Inside: Fun combat boots outfit ideas for 2023.

Combat boots aren’t anything new on the fashion scene in 2022/2023, but they make a revamped appearance every few years and we need to update our wardrobes and styling to keep up!

The last time they really made a mark on the trend cycle was when indie and hipster really popped off in 2014 on Tumblr, where combat boots with a cute girly dress was the “It” outfit for the fall. Since then, they have really become a staple in our closets. Even then, we would wear them with a pair of skinny jeans and a chambray top.

I remember clearly the specific style that was around then, but now we really mainly see the Doc Martens and the knock offs going around.

Two girls wearing cool street outfits

If you’re trying to get back into the combat boot trend or if you never were to begin with and want in on it now, then you’re in the right place.

What Do You Wear With Combat Boots

The simple yet not so simple answer to this is anything. Honestly, when wearing combat boots, since you’re essentially channeling a more grunge aesthetic, grunge goes with everything. And nothing all at the same time.
Adding combat boots to a soft outfit is one of my favorite ways to wear them. It’s an artful mix of styles, and contrast is a really cool way to play with aesthetics.

Aside from all the creative things you can do with combat boots, the styles of jeans you can wear with combats are skinny, straight, and wide leg. Skinny jeans or leggings I tuck into the boot, straight leg jeans I roll a wide cuff to show the boot a little bit, and with wide leg I let it fall over the boot.

You can wear combats with dresses and skirts that match the style, or even with shorts in the transitional seasons.
There are endless possibilities with combat boots! Don’t get too caught up in the do’s and don’ts of the shoe and instead find some outfit inspiration.

Best Combat Boots In 2024

What are some of the best combat boots to buy this year?

We’ve already touched on the slight evolution of the combat boot, and if you’re kind of over seeing Doc Martens everywhere all the time, are there other shoes to look into? Totally!

Designer brands like Prada, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton all make some beautiful combat boots that are more fashion than function if you’re looking to invest in a pair.

Sam Edelman and Vince Camuto also make quality and stylish combat boots.

The trend right now with combats is the lug soles. This is the chunky, thick sole that’s a little different from a platform. You can find cheaper versions at Zara and H&M as well, but I prefer to buy something like a boot from a shoe brand, personally.

Any of these are great options to add to your closet to dress up a tee shirt outfit or dress down a dress. I love the variety you can get with your shoes when you utilize a combat boot!

Can Combat Boots Be Dressed Up?


They’re so versatile, you can’t really put them in one category.

The right pair of combats are dressier than a sneaker, but less dressy than a bootie. So it just depends on the context.

As previously mentioned, if you add a combat boot to an outfit with a tee shirt, it automatically becomes more edgy and polished. Whereas with a dress it’s still an edgy look, but it dresses down the dress.

Dressing up a combat boot with a slip dress is my favorite go-to. My main style used to be a combination of grungy and girly, and this will always be a classic way to portray the style. Using other accessories like some pretty glam earrings will always dress up the combat boot you end up pairing with a dress or skirt.

Two girls in sweaters and combat boots

Styling Combat Boots

Styling combat boots is easy.

You can literally wear them with just about anything– as with most pieces the bigger concern is how do the silhouettes look together? And once you train your eye to know what you like and what looks good with a combat boot, you’re golden.

Dress them up or dress them down, but I love these examples of how to style combat boots for everyday wear.

1. Sweater Dress
2. Patterned Tights
3. Oversized Coat
4. All Black
5. Striped Sweater
6. Mini Skirt
7. Trousers
8. Paper Bag Shorts
9. Leather Jacket
10. Bodycon Mini

Preppy outfits with white boots

White Combat Boots

Sure, black is the easiest color of combat boot to work into your closet, but getting a color that pops, like white, is a really cool statement to make.

It’s bold, and the piece is a little contradicting. You have a really hardcore shoe in a really soft color, and it’s instantly interesting. It changes the vibe of it, and makes the shoe more of a statement piece than staple. But that doesn’t mean it can’t become a staple in its own right.

Check out these outfits with white combat boots.
11. Tan Puffer
12. Plaid Blazer
13. Preppy Layers
14. Flannel And Hat
15. All Black Leather
16. Cream Sweater
17. Beret And Blazer
18. Designer Blazer
19. Slouchy Black
20. Relaxed Jacket

Four fall outfits with Combat Boots and skirts

Fall Combat Boot Outfits

The most ideal season to break out the combat boots is the fall! Combats don’t necessarily keep your feet super warm unless yours are lined with sherpa or fur, so they can be kind of a toss up in the winter. But they’re perfect for the slightly crisp fall weather that hasn’t yet turned treacherously cold!

They’re the perfect staple shoe to transition out of sandals, and they’re so cute with a cozy sweater for a casual dinner date! I love these fall combat boot outfits.

21. Trench Coat
22. Leather Pants
23. Cream Maxi
24. Cool Silhouette
25. Long Teddy
26. Casual Jeans
27. Cropped Jeans
28. Baggy Shorts
29. Mini Dress
30. Knit And Mini
31. Mom Jeans

Hailey Bieber in a cardigan and boots on the street

Cool Combat Boots Outfits

I’m such a fan of combat boots, I think just about any outfit that includes them is cool. But realistically, some are definitely cooler than others.

These used to be the shoes that made the outfit cool. Now since they’re so common, your outfit has to be cool to make the shoe attention-grabbing! It’s quite the turn of events but I just know these outfits have the it-factor that you need to step up your wardrobe.

32. Cardi
33. Bomber Jackets
34. Oversized Buttondown
35. Preppy Layers
36. Split Maxi
37. Vintage Dress
38. Tee And Trousers
39. Checkered Pants
40. Harley Davidson
41. Hoodie

Combat boots are some of the most versatile shoes on the market, and we definitely have brought them back into massive popularity. They used to be a pretty hard-core accessory but now you can wear them anywhere with anything and it just works.

Have fun playing around with how to wear combat boots after checking out these combat boot outfit ideas for 2023! They styles change and the way we wear them changes, but once you invest in your favorite pair of combat boots, you won’t look back! They’ll instantly become a new staple that you don’t want to let go of.

The perfect fall shoe that transitions well to winter and even into the spring, combat boots are sure to be a worthy addition.

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