How to wear flat ankle boots with jeans.

Fall is approaching here in Texas, and maybe where you live you’re already living in the glory of crisper, colder air and the beautiful fall colored leaves. With the fall weather of course comes fall fashion, and I personally couldn’t be more ready! Let’s talk about one of the biggest fall staples. Flat ankle boots.

If you’re wondering how to wear flat ankle boots with jeans, you’re not alone! It’s time to catch up with the new trends and figure out how we’re styling out fall weather staples. Something that changes slightly every year. The plight of micro trends!

You don’t have to change out the whole wardrobe, just make some simple swaps or subtle changes in how you wear the pieces and you’re good to go. We do things practically around here, so no sweat.

Ankle boots and jeans

Can You Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans?

You can totally wear ankle boots with jeans!

They’re perfect to dress down a dress or skirt for the fall season, but dress it up a little bit in comparison to the beloved sneaker.

It’s easier to imagine taller boots with jeans, to tuck them in. But ankle boots give the fall boot aesthetic without taking away from your favorite jeans! And they work with jeans of any cut. This is a major plus side to ankle boots! Especially flat boots, they go with everything! Flare, boyfriend, or skinny.

What Jean Style Is Trending This Fall?

This is the debate that goes on for ages– there’s always a new style of jeans every year and last year’s jeans are so “out.” Not true! I’m a big believer that styles of jeans are never truly out, but just need to be styled differently.
Different styles of jeans can become edgy, and those that aren’t edgy simply become staples.

This fall, the trending jeans are wide leg. High waisted. Sure, low rise is a new fad we’re seeing around town since Y2K started to come back around, but high waisted is the look for the masses.

Cropped wide leg, flare, and general side leg jeans are all the moves this year! These are a perfect look for flat ankle boots too, they’re subtle and they don’t look off-balanced with a wide leg pant.

Wide leg jeans and ankle boots leave so much room for a variety of styling. Cool with any style, these are a great pair!

Fall Tops For Jeans

Okay so you know the jeans and the shoes– but what kinds of tops are going with these styles?

It all depends on the weather where you live and how aggressive the autumn weather can be. These outfits can be cool with a graphic tee or a blazer and sweater.

A cute fall-colored floral top is a great option, neutral or a light sweater in a neutral tone or bold color can be a fun way to express your bold style with basic pieces!

Early fall and end of fall require different wardrobes regardless where you live, it always starts with a cool breeze and ends with the need for a heavier jacket.

Tailored clothing is in, so a good tailored button up is also a great option with a pair of slouchy jeans and preppy ankle boots. And as it gets chillier, add a layer of a denim jacket and you’re golden. Denim on denim is hot right now!

Two women wearing fall outfits with loose fitting jeans and ankle boots

How To Wear Flat Ankle Boots With Jeans: Different Jean Styles

Wide leg jeans aren’t everyone’s favorites, and that’s okay. Different trends and styles fit perfectly for different people, and jeans are something that you can’t just follow each trend with. The best pair of jeans is hard to come by and the style that’s trending may not be the best style for you personally.

Whatever style of jeans you have your eyes on is going to be a hit! That’s the beauty of flat ankle boots– they go with everything!

Three winter or fall outfits with skinny jeans and ankle boots

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a forever staple. No matter what anyone says about skinnies, they’re going to stay in our wardrobe as a go-to for a long time. They may not be the “cool” jean that people are dying to add to their denim collection, but they will always go with anything. They’re easy to grab and easy to style! Especially if you’re not with the baggy on baggy trend.

1. Moto Boots
2. Tucked, Not Over
3. Pea Coat
4. Tee

A girl wearing bootcut jeans

Bootcut Jeans

The perfect compromise is the bootcut jean! It’s flattering on the waist and thighs, but fit loosely around the calves and ankles. It gives you the baggy trendy fit without compromising the flattering and sexy fit.

These should be a little shorter and not touch the top of the boot to give the illusion of longer legs.

5. Casual
6. Peek-A-Boo Boots
7. Light Boots
8. Long And Baggy

Two girls in fall outfits with straight leg jeans

Straight Leg Jeans

These jeans are very similar to the bootcut, but are a little looser on the whole leg versus just dropping off at the knee.

Straight leg might be some of the most comfortable jeans on the market, they’re slouchy and cool and have nothing too snug.

These are cooler distressed since there’s no shape to them, they need something a little different. Cropped straight leg is the move for this style!

9. Slouchy
10. Grunge
11. Equestrian Prep
12. Shacket

Three outfits with flare jeans and boots

Flare Jeans

After a recent visit to New York, I can personally say that flare jeans are all the rage. These are the moment.

It’s hitting the western movement trend and they are so cool. You don’t have to venture into the bell-bottom range of flare jeans, they can be a lot to try to style.

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of a wide silhouette, you’re going to rock it! The boots you wear will simply peek out from under the jeans.

13. Staples
14. Cropped Flare
15. Blue Jean
16. Gray Scale

A girl in a cool grunge outfit with boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend and straight are essentially the same style. They tend to be a little slouchier in the waist and may include more of a low waist. It would be any style that looks like you might have stolen them from a boyfriend after a night together.

Perfect for the fall in a casual and comfortable fit. Pair with a pair of flat ankle boots and a slouchy sweater and you’re comfy cozy for a coffee date.

17. Puffer
18. Cardigan
19. Cardigan
20. Large Cuff

Whatever your jeans style is for this fall, you’re going to rock them with the flat ankle boots! I love bringing my classy, indie, or western boots back around every fall season, and I love that I can style them differently with any style of jean. It refreshes the shoes so that I can keep them in my wardrobe for a long time, even as trends change.

The return of jean weather is my favorite, when I can comfortably wear a pair of slouchy jeans to dinner and not sweat away my hours of hair and makeup, I’m truly thriving. And a cute pair of boots just tops off the whole thing.

If you’re looking for a specific color boots, I recommend brown! They have more dimension than black, and they always add a pop of fall colors for the season. Here are 73 brown boots outfits to check out!

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