Inside: 33 creative neon outfit ideas for incorporating the trend into your outfits without changing your whole wardrobe to highlighter shades.

Neon has popped in and out of relevance for the last few years, but now more than ever it’s a part of some high fashion trends and style movements.

I remember when I was a high school football trainer and the boys started adding highlighter yellow socks and sweatbands to their usual uniforms and I just about died. It was so fun but so shocking on the football field!

Now, I see a bright yellow handbag on a runway and laugh, and just know that those junior boys were onto something several years ago.

That’s usually how it starts– someone does something random and it turns into fashion.

A girl in an orange neon outfit set

It’s a cool trend to just add pops of neon into your outfit, and if you want to figure out how to do it subtly and super fun, here are 33 examples of how you can do this!

Wearing Neon To A Football Game

When I was in school, it was the players wearing neon to games. Now, it’s a common theme night at high school football games to wear neon in the stands!

This is a different vibe than an aesthetic neon outfit, so what does a cute neon outfit look like for a football game?

For starters, craft stores like Hobby Lobby always have tee shirts that you can use to DIY anything on, and usually have a wide variety of colors, including neon shades! If you have some fun colored shorts to pair them with and want to stack colors, start with a plain tee!

If you cut the ends into fringe, crop it, or tuck it into a same color (different shade) skirt, you’re already serving at this football game.

Other’s manage to get their hands on neon construction worker vests, and I think this is so clever! Finding random objects in neon and utilizing them into your outfit makes for a goofy (yet still cute) neon outfit for a football game.

Where To Buy Neon Clothes

Buying neon clothes hasn’t been this easy since the 80’s! Or maybe the 2000’s. But I only pair neon with the 80’s.

Trendy online stores that have pieces that can be a little out there are the perfect places to snag some neon clothes. Some stores I recommend to find a variety of neon shades are:

There are a lot of other stores that carry hot pink specifically like ASOS and Target, but you won’t find much highlighter yellow!

If you’re not much of a fast fashion girlie (I applaud you), and recommend some different stores that carry these uber bright shades.

  • Wolf And Badger
  • Revolve
  • Mugler
  • House of CB
  • Off White
  • The Attico

Each of these stores have lines of bright neon clothes and/or accessories that can brighten up your wardrobe with one or two pieces. Have fun shopping!

How To Pair Neon Colors

Pairing neons is either really tricky or really simple.

Obviously, they pair the easiest with neutrals. Black, white, gray, and cream. Add a yellow handbag and you’re popping.

But what about all the creativity of pairing with other colors? It’s an interesting concept because you don’t really have to pair super intentionally for it to work.

The best tip is this: If you work off of the color wheel, it’s going to work.

Using complimentary colors or analogous colors from the color wheel will make them cohesive, even if they’re not colors you would think work together. Using these color pairings already make colors pop brighter than they already do, so using them with neons just makes it so much better!

Have fun with color, if you’re breaking out neon, you’re already halfway there. Don’t stop at a neutral palette, go all out and make it super fun! You may realize you had a different favorite color pairing than you initially thought. Embrace the pop.

Two girls in highlighter yellow outfits

Neon Outfits For A Party

Dressing in neon clothes for a party is so easy– neon was made for partying!

If you feel like it might be too bold, even for party going, remember that fortune favors the brave. So brave those bold colors and get there and wear it!

If you just go with neon accessories or a full neon set, you’re going to love all the possibilities and the fun attention that neon gets. Crop tops, bags, and shoes are all perfect places to start with a neon party outfit.

1. Sweater
2. Shades Of Green
3. Sheer Mesh
4. Mesh Romper
5. Bodysuit
6. Tube Top
7. Orange Cutout
8. Yellow Top
9. Fringe Set

Three girls aesthetic neon outfit ideas

Aesthetic Neon Outfits

So party clothes and football game outfits in neon are pretty straightforward. But what about something aesthetic?

I’ve been seeing a lot of sick outfits on the streets these days from bloggers and the like, including neon pieces from our favorite high end brands! If you’re looking forward to dressing like your favorite style icons and bringing something new to the style table in your friend group, neon is the way to go.

New York Fashion Week showed us so many cool street styles that included neon, I can’t wait to see how it trickles down to the aesthetic casual icons.

9. Pink And Orange
10. Feathers
11. Color Blocking
12. Blazer And Bag
13. Blingy
14. Green Set
15. Wild Pops
16. Orange Cutout
17. Orange Set
18. Wide Leg Pants
19. All Green

Four plain outfits with neon accessories


Using accessories is truly the best way to get into the neon family. It’s a perfect introductory piece, made casual by pairing it with a neutral set of clothes and made edgy by pairing it with different colors. There’s no right or wrong way to really wear neon, so get to buying!

Handbags, shoes, headbands, jackets, jewelry… they can all be added together to create the best and most edgy outfit using mainly accessories to do so.

20. Boots And Bag
21. Hello Belt
22. Highlighter Straps
23. With Blue Suit
24. Bright Boots
25. Necklaces
26. Hair Clips
27. Pop Bag
28. Blazer

Neon Outfit Ideas

Neon outfit ideas can range from super extra too crazy chill. And I’m sure we all lie somewhere in the middle of either.

Whatever your style is or your aesthetic is, here are some neon outfit ideas that will work for you.

Gauge how well you build your style using color, and add neon in accordingly.

29. Leather Pants
30. Orange Set
31. Yellow Blazer
32. Orange And Pink
33. Silk Skirt

When it comes to color trends, it’s cool that they can be pretty random and don’t have to be done too specifically to be cute and trendy. With something like neon, there really aren’t a ton of rules with how to pair the colors and whatnot. They don’t really go with anything, so they go with everything.

It’s a personality statement to wear neon, so if you find yourself feeling like yourself in these bright colors, no one can tell you how you should or shouldn’t wear it! Add that yellow handbag or those hot pink sneakers to a gray outfit. Or hey, even a blue outfit! That’s the fun of playing with colors.

On the complete opposite side of this color play, interested in some all white outfits?

Sometimes adding a neon pop to all white is even more jarring and exciting than adding to many colors!

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