Inside: 73 Crop Top Outfits To Put Together For Everyone.

Especially during summer, crop tops are all the rage when it comes to throwing together a cute outfit for the park, the gym, the movies, dinners with a friend… They are flattering, flirty, and fun, and they’re the staple for everyone’s closet at the moment. How do you wear your crop tops? 

But if you’re new to jumping on the crop top train, you probably need some help visualizing how you would wear different kinds of crop tops: tube tops, corset tops, cropped tee shirts, you name it and it’s out there, waiting for you to style it. This is the time to jump on it, crop tops will be a core piece of our wardrobe for a while, so snag one and get to styling! 

Whatever your style preference is, there’s probably a crop top calling your name, and you just have to figure out how to rock it your way. 

You can style them conservatively or go all out: the crop top is yours for the making. 

Two girls in crops and jeans

Check out these crop top outfits for you to put together. 

Two girls in casual crop top outfits

Casual Crop Top Outfits

Crop tops used to be a thing strictly for the flashy and going out crowd, but it can be worn so casually now with your leggings, jeans, sweat pants, you name it and it’s giving cute casual vibes. Perfect for any semi-casual occasion. Since the crop isn’t a baggy tee, it instantly looks more flattering and more put together than most casual outfits. It’s an easy win. So how do you want to wear your crop top casually? If you’re still not sold, here are some ideas of how it can be worn without doing too much. Although, we love doing the most. 

  1. Ripped White Denim
  1. Ribbed Tank
  2. Cut Graphic Tee
  3. Lounge Set
  4. Y2K Baby Tank
  5. Beachy Tank
  6. Collared Top

Casual outfits are so much fun to pair together because when the move is “cute casual” now there’s a challenge: look like you tried, but not too hard. Next time you’re in a cute casual rut, use a crop top to elevate even your sweatpants to a cute version of a casual outing.

  1. Basic Halter
  2. One Shoulder
  3. High Neck Basics
  4. Skinny Strap Brami
  5. Biker Shorts Set
  6. White Tee and Linen
  7. Baggy Cargos
  8. Long Sleeve and Denim

Plus size crop top outfit ideas

Plus Size

I’ve heard a lot of plus sized girls comment (or be commented on…) that they shouldn’t wear crop tops, or that they’re not for them. This could not be less true. Because crop tops truly highlight the waist– especially if cropped correctly, they can draw the eye in where you want it, showing off your most beautiful curves in a very natural way.

I think crop tops are best on curvy bodies! They’re the most flattering style of top, no matter the body type. The key is finding the right cut and right neckline for you, just like any top. If you’re not sold, here’s some inspiration. 

  1. Sexy Halter
  2. Fun Summer Color Set
  3. Relaxed Ribbed and Denim
  4. Flirty Ruffle Top
  5. V-Neck Crop

Crop tops are for everyone, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Embrace your curves and make the top work for you by finding crop tops that hit at just the right spot to highlight your favorite parts of yourself.

These are some beautiful inspo pics to show you what I mean! 

  1. Tie Front
  2. Off The Shoulder with Cargos
  3. Tee Set
  4. Brown V Neck
  5. Front Knot
  6. Leather and Lace
  7. Fun Prints
  8. Satin Button Up
  9. Cropped Sweater
  10. Ruched Tee

Two girls in crop tops for going out

Crop Tops For Going Out

This is the original home of the crop top: the going out category. It’s a staple, it’s a classic for showing off a little midriff and having fun while doing it. This is where the flirty portion of the piece comes along. It’s easy to feel sexy in something like a crop top, especially if it has a deep V neck or if it’s a tube top.

They’re super fun to have on hand to create the best party outfits, so here’s some inspiration. 

  1. Deep V Halter
  2. Hot Pink Strings
  3. Mesh Halter
  4. Wrap Top
  5. Bandeau
  6. Cut Out One Shoulder
  7. Knit Skirt
  8. Denim on Denim
  9. Scarf Top
  10. Corset Tops

Going out in a crop top is easy to do– it’s universal. Change things up a bit with some going out outfit inspiration using a crop top, even if it’s a classier outing. There’s something for everyone here.

  1. Flashy Tube Top
  2. Cross Front
  3. Satin Corset
  4. Puff Sleeve
  5. One Shoulder Long Sleeve

Girls in winter crop tops and sweater outfits

Crop Top In The Winter

Unfortunately, our closets don’t always transition flawlessly from summer to winter time without a little tweaking. Your favorite summer crop tops can definitely be worn in the winter if you know how to do it right– many layers. Find a good coat and a good scarf, but who says you can’t still look hot under all your layers you’re giving?

Suffer the cold tummy for the look, we all want to. It’s the perfect piece to pair with any cardigan, keeping the highlighted waist on display. Fitted layers under coats, jackets, and open front sweaters is always a good idea to keep some sort of figure in these colder months that take so much from us– including our cute outfits. 

  1. Sherpa Moto Jacket
  2. Long Sleeve
  3. Cropped Blazer
  4. Cropped Sweater
  5. Coordinating Cardi
  6. Cropped Zip Up
  7. Cropped Teddy
  8. Twist Front
  9. Twist Back Lounge Top
  10. Chunky Knit Cardi
  11. Mini Cardi
  12. Color Pop Cardi
  13. Puffer Layer
  14. Knit Set

Layering your short shirt

Crop Top Layers

Layers, layers, layers. Either it’s chilly out, or you’re the kind of person that loves to layer everything anyway. Cool, bold, and fun layers are a fashion statement so no matter the reason why you’re adding layers to your crop top, you’ve got style. Right now, blazers, button up tops, and leather jackets are the moment, and they’re being worn with cropped layers underneath to keep the feminine figure highlighted without losing it.

This is the current cool girl uniform, and I cannot recommend it enough. Here’s some ideas if you want to hop on the layers trend. 

  1. Leather Jacket
  2. Matching Blazer
  3. Classic Denim Jacket 
  4. Plaid Blazer
  5. Chunky Knit Layers
  6. Green Sweater
  7. Baby Knit

Layering up is such a vibe and starting with something small like a crop top is the perfect starting point to the whole process. Small pieces and work your way up is the way to go: add baggy jeans and loose unbuttoned shirts, and you’re rocking the latest off-duty model uniform. 

  1. Velvet Suit
  2. Unbuttoned Top
  3. Under a Vest
  4. Relaxed Jeans
  5. Oversized Blazer
  6. Long Cardi
  7. Shirt Over Athleisure

The crop top will never die, so it’s time to hop on and see how you do it best if you haven’t already! Whatever your hesitations are: it being a seasonal piece or not knowing how to style it, we’ve got you covered. So check out the 73 crop top outfits to put together and go find your dream crop top.

Already on it but need something new and fresh to change up the same old crop top? Then this is for you too, don’t stay stuck layering the same top with the same jeans: freshen up your fit pics and try something new this time!

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