Inside: What to wear in Vegas in each season. We have 57 outfits for every weather possibility you imagine.

Las Vegas is one of the greatest and most iconic cities in our country, and maybe the world, depending on who you are. It’s all about having fun when you’re in Vegas, and there’s nothing better that you could ask for on a vacation than just a good time.

I go to Vegas multiple times a year, and must tell you the weather can sometimes be surprising!

If you’re packing for a Vegas trip, it’s hard to know what to wear when there’s such a broad spectrum of fashion in the city as well as a variety of things to do. How do you know what to wear? It can be tough, but I’m here to help.

We’re going to break down this packing inspiration list by season/weather type. It can be one thing to pack for a city that is pretty consistent, but Vegas, being in the desert, has some pretty intense climate changes during the year, so each month is going to be a little different as far as what you should pack. As to be expected with most travel destinations.

Let’s break seasons down and see what you should be packing for your next trip to Vegas!

Four outfits for the nightlife and clubs in Vegas

Vegas Climate By Season

I always thought that Vegas as a hot, hot, HOT city. And it can be, with some months reaching an average high of 104 degrees. But coming from Texas, that’s just a normal summer. The winters stay pretty mild in comparison to other states that have this kind of heat in the summer, so while it’s an intense summer, the winter takes a bit of a break.

I started to understand desert weather when I began my freshman year of college in the desert of West Texas, and realized how drastic it changes during the day. East Coastal states talk about having a little bit of rain and a little bit of sunshine every day, but the desert changes climates drastically from when the sun begins to rise to when it’s fully set. Without the sun shining, there’s little to no heat raging into the city. So the first tip is to be ready to layer from morning to afternoon. It’s a quick switch up on you. Let’s check out these highs and lows.

Winter: The winter months still bring you some pretty nice weather during the day with a solid 60 degree high usually. But the lows give you that nice winter reality check with a general low of 28 degrees or so. Over 30 degrees difference… Again, be ready to layer!

Spring: March, April, and May start cooking up pretty quick, ramping us into a hot summer there in Vegas. The highs jump from the 70’s to the 90’s in about a month, so it’s a rapid climb. The lows are looking to climb at the same rate, from being in the 30’s to the 50’s. The later into the spring you get, the warmer weather you’re going to get. May looks like the most comfortable time to start your traveling to Vegas.

Summer: This is where we get hit with this intense Vegas sun. June through September, expect nothing but sweltering heat with the highs hitting above 100 degrees. If you’re like me and you thrive in this weather, you’re going to have the best time. But this isn’t many of us so plan for indoor activities or to at least looking fly hanging out poolside.

Fall: The fall season in Vegas is a great time to be outside and showing off some of the best late-summer fashion. You won’t need your typical fall clothes from just about any other city, but the Vegas fall temperatures allow for some nice layering and easy going styles for the day to night looks. The highs during the fall months change drastically, anywhere from 83 to 60 degrees on average. But the lows are just as drastic from 47 to 26 degrees. Again, be ready to layer for the early mornings and the evenings, as the day time in between will feel just perfect.

Vegas Fashion

While yes, you’re dealing with mainly tourists in Vegas and not as much of the style and aesthetic of the locals, there is plenty to be said about Vegas fashion.

For daytime, you can be pretty casual around the city, unless you’re planning to hit up some of the nicer restaurants. But even the casinos have a pretty relaxed dress code until the evening. For exploring during the day, obviously it depends on the season you’re visiting in, but a cute and trendy outfit that you love, and a pair of sneakers perfect for wandering through the city. In the summer, break out the sandals or the clogs and get to roaming!

At night, everything gets a little dressier and a little more formal. It’s all about the coolest clubbing and party outfit in Vegas. While jeans or a cool pants outfit can totally pass for acceptable here, the move is always a little black dress or your favorite mini dress overall with the pumps of your dreams. While it’s not usually the most trendy travel outfit choices, it’s just what you wear in Vegas.

It’s a blend of party city aesthetic and tourist vibes, so however you plan to make the two work within your wardrobe for the trip is perfectly on par for what you need to pack for a Vegas trip.

Take the pressure off of needing a perfectly aesthetic outfit for this and just go for the comfy, cool, party girl vibes you know you can bring to the table.

Four winter outfits for a hot city

Winter Outfits For Vegas

1. Sweater
2. Long Cardi
3. Cropped Cardi
4. Chunky Sweater And Leather
5. Street
6. Chilly Layers
7. Slouchy Sweater Vest
8. Big Sweater
9. Sparkly Suit
10. Quarter Zip
11. Feather Sleeves
12. Red Tie Top
13. Sparkles And Lace
14. Mermaid Skirt

Spring outfit ideas for traveling


15. Edgy
16. Eyelet Blouse
17. Colored Set
18. Tee And Mesh
19. Ruched Dress
20. Gold Dress
21. Suit Details
22. Belted Blazer
23. Tube Midi Dress
24. White Mesh Set
25. One Shoulder Crop
26. Glitter Cut Outs
27. Pearls
28. One Shoulder

Summer party outfits


29. Bright
30. All Black
31. Sheer
32. Glam Girl
33. Silk Mini
34. All White
35. Strappy Dress
36. Corset Top
37. Front Split Top
38. Mini Slip
39. Halter Dress
40. Cross Halter
41. Glitter Wrap Top
42. Silk Mini Dresses
43. Champagne Mini

Four fall outfits for Vegas

Fall In Vegas

44. Early Fall
45. Fall Tones
46. Leather And Cute Top
47. Full Leather
48. Pink Button Down Dress
49. Corset And Denim
50. Knit Sets
51. Glitter Suit
52. Cable Mini Dress
53. Leather Blazer
54. Belted Blazer
55. Dressed Up Lounge Set
56. Shirt Dress
57. Oversized Sparkles

Vegas is one of the most traveled cities, which means that the fashion in the city can also be all over the place. You could be visiting one of the edgiest and coolest cities, like Vegas, but if you’re dealing with a ton of tourists, the cool aesthetic and vibe of the locals tends to get lost.

Think of New York– you have to get out of the Midtown tourist traps to start to feel the edge and the cool vibes of the city that you wouldn’t normally get to see. Vegas is a little bit of the same, but when you’re traveling to Casinos and the big hotels that everyone goes to Vegas to see, you’re going to be with everyone else traveling for the same thing. And that’s okay. All this means is that anything goes as far as your outfits are concerned, and you’re so free in Vegas to express yourself!

Have fun with packing for this trip and don’t forget to go and win big!

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