Inside: Easy examples of how to wear duck boots with skinny jeans for trendy functional wear.

Hitting the slopes? New York or Chicago in the winter? Just want to be ready for whatever winter weather comes your way? Duck boots are the way to go! But just how cute can these boots be when they look so functional? Let’s look at how to wear duck boots with skinny jeans.

Functional fashion is not completely dorky, even though it can feel like it! We’re in the middle of the huge cargo pants fad, there’s nothing wrong with a good duck boot if it keeps your feet warm and keeps you from slipping in the snow!

Duck boots, if you’re not super aware, are rubber boots made for the outdoors in cold weather with insulated inner soles to keep your feet warm while keeping them dry. Regular rain boots tend to be cuter but rarely can keep you warm. These do both! It’s like an Ugg and a Hunter all in one.

Check out some styling ideas for duck boots!

how to wear duck boots with skinny jeans

How To Wear Duck Boots With Skinny Jeans In The Summer

While not super common, when it starts to rain, even in the summer can bring in a cold front. So you’re gonna need to break out the duck boots and your jeans!

Just for a little extra warmth while you run errands in the rain or if you get to dress this casually for work, sometimes you want a little extra warmth inside a cold office building all day. Pairing them with an oversized button down gives a really relaxed, outdoorsy vibe. Very granola if you ask me! But it’s really cute too.

If it’s really getting chilly out for the season, I think a sweater or a long sleeve tee is also a great idea. A relaxed cool girl zip up hoodie could be fun and gives a really casual cozy vibe for a rainy day, even in summer.

Best to always be prepared even out of season!

Styles Of Duck Boots

If you’re just now looking into the duck boot products, there’s so many options for you!

There are some more artisan looking ones, and then there’s the classic L.L. Bean, rubber and leather duck boot. The boots are usually two toned, but there are plenty of them that come in all one color! My personal favorites are the white, leather and white rubber with the tan sole, and laces! But I’m also a sucker for all black, so it’s hard for me to choose which one is my go to.

There are brands that make some that look like normal boots, but they’re a little less functional, so I tend to go for the real deal.

As you start researching, read reviews and comments about different products before doing so and investing into these boots.

Best Jeans For Tucking Into Duck Boots

Skinny jeans will always be the best jeans for wearing with boots, because they tuck so easily!

Don’t be afraid of all the skinny jean talk, these jeans are perfect for some scenarios. I have said since the skinny jean debate started, that they are a great staple to have in your closet because they work so well for certain situations. There’s no reason to ditch them completely.

Boot cut jeans are also great for these, as they flare out over the boot, so you can hide them a little bit if you want to make less of a statement, but it’s a more polished look to wear skinny jeans tucked into the boot. And sometimes these outdoorsy outfits need a little polishing!

Any of your favorite jeans that fit with the vibe are going to be perfect for any outfit that you need to wear your duck boots with. Don’t stress too much over which style of jeans to pair with them!

A girl in a flannel and duck boots sitting on a cliff

Duck Boots Outfit

Planning to go out in your duck boots is easier than you think!

If you’re just going to something casual, throwing on a puffer vest or a cute denim jacket is a piece of cake. The only thing to keep in mind when dressing with duck boots is that you want to keep the style pretty similar and cohesive throughout the outfit. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy girl, do you want the outfit to read as refined and polished, so you don’t want to wear something too urban like a blouse or a leather jacket with duck boots.

Personally, if I need to wear something kind of nice to dress up my outfit with duck boots, I would go with a beautiful sweater, and maybe a wide brim felt hat, giving that autumn feel for an outfit without being too dressy and urban.

1. Preppy Sweater
2. Cargo Jacket
3. Flannels
4. Puffer Vest

Three people wearing outfits with jeans and boots

How To Wear Duck Boots With Skinny Jeans

Besides leggings, skinny jeans are the best pants to wear with duck boots.

Leggings, while they’re cute, you can just wear with a sweatshirt and your duck boots and that’s a full outfit!

But if you’re going somewhere, you need to be a little bit more intentional with your outfits, definitely go with skinny jeans.

It’s all about the top, like we’ve already discussed a sweater with maybe even a hat to make it look nicer.

If you want to do something a little cooler a oversized cardigan and a cargo jacket are trendy and cool ways to get an outdoorsy functional look without doing too much or being too casual!

5. Green Teddy
6. Patagonia
7. Large Scarf
8. Knits

 Two warm weather outfits with duck boots

Rainy Day In The Summer

Rainy days in the summer are hard to dress for, because you don’t always want to bundle up even if it’s bringing in a cold front!

Like we already talked about, sometimes it is necessary during the summer months, unless you are like me, and live in Texas where in the summer it’s still way too hot even with a rainy cold. But it’s definitely possible that you may run into the need for an outfit with skinny jeans and duck boots.

So, here are some outfit ideas for a rainy day in the summer to wear with your duck boots.

9. Light Layers
10. Short Duck Boots
11. Button Down

Duck boots are a really practical addition to have in your closet. Definitely something you wanna keep on hand to throw on when the weather gets cold and rainy! Put them on to meet a friend for lunch, run errands, go sightseeing in a new city… The scenarios for these boots go on and on.

The high-quality boots you can find on the market will stay in your wardrobe for a long time, so they’re worth the investment, especially since you only wear them for a few months out of the year… Or at least I do! I live in Texas, so it’s a little too warm for these usually! But I digress.

Hopefully this helped you figure out how to wear your duck boots with some skinny jeans and you can incorporate them into your outfits a little more effortlessly now!

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