Inside: Lucky green shorts outfits ideas for some funky outfit options this spring and summer seasons.

Green shorts… How specific.

But really, the last couple years we’ve all been getting a little bit more exciting and interesting with our fashion choices. Less minimalism and more maximalism, less neutrals and more color. So as we move into the warmer months of spring and summer, it only makes sense that we start to get more of our seasonal statement pieces in colors and styles that are more fun and bold than we’ve had in the past.

As you go shorts shopping, or start thinking about what kind of pieces you want to pick up, definitely consider some green shorts! The outfit ideas are endless and I just know you will find some that fit your fit preference and your personal style.

Online shopping has made shopping for these niche pieces so easy, so while you browse the different outfit options I’ve collected for you today, definitely use these inspiration pictures to help you figure out which style you might like too! What’s going to work in your closet long term, too? What do you think says “you” the most?

Channel your personal style to these trends and you’re going to have a killer summer wardrobe.

Three girls in cute outfits with green shorts

Colors To Pair With Green

In some of our winter posts we covered how to pair green with other colors. And while the summer colors don’t change too much, there is definitely a different color palette overall that changes with the seasons.

While in winter you might be wearing it with some more muted tones, or even some more reds and deeper tones, we’re definitely going big and bold in summer and spring!

Let’s start with the easier and move towards the more challenging color pairings.

As always, neutrals will always be a safe option. White and tan are the best to keep the color popping and let it shine. Black can overpower if you’re wearing something like a kelly or emerald green, but if you’re wearing olive or sage, a washed black can work well. For more of a fresh and colorful look, if you want to pair the green shorts with a neutral, I recommend the white and tan options.

Pairing with more green. This is your next simplest option. In theory. If you understand color theory and undertones, then this is simple. Find like-greens, meaning either more yellow toned or blue toned, and pair it with the shorts. Either grab one that’s lighter or darker unless it comes in a set! I get the question all the time about “clashing” tones, but if you intentionally play with different shades, you won’t have to worry about it.

Lastly, other bright and bold colors are perfect for pairing with green. A stunning yellow or an ultramarine blue are powerful pairings, and can be sure to grab attention from those around you. All you need is a little confidence, and you can really make any bold pairs work. This mainly works with specific aesthetics like street and eclectic. Any style that tends to be a little more clean cut and by the book may look a little off with this, but like I always say: anything can go together if you believe it does. Ha.

Different Aesthetics

Speaking of different aesthetics… Let’s break it down. There are so many different vibes and aesthetics out there, and some work better with bold colors and pairs than others. When you start to look into green shorts outfit ideas like I’m sure you have already before you found this post, you probably found all of the different styles that come up when trying to find an outfit inspiration picture.

Some of the most popular styles that you’re probably going to find for this specific piece is western, street, and grunge. I feel like in 2015, it’s very likely that preppy would have made this list too, but preppy looks pretty different these days.

Let’s break these down, then!

We all know where western fashion comes from and for the most part know all the good components to make up the outfits we see on Pinterest and various blogs. Very rugged, very free spirited, and very ready to take on anything. Generally, the green shorts outfits I see with these are more of a washed green or olive tones. Think vintage denim. And that’s probably how you’re going to incorporate the green shorts trend into western wear!

Street style is a little different, and it looks different in every decade. If you can picture the 90’s hip hop scene, but a little more refined, you’re spot on to street style. It’s the slouchy jeans, it’s the sneakers with every outfit, it’s the cool and edgy logos on everything. And hats. You can’t forget hats. In street style, just about everything goes, like colorful shorts. Street style is still a heavy influence in all of our trends and styles currently, so you’re likely more on top of these trends than you think! It comes in and out just like any other trending aesthetic.

Grunge is a pretty decent combination of both of these styles. Street can be pretty grungy at times, and western tends to have that worn out and worn in style, so it could definitely fall into the category. Grunge is a little bit of the backstage of a concert kind of idea. Anything a little dirty, a little punk, a little bit effortless. It’s a cool girl look, that kind of can pull off anything… Such as green shorts.

If you’re holding out for the preppy description, I won’t leave you hanging. While a plain pair of green shorts is a little bit more easy going than the new age preppy, there are definitely still some ways to make it happen. Preppy is a very clean-cut and polished look. While there are still different ways to add some fun and funk to the aesthetic, it’s generally more clean and simple. Tailored pieces like blazers and trousers dominate, so you can definitely find these pieces in your favorite shade of green!

School outfits that have green shorts

For School

1. Button Down
2. Athletic
3. Matching Set
4. Tailored
5. Mint Green
6. Monochrome
7. Graphic Tee
8. Two Toned
9. With Stripes

A girl wearing army green shorts and an orange blouse

Outfit Ideas With Green Shorts

10. Gingham Set
11. Tie Waist Shorts
12. Satin With Knit
13. High Waist Simple
14. Print Top
15. Orange Top
16. Plaid Shorts
17. Y2K
18. Chambray

Three outfits paired differently with colored shorts

Pairing Ideas

19. Matching Pastel Greens
20. Gray Sweetshirt
21. Classic
22. Color Pops
23. Sleek And Chic
24. White Simple
25. With Yellow
26. Different Shades
27. Casual Layers

Green is one of my personal favorite colors, and all of the bright and fun shades coming out this year are too good. I want them all. I want the dresses, I want the shorts, I want the shoes, the blazers, the skirts…. I. Want. It. All.

But I’ll refrain… Except from the short. 😉

They’re too cute and I have definitely convinced myself that I want them from this post. I was already convinced and in love, but I just saved three different pairs to my cart.

Pairing them with different colors or with neutrals, street styling or western, there are so many ways you can wear green shorts without them being as intimidating as you may think it sounds.

These outfits hopefully sold you on some of the coolest pairs on the market, and I know you’re going to be one of the best dressed of your friends this summer.

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