Leather pants outfit ideas that are cool and trendy this year.

Leather pants are likely a new staple to all of our closets for every season.

Well, maybe not new… But in the last few years, we have elevated a good pair of leather pants to the same level of a staple pair of jeans.

Leather pants are an elevated version of our trusted denim, and make every outfit feel like we tried a little bit more than we did. It’s a wonderful addition to our wardrobes.

Two girls wearing leather pants outfit ideas

But in 2022, how do we make leather pants look trendy and not necessarily like the leather legging and pant outfits we were rocking in 2016?

That’s the problem with some outfit inspirations online, is that they’re years old and sometimes they look like it.

So I collected outfit ideas with leather pants that are cool into this winter season.

What Style Of Leather Pants Are Cool?

Considering the war that millennials and Gen Z went to over the cut of our jeans last year, this is a super reasonable question to ask.

In short– wear what you like! The cycle of fashion we are currently in is very open and inclusive to every style and every fit, because we’re learning that everything that’s trending doesn’t always look awesome on every body. So wear the cut that you like for your own figure.

BUT if you’re more worried about what the high schoolers are saying is cool right now, then definitely invest in a good pair of straight leg leather pants. Flairs are cool, and skinny is always hot in leather, but straight leg pants are edgy, classy, and sexy all in one. It just depends on how you style them!

When Are Leather Pants In Season?

This one depends on where you live! If your summer seasons are mild enough to wear leather pants out and about after the sun has gone down, then it’s game on! You can keep these out year round.

But if you live somewhere with a more consistently higher heat index and you’re sweating even after dark, it might be okay to retire these until the leaves start to change color. You can get a good amount of wear out of them when it gets cold, so go ahead and keep them in the back of the closet for now.

Can They Be Casual?

Yes, yes, yes! Leather pants in a casual outfit is the kind of elevated cool girl style we all love to see. Wearing a graphic tee or a casual tank is easy and gives the illusion of a higher amount of effort than we maybe actually gave. So fool your friends and they’ll all think you dressed up more than they did, when you really just swapped your jeans for leather. Easy peasy.

This is what makes leather pants such a valuable staple these days: you can dress them up or down and look top notch either way. They’re a good investment because you will always find an occasion for a good pair of leather pants.

What Color Leather Pants Outfit Ideas Should I Wear?

Black is always the go to when it comes to leather, for sure. You can never go wrong with a pair of black leather leggings or black straight leg pants. A deep brown or a caramel color is great too if you have a closet of mainly neutrals! They will go with just about anything as well, and would add some dimension to your favorite cream sweater– more so than black would!

That being said, if you’re looking for a statement rather than a staple, I’ve been seeing red, silver, pink, and blue on the market these days. These leather pants outfit ideas are so fun for events and to have on hand when you need something a little extra on deck! You’ll see some of these colors scattered through these outfit ideas, so keep an eye out and see if they’re the move you’re looking for!

Two women in sweaters and leather pants

Winter Pants Ideas With Leather

Fall and winter are the best seasons to break out the leather pants, a good sweater with leather pants outfit is too cute to pass up! Mixing textures like leather and knit is so cool!

While you could be wearing the exact same outfit with similar cut jeans, when you swap them for a good pair of leather pants it just takes the outfit to the next level.

  1. Navy Sweater
  2. Cropped Sweater
  3. Sweater And Vest
  4. Monochrome
  5. Brown And Blazer
  6. Cream Sweater
  7. Brown
  8. Cropped Sweater
  9. Plaid Pea Coat
  10. Chic All Black
  11. Turtleneck Pop

We love a cozy outfit that still looks cool!

  1. Cardigan
  2. Hot Pink
  3. Black Pea Coat
  4. Gray Sweater
  5. Silver Jeans
  6. Patent Pants
  7. Black And Gold
  8. Grayscale
  9. Trench Coat
  10. Tie Waist
  11. Sweater Tank

A girl sitting on a green couch wearing silver pants and a white tee shirt.

Leather Pants Outfit Ideas For A Night Out

Leather is always a good move for an edgy going out outfit, and you will always look killer. So try mixing some of your staple going out tops with a pair of leather pants and see how it elevates your look! I think you’ll love it.

  1. Black And Red
  2. Classic Black Crop
  3. Flashy Tee
  4. Silver Suit
  5. One Shoulder
  6. Western Accessorized
  7. Red Leather Pants

Date night, birthday dinner, you name the occasion and there’s probably a cute leather outfit for it.

  1. Full Leather
  2. Silver Jumpsuit
  3. Black Corset
  4. Crop And Heels
  5. One Shoulder
  6. White Corset
  7. Green Split Hem
  8. With Dunks
  9. Silk Top
  10. Scarf Top

Get ready to paint the town red in some of these going out looks with leather pants.

  1. One Shoulder
  2. Fun Colors
  3. Tie Front Top
  4. Matching Coat
  5. Gold

Four women wearing heels and pants

With Heels

If you’re looking to dress these leather pants up, a good way to do so is with heels. Leather on its own already looks a little nicer than a typical pair of jeans, so you don’t have to do too much to make it nicer, but check these out if you’re having a little trouble styling your leather pants with a nicer pair of shoes.

  1. Split Hem
  2. Match Your Top
  3. Booties
  4. White Turtleneck Tank
  5. Silver Pants
  6. Gray Tee
  7. Silver And A Blouse
  8. Striped Sweater
  9. Red Pop
  10. Full Black
  11. Catsuit 
  12. Joggers
  13. Square Toe
  14. Split Hem
  15. And Black Sweater

Be picture ready for anyone who pulls out their phones to snap a picture with friends on a night out.

  1. Light Toned Shoes
  2. Puff Sleeve
  3. Skinny Strap Heels
  4. Booties And Blazer
  5. Kitten Heels
  6. White And Black
  7. Color Color Color
  8. Brown Pants White Heels
  9. Neutral Love
  10. All Brown

Monochrome leather outfits

Summer Outfits

If your location allows for leather pants to be a part of your summer wardrobe, then rock on in leather. Here are some ideas of complete summer outfits and tops to pair them with that will still keep you cool and keep you looking dressed for the season you’re in!

  1. Blue All Over 
  2. Brown And Brown
  3. Red And Graphic Tee
  4. Gray Tee
  5. White Button Up
  6. Blazer
  7. Silver And Leather

Leather in the summer isn’t your typical styling choice, but these pants are too cool to pass up based on season. And bonus points if you find leather shorts.

  1. Ribbed Tank
  2. Gold Leather And Muscle Tank
  3. Rust Suit
  4. Leather Crop Jacket
  5. Bronze Leather
  6. Tee And Converse
  7. Graphic Tank
  8. Casual
  9. Striped Button Up

The temperatures might be hot, but you’ll look hotter.

  1. Black And Maroon
  2. Tan Pants
  3. Plain White Tee
  4. Shorts
  5. Silky Blouse

Two girls in outfits wearing casual tee shirts

Casual Leather Pants Outfits

A casual look with leather pants is my personal favorite, and it’s time to sift through some of these casual leather pants outfit ideas.

Sneakers and a graphic tee, sweatshirt and docs, there are so many ways to casually style your leather pants, you’re going to love them all.

  1. Cool Graphic Tee
  2. Coordinating Jacket
  3. With Converse
  4. Overalls
  5. Tee And Blazer
  6. All Black Graphic
  7. Monochrome Sweatshirt
  8. Button Up And Crop
  9. Pea Coat And Hoodie
  10. Neutral Graphic Tee
  11. Slouchy
  12. Airport Outfit
  13. Hat
  14. Tee And Sneakers
  15. Hot Pink And Grunge
  16. Leather Shorts
  17. Red Snake Print
  18. Band Tee
  19. Sporty Tee
  20. Vans
  21. Cropped Chambray

Leather pants are worth every dime to invest in a good pair that will last you for several seasons! They will make any outfit look higher end.

You can rock them all year round (depending on your location, of course!) and wear them for just about any occasion. Dinner with friends? Totally. Date night? Absolutely. Coffee run with your mom? Yes.

So now that you’ve dug into the leather pants trend, it’s time to start shopping. Find the best style and color for you, your body type, and your wardrobe, and go get yourself a good pair of leather pants.

I hope this has helped your search for inspiration, especially if you already own a pair and need to figure out new ways to wear them. Enjoy those new (or old) leather pants in style.

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