Inside: 35 winery outfit ideas for visiting wineries all over the world in any season.

Making plans to hit up a winery sometime this next year? So fun and SO cute! Visiting wineries is an elegant outing choice and is always a winning photo opportunity for you and your SO or you and your besties on a girls trip.

A popular bachelorette party activity, you know you’re going to need a really good outfit. So what’s the winery vibe?

There is a dress code that we will get into in just a little bit, but just know the vibes are dreamy and classy.

You’ll love this outing.

Whether you’re visiting a winery in the US on the West Coast or you’re seeing grapes grown on foreign soil, there’s a very European style to wineries all over the world channeling your inner Mamma Mia style dresses and skirts.

Four women at wineries in cute outfits

Even after you take in some of these outfit ideas, if you’re at a loss of what to pack for the winery, just think: elegant Italian countryside and you’re golden. You’re on the right track.

What Is Wine Country Casual?

Wine Country Casual is a pretty loose dress code, but a version you might be more familiar with is country club chic, minus the over the top prep!

Polos for men, sun dresses and dressy flats for women are your winning pieces, and will be perfect for your time at the wineries, depending on the time of year you go. Generally speaking, wineries are in warmer parts of the world so you’ll be comfortable adding light layers to this.

Ultimately, for women, Wine Country Casual is blouses, dresses, loose skirts, and trousers. For men, it’s chinos and trousers, and polos or button ups.

What Colors To Wear

Okay so you know what kind of dress you’re looking for, but what color? Summer and spring colors will always work, with maybe some hints or more earth tones if you’re going in the fall.

This means white, blue, pink, yellow, and tan are always going to be a great color palette to follow for these outings.

Especially if you’re dressing your man in a white polo and tan chinos, you’re going to match him perfectly no matter what you wear if you stick to these colors! White could always be a little dangerous, depending on how much you trust yourself with red wine, but I think it’s worth the risk!

What Shoes Do You Wear To A Winery?

Each winery is a little different with how walkable it is in heels, but I wouldn’t recommend anything more than wedges for strolling a vineyard. You may not need to encounter any grass, but on the chance you do, you want to be ready for it.

Preppy sandals, nice flats, or wedges are going to be your best bet for shoes! Sneakers might be passable depending on the winery, but I tend to air on the side of a little dressier when attending a wine tasting!

Bachelorette and wedding winery dresses

Bachelorette Party

Going to a winery for a bachelorette party is a perfect way to celebrate you or one of your best girls tying the knot! It’s different, it’s classy, and it’s a luxurious way to spend your afternoon.

You want to make sure you match the bride’s vibes for her bachelorette day (or weekend), so here are some ideas based on what the bride may be wearing and what she might be expecting of her besties.

Bachelorette parties are super themed these days, so if you’re following a theme, here are some ideas for those that are trending. If she’s just going off a general style, here are some outfits for different vibes too.

  1. Bride White Cotton Dress
  2. Bright Colors
  3. Nude And Muted Tones
  4. Midis
  5. Soft Pinks
  6. Wine Themed Shirts
  7. Scarf Top

Bachelorette party outfits are so fun to plan, coordinate, and put together, and especially for an activity as cool as visiting a winery and doing a wine tasting, it’s girly outfit galore.

Give everyone a chance to take a break from their partying outfits and get into something summery.

Any of these outfits would be perfect for planning to take your bridesmaids out to a winery for a bach bash.

  1. White Babydoll Dress
  2. Earthy Casual
  3. Bride Fit
  4. Black Jumpsuit

Five women wearing classy summer Napa Travel outfits

Summer Wine Tastings

Spring and summer are the best seasons to go to a winery: the colors, the warm air, the wine weather (but let’s be real here, all weather is wine weather…) and the cute outfits and beautiful summer dresses that come with the spring and summer seasons! They truly can’t be beat, and even if they could they are the perfect look for an afternoon sipping wine with your loved ones anyway.

So you wouldn’t want to wear anything else!

These outfits are classic summer faves, and especially trending right now. They are the ideal vibe for a winery: breezy, carefree, and classy. Everything you need to be for a wine tasting.

  1. Pink And White
  2. All White
  3. Neutral Mini
  4. Floral Midi
  5. Linen And Denim
  6. White Linen
  7. Blending White Shades

If you’re loving these outfit ideas, keep going. While the outfit options are endless and quite honestly overwhelming, you’ll love all of them and you never know which one is the perfect one for you and your best wine country casual outfit.

Are you more of a dress or trousers gal? You can’t go wrong with either, truly, so whatever your vibe is, there’s a perfect winery outfit for you.

  1. Silk Skirt
  2. Blue And White Print
  3. Green And White
  4. Denim Tube Top
  5. White Set

Two women in fall outfits in a vineyard

Fall Outfits

In wine country, the fall weather isn’t super different from spring and summer, it’s still pretty warm for the sake of the crops they’re growing. So therefore your outfit options don’t have to change much either.

Summer colors will always work for a winery, however, fall colors can be thrown into the mix to keep things technically on the correct season, even if the weather doesn’t feel like it.

You can easily throw in a felt wide brimmed hat or swap the wedges for a pair of heeled booties to make it feel more seasonally appropriate, and you’ve already got it/

These are some outfits that are essentially more of a fall vibe, or at least styled to feel more like they’re catered to the fall season– even if they’re still a summer dress perfect for a vineyard visit.

  1. Overalls
  2. Neutral Layers
  3. Catsuit And Layers
  4. Knit Wrap
  5. Brown Midi Bodycon
  6. Funky Sweater

Loving these? They’re perfect for your trip to the wineries and anything else you have planned for the evening.

  1. Leather Leggings
  2. Tan Linen Set
  3. Ruched Long Sleeve
  4. Over The Knee Boots
  5. Sweater Vest
  6. Sweater Dress

Touring and tasting at wineries is a perfect excuse to get done up in a beautiful summer dress and sip wine with your besties or lover. It’s something different to do and gets you out in the open air versus just sitting at a local restaurant to drink your usual glass of wine (though we love that too!)

These dresses and outfits are perfect to pull inspiration from and help you while you’re shopping no matter what time of year you’re going! So if you see something you like…

Add. To. Cart.

And you’re good to go! You’ve got one outfit packed for your trip.

Have the best time visiting wineries and strolling through rows and rows of grapes with your favorite person (or people!) Celebrate, relax, and enjoy in one of these winery outfit ideas.

If you need help planning fits for the rest of your travels, check out these travel outfits!

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