Inside: 9 easy ideas of what to wear to a broadway show.

I will never forget going to my first Broadway show. I had the beautiful opportunity to see Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway with my mother this past summer, and it was truly a stunning experience. This was a show my mom and I had always dreamed of seeing live and on Broadway, as I grew up watching the movie with her multiple times, over and over on repeat. What a beautiful musical, and it was even more beautiful on the stage.

Being the fashion nerd that I am, before going, I did a bit of extensive research to prepare for the trip and what I should be wearing to go to the show. Being such a prestigious and dreamy experience, I wanted to look and feel just right going into it, and make sure that I was fitting the vibe that I needed. Also I love to be the best dressed one there.

And best dressed I was! So if you’re headed to Broadway and need some tips and ideas from the inside, I got you. Let’s get into it.

Four different outfits for a musical

Broadway Dress Codes

The most shocking thing to me about going to a Broadway show was to learn that there is no dress code. Not even an understood one. Since it’s such a tourist attraction, there isn’t much of an implied or enforced dress code, when hitting up the musical theater. You can generally wear whatever you want. Anything goes!

But even when we were getting in line to get in the door, I quickly realized that there isn’t much of an implied one either. Like it’s not an understood unofficial rule to wear dresses or anything fancy for that matter. It doesn’t matter what you wear to a Broadway show. There were people there dressed in all kinds of styles and levels of formality. For the most part though, it was a pretty cute-casual affair, with jeans paired with heels and sneakers paired with dresses. Not overly dressed up and not entirely dressed down, either.

As long as there’s an effort put in, you’re in a good place. While the bar seems low, there are still some other factors to it.

Where are you going for dinner before the show? I would tend to dress to that style and it will likely fit in and work for the Broadway show vibe. Remember that you’re in New York City! Have fun with it, this is the best place to have fun with your style and play with something new and fun, and maybe even a little fashion forward.

If you’re going to a matinee show, the dress code is going to be even more relaxed than that. Jeans, sneakers, and a cute top or jacket, or even a little sundress with a pair of white leather sneakers is a cute and casual way to go for your Broadway experience.

Having no dress code is so freeing, yet so intimidatingly open all at the same time. Whatever you’re feeling, you’re free to wear. Play around and have fun with it! And enjoy the show.

Broadway Outfit Ideas

What did I wear to the show, you ask? I’m so happy you did.

I wore this stunningly bright orange tube maxi dress with a pretty high slit up the leg. It’s a fitted style, but the color makes it a little more casual.

With it I wore a pair of cognac sandals. The most basic style, just a single strap going across the toes in a pretty orange based brown color. It matched the dress perfectly and was great for the beautifully warm summer weather in New York City in September. It dressed it down but was still a bright and fun summer look.

What should you wear? I love the idea of a matching set. An elevated way to wear something so perfect and coordinated, and it’s always a cute outfit idea. Maybe even a matching suit set, in pinstripes or a bold color– both are stunning for the occasion.

Wearing a suiting set is a cool opportunity to play with masculine and feminine themes in a fun and experimental city like New York. I love to pair a pinstripe suit with a pair of leather boots, or something a little edgy and feminine to balance it out. Of course a pair of heels is always killer with this too.

A silk mini skirt and a blazer or leather jacket could be cool too for the vibe of the city and the fun way that you can run around Times Square for photo ops in the light of the screens after.

New York City Outfit Tips

When dressing for one event in New York, you’re dressing for many events in New York. Unless you’ve learned how to travel New York City differently than I have, I tend to go from one place to the next without many chances to change. Once I leave the hotel, I have to be sure I’m in something comfortable to wander the city, as well as be ready for anything that’s coming my way that day.

I recommend more comfortable shoes over heels, and something weather appropriate for sure. Seeing a show on Broadway, you’ll be right by Times Square. The perfect opportunity to run around and see some of the most iconic scenes that New York has to offer.

Have fun with the outfit, have fun in New York, and just know that it’s the best city to have fun with clothing so don’t get too serious about it!

Three outfits that are cool for going to a broadway show

What To Wear To A Broadway Show

1. White Summer Set
2. Chunky Pieces
3. Blazer Dress

A girl wearing a blue dress in front of the Frozen Broadway venue

Musical Theater Outfits

4. Fun Dress
5. Satin Set
6. Cool Slacks

Two girls wearing cool and trendy but casual outfits

Fashion For Broadway

7. Chic Blazer
8. Casual Tee
9. Gingham Dress

There being not much of a dress code for attending a live show was a little bit shocking to me, I won’t lie. But it was so fun to be able to pick my own outfit and feel good in whatever I decided to sit down to watch the show in.

Whatever you plan to wear is going to be perfect, but I hope these specific outfit ideas and styling tips for a Broadway show narrowed down what’s expected and what you should wear to feel comfortable but also feel like the best dressed at your show!

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Attending these iconic events and bucket list type of outings can bring on the pressure for the perfect outfit. At least for me they can! So as I dig through my closet for the ideal outfit, I love to have some tips from people who have gone and know what to expect. So I hope you found some helpful tips here and are ready to conquer Broadway and Times Square all together.

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