Inside: How to wear a pashmina. What is it and all of your tips for wearing one well!

When there are so many different fabrics and accessories available to us from our own culture as well as others, it can be confusing to just know what is what and how you should realistically be pairing these pieces. Shawls, scarves, and everything else made up of all of these other fabrics create such a wide variety of the different styles of accessories.

I grew up sewing and reading books on fashion, and then studied Apparel Design and Manufacturing for a bit in college, so I have a deep curiosity and interest in not only different styles and pieces to wear, but in different fabrics and construction as well.

So when I came across something a little more foreign to me like a pashmina and wondered what the difference is between it and something similar, I had to do a deep dive! And share with you what I found.

A pashmina is simply a scarf made from the pashmina fabric, but it is usually pretty versatile and made to wear as a scarf or a shawl. It’s common in many cultures that generally prefer to cover up more, but it also is an incredibly warm fabric that works great as an outer layer. The origin is usually from India, and because of this they can be made into an incredibly cultural and beautiful piece.

Whether you have one and are wondering how to wear it and are just here for the style tips or if you’re here to learn more about other fabrics and pieces, I’ve got the answers for you.

Let’s get into it.

Three different ways to how to wear a pashmina tied like a scarf

Different Ways To Wear A Pashmina Scarf

A pashmina comes with a variety of options and style choices.

While you may look at it and think, “it’s just a scarf,” you’re totally right. It’s just a scarf.

But this is the kind of scarf you keep on you for special occasions and that you have available for the rest of your life. This isn’t just a knit scarf you throw on in the cold, this is a style choice.

Pashmina scarves are usually pretty large, so plan to make it fully a part of your outfit. If you decide to throw one on with your sweater and coat, it’s going to go on top.

The most basic way to wear it is just like any other scarf you might add to your winter outerwear outfit. Wrapping it around your neck like a normal scarf is going to add some bulk to your neck, but you can totally pull it off, especially if you live somewhere where the winter weather is harsh.

A less standard option for wearing a pashmina scarf is to wear it more like a shawl or a cover. This might be a move for a little less of a harsh winter weather day, as this can serve as your top layer over a blouse or a tank top. There are so many ways that you can tie it and wear it like this, but ultimately you’re going to throw it over your shoulders over whatever you’re wearing and turn it into another beautiful layer. The variety in patterns and designs available in pashmina scarves makes this an amazingly stunning and unique piece to wear as a top winter layer. Check out all of your options!

The easiest way to wear this, rather than tying it, is to simply wrap it around your shoulders, almost like a cover or a wrap, to put it simply. You can get really elaborate with a tie or simply throw it over and wrap it like a blanket scarf, and either way is an effortlessly classy way to wear a pashmina scarf.

Don’t think too hard about it, pieces like a pashmina basically style themselves if you just start to play with it and figure out what works for this particular style.

Two ways to tie a scarf

Tying It

If you’re going with the option of tying the scarf over your shoulders, then you might have stumped yourself with the correct way to tie it or wondering if it could be better.

If I’m being honest with you, there’s not a right or wrong answer. At all. There’s better and best, but there isn’t really a right and wrong when it comes to tying a pashmina scarf.

One way, if you’re wearing it around the neck like a scarf, is almost like a men’s neck tie. Wrapping the middle of the scarf around the back of your neck and tying the front into an interesting knot allows the scarf to hang down the front middle, down the center of a coat or a jacket.

You can also tie this scarf like a shawl. This is the most popular and common way to wear a pashmina, as it is so warm that it can totally become an outer layer of an outfit on a chillier day.

Throw it over your shoulders like you would any shawl and take the top two corners, on the side that goes along your neck. Tie the two corners together as loose or as tight as you prefer, and tie it twice. It might take some playing with, and it usually looks better tied only once. But there’s nothing more annoying than constantly retying and readjusting your coat! So make sure it’s going to stay while you move your arms talking or eating.

This is only a couple of ways of all of the different options you have to tying and styling your pashmina, but as you play with it, you’ll find what works the best for you and all the different ways that you can wear a pashmina in the winter.

A girl wearing a large beautiful scarf

Pashmina is a very broad and general term, as well as something incredibly specific and culturally particular. Pashmina is generally a very warm fabric, used to make scarves that are more warm than your generic knit scarf you can get from just about anywhere.

This is a luxury fabric and a beautifully executed creation that has turned into a beautiful piece that works with many of the different outfits you might need it for during the winter season.

Investing in a beautifully crafted pashmina scarf is investing in a staple wardrobe piece that you will hold onto for a lifetime, and potentially for generations. As a scarf, a shawl, a cover, anything you need it for, it will serve you well.

Buying a beautiful pashmina that is made in the heart of India will also allow you to support and value a different culture that you otherwise don’t get much interaction with.

Value other crafts of the world with these stunning pieces, and I hope you figured out just how to style it in this post!

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