Inside: 53 purple outfit ideas that will have you investing in all the color you can find! 

Color is everything right now, and while we’ve been used to the neutrals and the all black chic outfits that were all the rage the last few years, color is now the move and it couldn’t be more fun to get into! 

Neutrals are safe, but color brings life to everything. Even if you want to stay within the comfort of the black, brown, tan, and cream color palettes, adding a bag or shoes or sweater with a pop of color is a great way to participate in the trend without committing too much. 

We are in a very maximalist era currently, where more is more and we mean it in a good way. The Y2K resurgence is on the downward slope, but it left behind its love of color and fun styles! And I’ll take it. 

Check out these purple outfits and see if they influence you to join the color train! 

purple outfit ideas 3 purple streetwear outfits

Purple is a beautiful color, and can range from a deep tone to a lilac shade that blends well with neutrals. If you’re looking to start edging towards colored style, start with purple. It’s a pretty natural color without being neutral, and it’s fun and girly without the boldness of pink! 

There’s a purple outfit for every occasion, so if one of these catches your eye and is the perfect fit for an event you’re going to, try it out and see if the world of color is for you! 

four purple dresses

Purples Dresses

Dresses are always fun to have in multiple colors, especially your summer dresses to channel fun summer energy into your wardrobe through different color palettes as well as the different styles of dresses! 

Whether you’re looking for a nice dress for a special occasion or a more relaxed sundress for summer dinners with friends, it’s a perfect time to try adding purple into your arsenal of dresses.  

Neutrals are classy, but color is fun and always give the illusion of more effort even without any. I can’t explain it, but something about colors looks like you gave thought to your outfit of the day, and sometimes, you need the outfit to do more talking than you can so that’s just what you need! 

Check out these purple dresses and see if this is the color for you! 

  1. Smocked Top Slip Mini
  2. Simple Slip
  3. Cotton Puff Sleeve
  4. Satin Cut Out
  5. Patterned Florals
  6. Flowy Wrap Dress
  7. Tie Dye Maxi

Loving these purple dress ideas? It’s flirty and girly, and such a good color to have to wear for any event: showers, parties, brunches, dinners… you name it! 

Purple is a sweet color, while also being attention grabbing! Have fun wearing color, without being too bold if that isn’t your thing! Although it might be now after all of these inspo pics! 

  1. Dainty Florals
  2. Knit High Neck
  3. Ruched Bodycon
  4. Pleated Flair
  5. Lavender Mini
  6. Puff Sleeve Dress

No one could ever go wrong with a purple dress, it’s the perfect color for anything! 

  1. Satin Slip
  2. Knit Mini
  3. Satin Mini
  4. Ribbed

four purple tops

Purple Tops

Being more bold in your choice of tops is a little bit of an easier feat, as you can always balance it out with your skirt or pants! This is where your style will have a defining moment: you can either step it up a notch and add more purple, a different color, or patterns, OR you can balance and tone down with a pair of neutral pants or denim jeans. 

Either way, having a fun purple top in your wardrobe is fresh and a cool way to change up your same old outfit cycles if it needs a refresh! 

Going out on the town with your friends or just grabbing a cup of coffee, you’ve got a good excuse to try out a new purple top. 

  1. Sheer Puff Sleeve
  2. Knit Crop
  3. Wrap Top
  4. Under Patterned Overalls

Have you already bought into the color trend and need some ideas for how to wear that new top? Check out the best purple outfit ideas to get your creative juices flowing and see all the best ways to wear that colored top! 

  1. One Shoulder
  2. Sheer Mesh Polka Dot
  3. Turtleneck
  4. Lavender Hoodie
  5. With Purple Pants
  6. Sweatshirt

You can never go wrong with pairing purple with denim, black, or other colors if you’re really ready to commit to it! 

It’s really big right now to mix purple with a light green color. This might feel extra bold if you’re already unsure about the lilac top hanging in your closet, but green and purple are both jewel toned colors, which makes them compatible. 

Not only that, if you’re a fan of lavender and have ever been to a lavender field, you would see that they are both very earthy colors and go together in an outfit beautifully. 

  1. Turtleneck Crop
  2. Matching Set
  3. With Coordinating Biker Shorts
  4. Green Pants
  5. Sheer Puff Sleeve
  6. Ruched Top
  7. Linen

two black and purple outfits

Black And Purple Outfits

If the all black trend has been your go-to and you’re having a hard time straying, don’t stress over the purple concept! Purple and black are an amazing pair, and a pair of purple pants or a cute little purple top would love to join your army of black in your closet. 

Sometimes light tones with a stark contrast to black feels like they wouldn’t go together well, but black goes with anything, and it’s really fun to play with colors and black together! Here’s some inspo for you if you’re not sold on the concept. 

  1. Black Leather Pants
  2. Black Slacks
  3. Denim Jacket
  4. Leather Skirt
  5. Black Belt
  6. Purple Pop
  7. Sweater And Denim
  8. Graphic Tee and Jeans

How are you feeling about the combination? It’s a very subtle way to introduce color into your closet. 

It almost feels like the black pieces are the main outfit, and the purple is just an accessory to add a color pop. It’s an easy addition to any closet! 

  1. Blazer Pop
  2. Long Sleeve Crop
  3. Corset Top
  4. Blazer Over Tee

All black will forever be so chic and so effortless, but adding color every once in a while makes the all black moments even more flawless.  

Since color is such a bold move at the moment, it’s an edgy step to take, and requires more confidence in your outfits than anything else. Even if it’s a sweet and girly outfit, there’s still an edgy element to it that black doesn’t give us anymore! 

So add some color to show your fashion edge! 

  1. Tee And Ribbed Flares
  2. Bodycon And Purple Boots
  3. Over A Onesie
  4. Black Slacks
  5. Black Purse
  6. Oversized Denim
  7. Baby Crop

If all of these cute, fun, and edgy purple outfits haven’t convinced you to come to the colored side, nothing will. Purple is the cutest and least intimidating color of the rainbow, but maybe you just need more time.

Embracing a lively style is so addicting and once you start, you don’t stop! One color is a gateway to another, and you’ll be wanting to dress brighter and more vivid as time goes on. 

Sweats, dresses, suits, you name it, and it’s the perfect outfit to wear purple! We’re in a super fun time with fashion where just about anything goes, so if you’re unsure about colors, give it a go and see what you think. You have nothing to lose if you hate it, and chances are… you probably won’t. 

Even if you’re not into all color all the time, it can be fun to have something a little extra up your sleeve for special occasions! Dive into the world of color with purple and go from there. 

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