Golfing is all the rage these days, as if it ever wasn’t! So if you’re hitting the green, you need these women’s golf outfits & ideas.

Whether you’re out there swingin’ on the competition or if you’re in the cart having a good time and chatting, you need the cutest outfit just for being there.

Three sporty outfit ideas for women golfing

I personally love an afternoon spent on the gold course with my best friend, her fiancé, and all of their friends. Golf can be fun, but honestly we mostly are there to wear the cute golf outfits.

I’m ready to spill some tips and favorites to you here today.

Continue getting ready for your day on the course with these perfect country club outfit ideas… Golfing and country clubbing go hand in hand, and so do the outfits!

Four outfit ideas for women's golf apparel

Women’s Golf Apparel

In the last few years there has been quite the increase in the love for women’s golf attire.

Tennis skirts and athletic clothes are nothing new on the market but there’s a whole new passion for women’s golf lines.

1. Brown And Pink

This color combo is so pretty, and easy to throw on in individual pieces that don’t have to match like this outfit.

2. Tweed Jacket

If you’re watching more than you’re watching, a tweed jacket is a classic look.

3. Bright Sweats Set

The bright colors of this sweat set is cute and easy to throw on for a day on the course.

4. Streetwear

A trucker hat and leather jacket is so cute, I love how laid back this look is.

5. Preppy Tomboy

I love a preppy tomboy look!

6. White On White

The white on white vest and skirt is pretty cute and clean look for both hanging and playing.

7. Cut Out Tennis Dress

A tennis dress with a cut out on the sides keeps it fun and flirty.

8. Golf Era Hoodie

This golf era hoodie is great if you’re finding yourself on the green quite a bit.

Three cute golf outfit ideas

Cute Golf Outfit Ideas

Playing or not, a cute outfit is a must.

These are some of my go-to ideas when curating a cute new outfit for the golf course.

9. Gingham Tennis Dress

A gingham workout dress is the perfect idea for a girly and outdoorsy vibe.

10. Yellow Workout Top

If you want a pop of color, this is the perfect piece.

11. Color Blocking

Green and yellow color blocking is too cute, and perfect for the outdoors and girly theme.

12. Sporty And Polished

A polished look while staying pretty sporty is too perfect. If you’re in it for the looks and the fashion, combining the two like this is great.

13. A Preppy Vest

The classic black and white preppy vest with the tennis skirt is stunning.

14. Lacoste

Nothing says perfectly golf-themed like a classic Lacoste sweater.

15. Hipster

If you like the more hipster route, an oversized tee with a cool pair of glasses really rocks.

Four examples of what to wear golfing

What To Wear Golfing

Not exactly sure what you’re supposed to wear out there on the green?

The good news is, there isn’t really a ton of requirements to make a great golfing outfit… But here are some ideas to trigger some inspiration you might love.

16. Varsity Sweatshirt

A varsity sweatshirt is a golden outfit choice. Old school preppy will do the job every time.

17. White Trouser

White trousers are a classy piece to throw on with a workout top. Golf style is very clean and classy, and wearing a bold white is the classiest way to pull off this look.

18. Polo And Shorts

This boy-ish look is so cool and a great mix of classy and trendy.

19. All Black Will Always Work

All black workout sets will always work for any and every sporty look.

20. Puffer Vest

White and green is the perfect color combination.

21. Colored Tennis Skirt

A colored tennis skirt with any neutral top is an easy idea for the perfect golf attire.

22. Stirrup Leggings

Equestrian style can go hand in hand with golf attire sometimes, and these trending stirrup leggings are perfect for crossing both worlds.

23. A Sweater Over Shoulders

Throwing a sweater on over your shoulders is the perfect third piece for an outfit like this.

Three girls in outfits for pub golf

Pub Golf

I’ll answer your questions about what pub golf is here in a bit, but if you’ve already got one on the calendar, look no further for your perfect outfit.

24. Casual Sporty

Casual sporty is perfect for pub golf. This pink skirt is great for a daytime bar look.

25. Red Sweater

Light sweaters are ideal for an early morning tee-time, and this red one is so cute

26. Romper

A shirt sleeve romper is so cute and perfect for a loosely casual look. Running around the bars in this romper is so easy going and I love it for a day of pub golf.

27. Cool Sunnies

A sporty top and a pair of cool sunnies is way to make the outfit great for the event.

28. Leggings

You can never go wrong with the classic leggings set look.

29. Plaid Skirt

This isn’t the first look I would think of when planning golfing outfits, but I love the idea of a plaid skirt and vintage sweater.

30. Collared Dress

Athletic or not, a collared dress is going to make for the perfect outfit for a golf themed party.

31. Sweater Over Shoulders

This is always the best way to elevate a look and make it look sporty and preppy at the same time.

What Is Pub Golf?

It’s the non-athletic and social loving version of golfing. It’s bar hopping for either nine or eighteen pubs or bars.

So here’s what you do:

  • Grab a friend (or a dozen)
  • Select nine or eighteen bars and pubs (if you can hang that long)
  • Get pub golfing!

These aren’t necessarily athletic themed, so maybe you don’t need golf outfits for it, but especially if you’re with a big group, it’s more fun!

What Is Golf Attire?

Golf attire is anything easy and breezy that you can give your whole body a little swing in, to make that perfect hole in one.

It’s athletic, but not like you’re out on the track and field, but like you’re taking it easy sipping some drinks on the green with your friends.

Golfing is all about taking it easy and relaxing. Taking a chill pill, if you will.

Woman swinging a golf club

Don’t stress a good outfit, grab some staple pieces and keep them in the wardrobe, ready to grab when someone calls and says it’s tee time!

With a skirt and top set, a tennis dress, and a couple of other one-off pieces, you’ll have the best wardrobe around for going golfing, whether you’re participating or spectating.

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