so cute and a little mix of the more traditional and more interesting leg warmers on the market.

14. Chunky Leg Warmers

Ready to take on the look?

Four knit leg warmer outfits


The most common leg warmers you find are going to be crocheted styles, and mostly in a cream tone. They’re the easiest to style as a winter accessory, and they’re pretty versatile.

15. Loafers

Drape these on your loafers and wander the streets in style!

16. Matching Cardigan

Buy a coordinating set that matches your cardigan perfectly with your workout onesie!

17. Cargo Skirt

A super casual outfit is now made pretty interesting with layers of accessories. With your sneakers and tee and casual mini skirt, add your crochet leg warmers to complete the look.

18. Classy Peacoat

The full winter peacoat look. Classic with a new trendy twist.

19. Cozy Neutrals

The comfy neutrals going on in this outfit is perfect for grabbing coffee with a friend or running errands.

20. Over Tights

A linen mini skirt with a vintage boot really makes this look a cute vintage look.

21. Ballet Core

The ballet core strikes again with this wrap top. The Docs make it edgy and bring it back down to the street style.

22. Utility

The utility look with a camo mini skirt and a utility vest makes this a really fun contrasting kind of outfit. The soft and tough edges that these pieces give is such a good look.

23. Lazy Outfit

Make the hoodie and shorts outfit more of a trendy look than your go to!

24. Black And White

A classic and beautiful black and white outfit to keep it slightly neutral.

25. Athletic

Keep your little ankles warm after your workout with a cute scrunchy pair of crochet leg warmers!

26. Light Tones

Whites and light wash denim is so cute, keep it fresh.

Three denim leg warmer outfits


Like… Reverse jeans. Or something like that. Add the jeans from the bottom up now, and this another niche way to wear leg warmers in 2023.

27. Belted

These belted denim leg warmers just add so much to the look, and the all leather outfit she’s rocking with it is quite perfect for a simple look to let the denim speak louder.

28. Matching Cropped Jacket

Crop the jacket and add an oversized belt, and you’ve got an outfit with tons of interesting silhouettes.

29. Oversized Blazer

The brown oversized blazer is the perfect move for a denim leg warmer.

White Fur

A white fur top is stunning with this outfit.

30. Pocketed

Pockets are another fun detail that you can play with to add texture to the pieces.

31. Cut Off Jeans

Want to do something really edgy? Cut off your jean and add some weird contrast with a denim leg warmer!

32. Full Denim Outfit

Do it all together! Monochrome to new heights.

33. White Asymmetrical

Denim and white will forever be the most classic look, and this is a brand new way to do it.

34. Embellished

Need a little more pizazz? Check these out!

Mini skirt and thigh high stockings

Thigh High

35. Pointed Flat

I love the look with the thigh high leg warmer with a pointed toe flat, what a contrast.

36. Tailored

A tailored look with a slouchy leg warmer is a fun way to change it up.

37. Flared

If you’re wearing a more fitted outfit, flare your leg warmers for a new silhouette.

38. Tights And Docs

Contrasting styles like edgy and soft is the best way to wear this trend this year.

39. Punk Stripes

Need something a little grungier? This is the move for you!

40. Sweater Dress

Under a big boot with a sweater dress is going to be the most classic way to wear out this trend.

41. Chunky Pieces

An oversized jacket with a chunky loafer is a cute way to feel more dainty in an oversized outfit.

42. Dance Pieces

For all you dancers out there, here’s a super cute thigh high leg warmer just for you.

43. Over The Workout Set

The workout set you love just got cozier!

Are Leg Warmers Back In Style In 2023?

Yes! Even when we see pictures of them all over the internet, it’s easy to question and wonder if something is actually in style or if it’s something that’s kind of only cool on Instagram.

But yes, online and in real life, leg warmers are totally in style in 2023!

Layers and bundling up in new ways is always fun during the winter, and this is just one of the fun ways we’re doing it this year.

How To Wear Leg Warmers

Generally speaking, leg warmers fit on your ankles up to under your knee, and drape over the tops of your shoes. They are almost like a reverse boot sock. Not that you really needed me to explain all that.

Wearing leg warmers can be so easy, especially if you’re pairing it with something like an athletic outfit, that’s a go-to.

The key is that you’re either wearing:

  • leggings
  • tights
  • shorts/ a skirt.

This is where you start to balance out the cold temperatures with a heavy jacket and tights for the look of it, and throw on leg warmers so you’re not entirely freezing.

  • An oversized sweater
  • Moto jacket
  • Or a slouchy hoodie

are great options for planning out an outfit with those leg warmers.

Pro Tip: Scrunch them up over your Uggs and you’ve got the coziest look of the winter!

Leg warmers have made their comeback in the fashion cycle in such a cute fashion, I can’t wait to see how creative people will get making this a trend. Even if you’re hesitant about this trend, I don’t think it will take long for you to fall in love with the cozy vibes.

Start off with the easy way to style them and add to your athletic and lounge outfits and go from there. Going with the obvious choices first helps you to start to get creative.

Stay warm this season with these cute outfit tips and fun ideas for a fresh winter look

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