Inside: Style tips: what shoes to wear with mom jeans. It’s tough to pair shoes with a new style of jeans, or maybe you just want to change it up. Here are some ideas.

Mom jeans have always been a little bit of a controversial trend, you either love them or you hate them. But they’re always cute, always comfortable, and always versatile. There are so many ways to wear mom jeans, that it can almost be overwhelming.

I work for a brand that was originally an all denim company, but now has so much more. But while working with clients and styling them, I always try to get them to try new styles of jeans they may not have been interested in before. And when they’re on the fence, their first question is always: “what shoes do you wear with these?”

Two girls wearing baggy jeans outfits

So shoes are the big selling point to any pair of jeans, because when you’re standing there in the mirror trying to decide on what to wear, if your shoes aren’t working with what you’ve got on, the whole outfit has to go. So let’s find you some ideas of shoes to wear with those mom jeans!

Mom jeans have been happening for a while. Maybe you’re not even new to the trend, but are simply looking for new ways to wear the trusty mom jeans hanging in your closet.

Denim trends always change, but you can change with them and around them, and refresh little pieces in your closet in a way that doesn’t get rid of the go to jeans you’ve always kept on hand. Right now, the world is loving a straight leg, a wide leg, and everything in between, but the mom jeans are right there in the same category of the perfect jean.

Refresh and renew with some new shoes!

A pair of sneakers and a pair of Mary Jane flats

Trending Shoes In 2023

Shoe trends change just as much as jean trends do, but it’s a little bit easier to keep up with the shoe trends! While you can never have too many jeans, you can REALLY never have too many shoes.

Right now, it’s super trendy to add bulk and volume to your outfit with your shoes.

Platforms and lug soles are tearing up the trend cycle right now, from lug sole mid calf boots to platform heels to platform sneakers. Your favorite classics like Vans and Converse have created lifted versions of their staple iconic sneakers, and you’ve probably seen them already.

But we’re also going very edgy with our shoes in 2023. Metallics are hot right now, as well as buckles and wide calf boots. It’s a very interesting look, but when you really dig into it it’s cool, stylish, and edgy. And we love it.

As far as the trending shoes that work for mom jeans, preppy is back! Mary Janes are really trending, in both the style of a classic flat and a heel. Both of these are cute to go with your jeans.

Vintage and throwback looks are everywhere this year too from a vintage sneaker to a pointed toe pump. If you need to dress up your jeans, a pump is the perfect way to do so with a great blazer or fun blouse.

Shoes make all the difference, and when you keep an old pair of jeans you can refresh the whole look with a new trendy pair of shoes.

When Are Mom Jeans In Season

Mom jeans are a really casual style, and often they’re the best in a light wash.

Going by color palettes, light wash is best in the spring and summer seasons. We love a mom jean waist with a light sweater in the early fall and late spring, but I love these the best with a casual crop top or a summer blouse.

Proportionally, these are the most flattering with a shorter top since they hit at a good point on the waist. They give shape to your torso and your hips, so why not show it off? We all love a good flattering pair of jeans, so enjoy all of the perks.

Super specialty jeans do have some in and out season limitations, like palazzo pants are spring and summer jeans while skinny jeans are essentially a winter jean to layer with tall boots. But mom jeans and straight leg jeans are versatile for all year round, however you like to wear them. The silhouette and the proportions are the big game changers here, so as long as you like the different proportions you can find in any season, these will be a great pant for you!

A woman standing in a cross walk in a neutral and denim outfit

Tips For Pairing Shoes And Jeans

The rules for pairing shoes with jeans and understanding which styles go with which can actually be pretty tricky. It’s very case by case, and while aesthetics and vibes definitely come into play with it, there’s a lot of other factors as well.

The wash of the jean, the ankle length, the color of the shoe, the platform, the ankle height… It all matters when deciding if a shoe goes with a jean.

There’s a lot of push back on this, but it’s really trendy and it’s really flattering when done correctly. Again, it’s very case by case, but showing a little leg between the shoe and the jean is not as “incorrect” as it used to be. I hear a lot of older women say, “that’s so unflattering, it makes my legs look so short.” and if you’re doing it with a bootie, that’s true. But loafers and sneakers have the opposite effect.

So if you’re wearing mom jeans with a bootie, you’ll want to make sure that the jean goes down to the top of the boot. Short jeans are okay, but with a tall boot can look a little funky. Line them up.

Even within this new rule, there is such a thing as too much ankle. So as you look through examples and try to train your eye to see these details a little better, keep your mind open when seeing this newer look on you, but also know that if it just still doesn’t feel right, it’s not the right shoe to pair.

Mom jeans are easy, because even if they have a little crop, even if they don’t come up as high-water, you can get away with a lot more ankle than other styles of jeans.

This all takes time to develop a critical eye and to see what you like and what you don’t, find what looks flattering together and what looks a little off. Sometimes it really even is the difference of a quarter inch. But realistically, anything you wear with a mom jean is going to be a great pairing.

Two girls wearing mom jeans with boots

What Shoes To Wear With Mom Jeans

1. Combat Boots
2. Knee High Boots
3. Boston Clogs
4. With Veja
5. Birkinstocks
6. Neutral Basics
7. Booties

Mom jeans will forever be a beloved piece of clothing in my closet. And pairing them with different shoes is always a tricky game, but generally it all depends on the style of the top. If I’m channeling more of a preppy look or an edgy look, I’m going to wear pretty different styles of shoes.

Just keeping in mind that staples go well with staples. So if mom jeans are a staple for you, the shoes you always have on hand will never disappoint. Your favorite sneakers, your favorite loafer, or anything in between, are all amazing choices and will pair well. Even if you wear a hoodie with your mom jeans, you can make it a dressed up street look or a lazy Sunday brunch look. You do you!

Hopefully these tips helped you figure out what shoes to wear with mom jeans.

Some more trendy pieces to pair with these jeans are the cool sling bags. If you need help styling or selecting one of these, here are some tips for you!