Inside: 31 teal outfits to try when you’re ready to add some color into your closet.

I am a huge fan of the resurgence of color coming back into our wardrobes. It’s always been a hit in summer, but fall, winter, and spring are all getting the same colorful treatment. If you’re looking at some color options that aren’t too bold but still brighten up your day, you have to try these teal outfits.

Teal is edgy, because it’s such a pop of color but can be made so subtle, classy, and interesting.

Blue looks great on everyone, and if teal is your preferred shade of the color blue, this is for you. Honestly, teal has many different shades of itself as well, so there’s not even one simple version of teal to stick to.

Any blue that’s also got a hint of green is going to fit into the teal category– though the brighter shades tend to be what we think of first when we think of teal.

Two women wearing silky teal pants

Brighten up your life with some of these teal style ideas.

What Colors Go With Teal?

Teal can be used in too many ways to count!

Get creative and pair it with a plum color for fall or make a statement and wear it with a stark white. There aren’t too many colors that teal doesn’t go with! Especially in 2022, the year we brought color back, if you posted a TikTok wearing a deep teal with a bright red, they’re going to eat it up.

If you want to get technical instead of creative, you can totally pair teal strategically.

Neutral earth tones like browns and greens are a great start. While it’s mostly a blue color, adding a light green shade will be a pretty way to play with different cool tones in the same outfit.

More blues, black, and white are all also safe bets for your teal pairing. If you want to let the teal do the talking, pairing it with any neutral will be a good start! If you want the outfit to speak… Let’s bring in some more color!

Orange is the complementary color to blue, so if you really want to pop, that’s a good place to start. If you want to match the complementaries exactly, teal is a combination of blue and green, and red is the opposite of green.

So go ahead and find a red toned orange and match there! Even if you slide down the shade scale to a lighter version, it would add a lot of dimension and detail to your outfit.

Who Looks Good In Teal?

The darker tones of teal are recognized as one of four universally flattering colors, which means it’s going to look great on you regardless of your complexion and undertones. It tends to bring pinks out, but even if you have more yellow tones, it will highlight the natural blush on your cheeks.

Or if you’re worried about too much punk coming out when you wear teal, it reflects in a very naturally flushed look. You don’t have much to worry about.

The other colors that are good on anyone and everyone are a bright red, a deep purple, and a soft pink. These are all also considered universally flattering colors.

You’re going to rock these teal looks, no matter what your features are.

When Is It In Season?

Teal is a good move for three out of four seasons– it may be a little too deep for spring– enjoy coming out of hiding with some pastels instead! Leave teal to the rest of the year.

For the most part, teal is an autumn color. It’s dark and rich like so many of the autumn colors are, and is one of the few cool toned autumn colors.

However, depending on how you wear it, you can rock it in just about any season. Seriously!

Cool tones, especially blues, are perfect for summer because it is reminiscent of the ocean and your beach vacation you’re still thinking about… So a deep sea blue like teal can be worn in the spring and summer, but since it’s a darker color, I recommend it more for evening wear and formal attire. You can of course wear it any other time as well, but evening is simply when it makes the most sense for the season.

In the fall, it can be worn any time in any way! Daytime sweaters or night time jumpsuits, they’re all in range here.

I personally consider any cool toned color a winter color. It just feels appropriate. Cool blues, icy whites, and closed off blacks are just right to match the mood of January. Grab a statement coat or pair of boots in teal and you’re ready to rock it this winter in this stunning color.

Aesthetic outfits in the color teal

Teal Aesthetic Style

It’s one thing to rock a cool color and call it fashion, but it’s something else entirely to bring that fashionable color into your personal style and make it your own! What’s your aesthetic? Personal style and fashion go hand in hand, but you’ve got to make sure that YOUR personal style is what’s going into the outfits you wear.

If you need some help pinpointing, here are some ideas:

1. Cool Street
2. Mixed Patterns
3. Earthy Overalls
4. Sneaker Casual
5. Monochrome
6. Bundled Up
7. Classy
8. Boho Beachy

Women in colorful teal outfits

Teal Outfits With Different Color Combinations

Once you start playing with color, it becomes addicting! It adds a whole new fun element to play around with different colors and ideas and pairings to make a cool outfit no one has seen you break out before.

It can be hard to visualize different colors together though, so here’s some inspo for you.

9. Deep Purple
10. Red
11. Orange
12. Red And Brown
13. Yellow Handbag
14. Blue
15. Light Blue

Fall outfits with a blue teal top

Teal Tops

So you just found a teal top that you love while online shopping and need some help to figure out how you would even go about wearing it in real life. I got you.

Whether it’s a top for the office, going out, or everything in between, here are some ideas for you:

17. White Shorts
18. Denim
19. Corduroy
20. Terracotta
21. Khaki
22. Blue Skirt

A woman in teal pants and a white tee shirt

Teal Pants Outfits

We love a good pair of colored pants to spice up the wardrobe. For real! Colored pants are the ultimate go to to build a cool girl outfit. We have tops in a million colors, but pants are a game changer.

Check out these outfits with teal colored pants.

23. White Tee And Loafers
24. Color Blocking
25. Burgundy Blazer
26. Full Suit
27. Monochrome
28. Skirt And Sweater
29. Floral Coat
30. Tans And Browns
31. Full Jumpsuit

With teal being such a stunning color on anyone, hopefully these outfit ideas sparked some confidence to add it to your closet! It’s such a bold color, but knowing that it can’t possibly look bad on you anyway is a whole confidence boost. Give it a go.

Maybe you’re not new to color but trying to transition your wardrobe for these colder months. This is a great start, and it’s a unique color to add in the fall and winter when everyone generally sticks to black and tan. Throwing in some teal ear muffs or boots will spice up those neutrals real quick.

If you’re interested in more color deep dives, check out my peach outfit ideas here! It’s definitely more of a spring and summer color, but it would also be a cute contrast color to go with teal in summer. Just a thought.

Go rock that teal, girl.

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