Inside: 61 outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas to plan for your photoshoot this year.

Family photos are such a beautiful keepsake to have and to watch your family grow over the years! Getting everyone together to snap a photo for everyone to keep and look back at for years is priceless.

And the fall is such a beautiful time for outdoor photos while the leaves change! Fall colors are stunning on everyone and pop in a fall colored forest! Not to mention sweaters, flannels, and cardigans are some of our favorite closet staples!

If you’re looking at grabbing individual and duo shots, find these mother daughter shoot ideas here.

However, the struggle is real trying to coordinate all of the outfits for the family members, young and old, to have a well-coordinated family photo.

So if you need ideas to give direction, or if you simply want to send out some example photos to the fam to help them pick their own outfits, here are 61 outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas! Just for you.

three families in fall outfits for a family photo

What Are The Best Colors For This Shoot?

Fall colors are the best colors. Hands down.

Easy answer: all shades of green, orange, and brown, and dark tones of just about any other color.

Technical answer, fall colors are deep earth tones: green and brown, as well as any shade of orange. With the addition of any other deep, rich colors like maroon, eggplant, and navy.

Light tones of warmer colors like a lighter orange, tan, cream also fall under the fall color category. And green of any shade will always work for this season.

It’s such a beautiful variety of colors you’re channeling in the fall, and so many shades of these colors go well together that it makes it easy to coordinate large groups without being too hands on!

Check out this color palette and keep it with you while shopping for the kiddos (and probably the men too) to keep your color scheming on track if you need some help!

Best Clothes For Outdoor Family Photos

You’ll get some examples of these later on in the post, but the best part about taking photos in the fall is that your fall wardrobe is likely already so cute and casual for a perfect outdoor family photo!

If you’re looking for a casual look for your family, jeans and cargo pants in any neutral color are perfect for bottoms. Sneakers or combat boots are great shoe choices.

There’s a wide variety of different kinds of tops you can combine together for a great fall outfit. Flannels, sweaters, and a fitted longsleeve are all wonderful pieces that are perfect for the fall and look cool and casual on camera!

Looking for more of a formal look?

First of all, put the ladies in nice boots! This will dress up any outfit you’ve got easily! You can also switch the flannels for colored button ups or a nice sweater, and a girl’s sweater for a sweater dress. Sweaters are your easiest dress up swap.

I also love the idea of putting the family in pea coats and trench coats for family photos, and even then keeping sneakers for shoes, you’ve now got a classy cool street style family photoshoot. You’ll be ahead on family trends!

Coordinating Large Family Photos

Coordinating large groups is already a trying task, but working with family is a whole other level! So if you’re working with extended family for these photos, I’ve got a few tips.

The best advice I can give is to give clear instruction to everyone, but go ahead and know it’s likely not going to be as perfect as you have in your mind, unless you were to have everyone get their outfit approved (which is not a horrible idea!)

Here are my best tips:

Send example photos for everyone to get the idea.

Send a color palette to keep them in the same plane of colors.

Send a “do not wear” list. This can be tricky, but if you know you don’t want tee shirts or flannels, let them know! If you want dress shoes/boots only, ask for no sneakers! You can’t be upset if someone shows up a little more casual if you didn’t tell them what they couldn’t wear.

After instructions have been given, it’s in their hands, you’ve done what you can! Just relax and enjoy having everyone together, and know these photos will be cherished even if your aunt shows up in a sweater outside of your color palette.

outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas

Fall Outfits

Fall outfits are everything, sweaters and flannels and booties, oh my!

We love a good cozy outfit, and anything autumn themed is almost always Insta worthy on its own. So pull out your favorite fall pieces and get going! You really can’t go wrong with a classic staple fall outfit.

Here are some ideas that are centered around fall staples that everyone loves and are always a win when it comes to family outfits.

Consider the pieces in your desired colors, or use these to choose your colors!

  1. Warm Tones
  2. Bright Orange
  3. Sage
  4. Pops Of Bright Color
  5. Sweater Dress And Pea Coat
  6. Cool Coats
  7. Bohemian Cozy
  8. Rust And White
  9. Yellow Dress
  10. Knits And Flannels
  11. Gray Sweater
  12. Knits
  13. Solid And Flannel
  14. Fall Colored Flannels
  15. Rust Pop

Neutral outfit ideas for moms & kids photos

Neutral Colored Outfits

If you’re not much of a color family, or if you’re considering a fully neutral color palette to keep it consistent, these are some beautiful ideas for piecing together browns, tans, white, black… any neutral you choose!

You can’t go wrong with these outfits, and if you live somewhere that the leaves on the trees can deliver on color, you’re all set! These fits will pop outdoors.

  1. Neutral And Florals
  2. Black Tops
  3. Grayscale 
  4. White and Brown
  5. Cool Casual
  6. Black, White, And Comfy
  7. Classy Cozy

What’s your style? Pops of color or chilled out neutrals?

  1. Sweater Dress And Tee
  2. Cardigans
  3. All White
  4. Baby Flannels
  5. Brown Cardigan
  6. Pure White
  7. Simple And Sweet
  8. Soft Tones

Families in red and white photoshoot outfits

Fall Family Photos

Family photos in the fall are a perfect idea– use new school wardrobes to pull from for the kids, and you know the ladies all have their favorite sweater they would love to wear in a photo session!

Here are some more ideas if you need to go shopping, and even some ideas if you get stuck posing!

If one of the outfit pieces you are debating includes a jumpsuit, here are my tips to styling jumpsuits of all kinds!

  1. Greens And Boots
  2. Sweaters And Button Up
  3. Deep Reds
  4. A Flawless Mix-Match
  5. Denim And Brown
  6. Rust
  7. Sage Pop
  8. Checkered Flannel
  9. Mens’ Red Henley

Loving any of these ideas yet? How stunning are these family photos!

  1. Mens’ Brown Ribbed Shirt
  2. Coordinating Flannel And Sweater
  3. Dark Colors
  4. Rust And Soft Tones
  5. Formal Coats
  6. Cozy And Classy
  7. Layered Up

Two large families in autumn taking photos outside.

Group Photo Outfits

Group photos may be a pain to coordinate, but if you give enough inspiration and enough direction, you’ll get a wonderful result! It may not always be exactly what you have in mind but let go of the exact expectations and you’re golden. You cherish the group family photo forever!

You might need to send out some example photos, so see if any of these are following your vision! They’re great photos to follow to create your lovely fall family portrait.

  1. Base Of White
  2. Soft Colors
  3. Greens
  4. Florals
  5. Reds And Greens
  6. A Wide Mix
  7. Sage And White
  8. Bohemian
  9. Country Plaid
  10. Variety Of Tones
  11. Warm And Cool Combo
  12. All Browns
  13. Any Of These Examples
  14. Dark And Casual
  15. Black And Green

If you’re like me, the planning and coordinating of outfits and trying to piece together items and outfits is so fun! It might be a different story when it’s all of your family, but it’s still a fun project to get lost in!

Pulling everyone together for a photo to be hung for years is a treasure! No matter if everyone follows your color palette and example photos exactly, you will cherish these photos for years to come.

Fall outfits and autumn aesthetic are a cult favorite, it’s everyone’s favorite fashion season! So pull out your favorite wine colored sweater and your tan booties and get photo-ready! Match with the girls or mix and match everyone, there are so many options and all will result in a stunning family photograph.

If you’re looking for some fun and unique family photo outfits, check out some more ideas here!

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