Inside: 17 family photoshoot outfit ideas winter edition: ready to bundle up for photos?

It’s that time of year— the time where we bundle up in blankets and wear our comfortable house shoes 24/7. I love to stay cozy all winter long, and when I have to put on a good winter outfit, I have to be intentional to make it a good one. So when it comes to family photos, you have to dress and coordinate multiple people in cute winter outfits… Big yikes!

So I’m here to help. As difficult as it is for me to put on jeans when it’s snowing, I love a winter moment. So I’ve collected 17 family photoshoot outfit ideas winter themed, so you can coordinate the family.

If you’ve been put in charge this year of coordinating your extended family or if it’s just you, your partner, and the kiddos, it can be tough. Inspiration photos can help, I’ll break down each vibe too.

Four winter family photoshoot outfits

Winter Color Palette

Winter colors are easy, especially if you’re planning to use these for family Christmas cards. White, red, greens of all shades, and any deep cool tone is perfect for winter.

If you’re looking for Christmas colors, I recommend going with whites and cream tones, add some blacks with jeans or shoes, and accent with red and light shades of green. I adore these colors and use of shades and dimension for a color palette we know oh so well.

Red and green is all we see for months once the Christmas season hits, but there’s still a way to do it a little differently. And I recommend the usage of these shades to make your photos pop! Regardless of the location or the theme, these colors will always be stunning on your family for a winter photoshoot.

A color palette of Christmas colors

If you’re looking for generic winter color themes, if you’re not using these for anything Christmas specific, there are a few different color palettes you can use effortlessly with your family.

White, navy, royal blue, slate gray, and cream are beautiful colors to use in the winter time. They reflect the beautiful blue tint to the world around during the winter months and the sun reflecting off of the snow. Cool tones channel the energy and light in the air and they’re a perfect option for a color palette.

White and blues

A standard grayscale with pops of these accent tones are always a win, especially when coordinating large groups of people! Grayscale and natural neutrals are a stunning and simple palette to use as well. Off whites and rich cool colors are beautiful and themeless.

Neutrals, blue, and purple

Send these palettes to the people you’re coordinating, and you should be in good shape to have a well coordinated winter family photoshoot.

Staple Pieces For Winter Photos

Staple pieces in winter photos are the same as staple pieces for the winter in general.

The sweaters in your closet and the corduroy jeans, the ribbed quarter zip your husband has tucked away are perfect for these family photos.

If you want a more formal look, pea coats layered over slacks for everyone are a timeless and classy look that everyone will love. If you’re dressing kids or teens too, a similar “mini me” look for the boys and a beautiful sparkly dress for the girls are perfect. Show stoppers for sure!

You often don’t have to do a ton of shopping for family photos– all you need is a good sift through the closet to find coordinating pieces. But knits and formal coats are always a win for winter family photoshoot outfit ideas!

Location Ideas

There are only a few location ideas for winter family photos.

If you’re looking for Christmas vibes, finding the most beautiful Christmas displays in your city is the perfect backdrop. Decorated trees or lights displays will make the perfect scene.

If you’re a huge fan of your own tree, setting up a self timer camera or having a photographer come to your home is a stunning idea to really capture your family at home.

Living somewhere that snows in the winter might be bitter sweet, but extremely sweet in this scenario! Photos in the snow are always beautiful and capture an image of family fun! The memories of playing in the snow, and maybe even capture some of the fun with the family in the snowfall.

A studio will always make for a great location, cutting out distractions and making your family really pop on a generic background… even though they really will anyway. Have some fun and bring in some fun outfits for the studio.
No matter the location you choose, your family will be the center of attention and will look as beautiful as ever around a tree, in the snow, or in front of a studio backdrop. Capturing your family and the personalities of each is the goal– have fun with it!

Formal photo ideas

Glitzy Families

There are a lot of different styles of families, and each person within each family may have a different style of their own as well. But no matter how casual each person in the family leans, if you’re planning a more formal look, here are some ideas to guide each family member. No matter how glitzy they see themselves.

1. Light Neutrals
2. Formal Family
3. Greens
4. Formal Dresses
5. Green And Navy
6. Plaid Dresses

Four family photos with casual outfits

Casual Outfits

Maybe you’re a sporty family or a granola outdoorsy family.

Cozy and comfy clothing in the winter is a staple that we all love to see and it kind of portrays how we all feel every winter season. So going the more casual comfortable route for winter family photo shoots is a cute look!

If you want some inspiration to guide your family in the right direction, I’ve collected some for you.

Casual is a broad term, so if you’re handing out outfit suggestions to the rest of the family, here are some casual outfit ideas to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

7. Sweaters And Blankets
8. Black And White
9. Jeans And Coats
10. Beanies And Puffers
11. Cardigan
12. Outdoor Fun

all white family photoshoot outfit ideas winter

All White Color Palette

If you’re not sure how to keep to a certain color palette for the whole family, white on white is always a winner for winter shoots!

You’re going to love these simple and super classy ideas for your winter shoot, and white is hard to mess up if you’re worried about colors. Even using off whites in combination to true white is a vibe these days.

13. Denim Splash
14. White Fur
15. Cream Tones
16. White Knits
17. Beautiful Sweater Dresses

Winter outfits are easy to make cute and functional when it’s just kids— a neutral sweater? Done! And oh so precious. But if you’re looking to make all the aunties and cousins coordinate too… Use these tips and tricks— it might just save you!

I just know these family photographs are going to turn out so beautifully! When it’s all said and done, as long as colors are coordinated and no one goes completely rogue, the outfits are simply going to go unnoticed in comparison to the beauty that is your family.

Get in the Christmas spirit and break out the red and white for the snowy photoshoot, and get snapping! These will be photos you cherish forever.

Send the color palette and the theme inspiration photos to the extended members— and you’ve done your job!

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