Inside: Fun Hawaiian party outfit ideas for spirit day, birthday parties, and any occasion where you need a lai and a grass skirt!

We all love a good theme day, especially at school when you get to dress outside of what you normally wear day in and day out. Hawaiian theme is a good summer tease!

When we throw a Hawaiian themed party, it’s really just a bunch of people wishing we were actually on a beach in Hawaii having a luau! Also a tease.

Sometimes this theme can be combined with the idea of a “tacky tourist” wearing all the tacky and typical items tourists wear when in places like Hawaii, but sometimes you want to look cute and like you’re not a tacky tourist. Either route is a good option and both encapsulate the types of outfits you would see if you were to actually be in Hawaii.

Three girls in beach Hawaiian outfit ideas

Check out these Hawaiian party outfit ideas and find the best look for you for your next spirit day or Hawaiian themed party!

What Is A Luau?

Luau: What is it? This is a traditional Hawaiian party thrown by Hawaiian natives that includes dancing, a traditional meal, and entertainment! If you’re actually in Hawaii.

On the mainland, we sometimes wish we were at a real Luau on the beaches of Hawaii submerged in culture, so we throw a backyard version instead! Here it’s usually more of a summer pool party, birthday party, grill out, you name it.

Usually the decor looks like tiki torch candles and inflatable palm trees, and we all dress colorfully and pass out a lai or two (flower necklaces) and have a good time!

All while wishing we were on a beach. But at least we’re with our friends! And that’s what a good party is all about.

What Is Hawaiian Attire?

Just got invited to a pool party that is “Hawaiian Themed”? What does that even mean? If you do a quick search online you’ll get the most basic and typical ideas of Hawaiian party outfits.

Your number one item of clothing that will always shout: “HAWAII!” is the Aloha shirt, or the Hawaiian shirt. You’ve probably seen a ton of these, maybe without realizing they’re a specific style of shirt! It’s your classic button up shirt, usually shirt sleeved, and it’s super colorful and has different patterns on it that allude to a more tropical setting! Hibiscus flowers, palm trees, surf boards… You name it! Throw one of these on over denim shorts and a tank and you’re good to go!

Other pieces that fall under the category of Hawaiian attire are lais, scarf tops (which have become very mainstream!), and anything flowy and soft like blouses, skirts, and linens.

All of these pieces, and keeping them all colorful, will definitely put you in the right direction of Hawaiian vibes at this party or spirit day!

How To Wear A Beach Outfit To School

Sometimes these school dress up days get hard when you know the dress code is still enforced! Girls can’t show up in a swimsuit top and guys can’t leave their shirt unbuttoned, so you have to make do with remaining modest for a day at school.

Simple ideas like a dress and then accessorizing, or bermuda shorts with a tee shirt or blouse that gives off beach vibes or dad vibes are always a win in the beach outfit front, as well as with the tourist ideas.

There are so many ways to remain appropriate and stay with the school guidelines for Hawaii day, just nix anything including a swimsuit or exposed skin.

Think like a tourist going to dinner, not the beach!

Girls in outfits for a luau

Luau Outfit

Going to a luau? Don’t know what to wear? I got you. Unless you’re an extremely neutral-toned type of person, you likely don’t need to even shop for your luau outfits, except for a good lai or two to add a little bit of party pizazz to your fit!

You can probably pull some of these together from what’s in your closet, but who also doesn’t love a little bit of shopping too?! Use this as an excuse to shop if you want to!

  1. Tropical Wrap Skirt
  2. Hibiscus Set
  3. Tropical Set
  4. Sarongs And Lais
  5. Baroque Skirt And Top
  6. Patterned Shirt And Denim
  7. Bucket Hat

Luaus are so fun and relaxed, you don’t even have to worry about the vibes! Loose fitted, slouchy, and easy breezy for the beach after a long day in the sun is the look you’re going for. Comfiest party theme ever!

  1. Beautiful Casual
  2. Stripes And Linen
  3. White Denim
  4. Flowy White Skirt
  5. Floral And White Linens
  6. Black And Grass

A couple and a girl that are in beach clothes and are wearing flower necklaces

Spirit Week

Spirit days are so fun, and getting to dress a little fun and crazy are what make these days some of the best of high school!

If you’re celebrating the end of the year, the beginning, or Homecoming, you’re going to love getting to dress like you’re in Hawaii! Even when you’re at school.

Cut off denim, plain white tees, and an aloha shirt is a super solid go to. But if you want to get a little more creative too, check out these spirit week outfit ideas! They’re fun and colorful and you can coordinate your friend group with some of them!

You’ll have so much fun celebrating whatever it is you’re celebrating this week, so express the fun you’re having in your Hawaiian party outfit.

  1. Aloha Shirt Layers
  2. Hibiscus Flower Pant
  3. Destination Sweatshirt
  4. Y2K Flower Dress
  5. Floral Printed Set
  6. Aloha Shirt And Denim
  7. All White And Add Some Flowers
  8. Leggings And Aloha
  9. Pastel Plaid
  10. Tropical Patterns And Cargo
  11. Blue And Green Floral Dress
  12. Hawaii Tee
  13. White Blouse

Four outfits for a Hawaiian themed party

Outfits For A Party

Going to a themed party is always a good time, and it’s always so fun to try to dress on theme and see how all of your friends are going to dress for the theme too! If you need some ideas and want to go all out, here are some inspiration pictures for you, to hopefully jog your creative ideas and best Hawaiian vibes!

  1. Tropical Pants
  2. Tropical Strapless Dress
  3. Patterned Maxi Dresses
  4. Pattern Sarong
  5. Bikini And Grass Skirt
  6. Bikini Layers

Party fits are always the best, and depending on the party, you can always be a little over the top if you want to! (Which I always want to!) How fun!

If this is a pool party, it makes it even easier! Just layer your favorite bikini or swim trunks with a colorful sarong or cover up, add a lai, and you’re perfectly on theme.

Check out these ideas!

  1. Flamingos
  2. Green Romper
  3. Green Set
  4. Bikini Coverup
  5. Yellow And Linen
  6. Linen Romper
  7. All White

Hawaiian themed parties are so fun to dress for and can be so easy too! Hawaiian culture is so easy going and fun that you really can’t dress incorrectly for a luau unless you’re in jeans or in all black. And that’s about it.
Throw on your florals, your pops of color, your flowy pants, and your sandals and get to the “beach”! You’re going to have a blast.

If this is your school spirit day– this is such a fun one. You can wear something comfy and colorful and throw on a lai and you’re good to go. Seriously! Coordinate colors with your besties for a photo for the yearbook and have a great day celebrating the school year!

If this party theme is teasing you too much for summer (if it isn’t currently), you’re not alone! Luaus always make me wish summer would stay forever!

Take these outfit ideas and be the best dressed at your Hawaiian party!

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