Inside: Carnival Outfit Ideas.

Everybody loves a good carnival!! I know I sure do.

What is not to love? There are bright lights, cool colors, fun rides, and most importantly crazy treats.

But what would you wear when going to such an amazing event? Most carnivals are held in the summer, making the days sunny and warm. No one wants to be overly warm and run around a carnival. Plus with such fun and colorful backdrops, they are the perfect place to snap a few photos of you and your friends and family.

So, making sure you have a cute outfit is a must.

Check out our favorite carnival outfit ideas that aren’t just comfy, cool, and functional, but also stylish and fun.

Plus Size Carnival Outfits

Carnival Outfit Ideas

Simple Denim Looks

You really can’t go wrong with the classic pairing of denim and a top when planning a carnival outfit. This style is stylish, chic, and most of all comfortable. With any classic denim shorts, jeans, or overalls, you can pair them with a trendy cute t-shirt, or casual blouse to create your idea carnival look.

One way to dress this style up is by pairing it with cute accessories like earrings, hats, sunglasses, or a cute bag. Make sure you finish with a stylish BUT comfortable pair of shoes for all your carnival fun. Take a look at a few of our favorite simple denim looks for your day at the carnival.

1. Frayed Denim Shorts with Cute T-Shirt

2. Cuffed Jean Shorts with Striped Tank

3. Black Denim Jeans with Jean Jacket

4. Ripped Jeans with Linen Top and Wide Brim Hat

5. Cute Shorts with White Linen Top and Mens Carnival Outfit 

Carnival Outfits

Cool Summery Dress

I think it’s safe to say that most carnivals are held during the summertime, making the weather more than likely a little warm. Dresses are such a few and easy ways to look pulled together, but still feel comfortable and cool for those warm days. Plus dresses are such an easy outfit to pull together, basically a one-and-done outfit.

Pro tip: Pop on some little skin-colored shorts underneath your dress to prevent any mishaps! Street fairs, boardwalks, and carnivals all tend to be quite windy at times.

6. Tied Up Casual T-Shirt Dress

7. Flowy Ruffled Dress with Sneakers

8. Red and White Gingham Tank Dress

9. Fun Bright Colored Pattern Dress

10. Midi Dress with Cute Sneakers

Carnival Themed Outfits for Adults

Monochrome Summer Outfit

Carnivals are fun! They are meant to be enjoyed and have a little extra-special style. Keep up the whimsical fun with a bold monochromatic look! We love the idea of going all pink, maybe green, or even a bright blue!

Add a matching cross-body purse and long earrings and you will be ready to hit those rides and take some pictures!

11. Pink and White Stripped Set

12. All Yellow Romper

13. Monochromatic Blue Outfit

14. Sporty All Green Style

15. Preppy Purple Outfit Idea

Summer Outfit for Adults

Plus Size Carnival Outfits

Finding the perfect outfit for a carnival when you are curvier can be a challenge. We love sticking with long skirts, dresses, and some fabulous leggings. These outfits are cool, comfortable, and most of all stylish. Check out our favorite plus-sized carnival outfit inspo for your fun day!

16. Short Flowy Skirt with Crewneck Shirt

17. Fun Patterned Jumpsuit

18. Jean Shorts and Cute Graphic T-Shirt

19. Layered Dress with Sneakers

20. Fun Relaxed T-Shirt Dress

Carnival Theme Party Outfit for Kids + Teens

Who loves carnivals more than kids and teens? Check out these cute and functional outfit ideas for their fun day at the park.

One thing to remember when planning outfits for kids and teens is that they are the ones most likely riding rides, playing games, and going crazy. So, keeping outfits simple, cool, and casual is so important. We love styling shorts, rompers, jumpsuits, and overalls, for their looks.

Check out our favorites below!

21. Comfortable Shorts and Crops for Teen

22. Comfy Overall Jumpsuit with Vans

23. Pink and Green Outfit Inspo

24. Trendy Shorts, Graphic Shirt, and Hat

25. Oversized Tee with Patterned Pants

Carnival Theme Outfit Teens & Kids

Cute Carnival Costume Ideas for Kids

Now with kids, you can really play up that classic carnival look.  Check out these cute and fun carnival costume ideas for your younger kids, that will make the cutest pictures and so much fun!

26. Ring Master Costume for Little Girl

27. Rainbow Themed Romper

28. Casual Biker Shorts and Tanks

29. Leopard Tank and Jean Shorts

30. Cute Romper Idea

More Fun Style Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these cute carnival outfit ideas then check out a few more of our favorite styles for any occasion.

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Carnival Outfit Ideas

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