Inside: Stylish brown pants outfit ideas and inspiration for how to wear this trend. 

The neutrals movement has been going strong for years now, and browns have been making a bold statement even among all the neutrals for the last couple seasons. If you’ve been on this neutral train for a minute, you’ve probably already collected several pieces in the color brown. If you just acquired or are considering the acquisition of pants in this color, here are some examples of a cool brown pants outfit for you.

You’re going to keep seeing brown for a while, it’s going to become a long lasting staple color much like black and white! So embrace it. If you haven’t already scored a cool pair for the fall, you’re going to want to start hunting for some brown pants!

The way that color blocking and random color matching has been trending, you’ll find plenty of ways to wear them.

Four different style outfits with brown pants

What Color Tops To Wear

Of course when you’re pairing brown pants with different tops, you’re gonna find that white and cream tones are your first thought. They’re going to be the first ones you reach for, but stop to think about what other options you have!

Any other warm toned tops are a great option, but to be honest, there’s no limit on the color that you can wear with brown pants! Green tops go great with them too.

If you’re going for simple, white, black, and more brown in all different shades are the perfect matches! The world is your oyster, wear what you would like, but you can never go wrong with a classic neutral outfit.

What To Wear With Brown Pants

Dark brown pants can potentially be really difficult. When something looks like black but isn’t, it kind of throws us off.

So pairing with dark brown specifically can get a little tricky.

Look for tops that have brown in them, if you have any floral tops for example.

A white graphic tee, a cream sweater, or a lighter brown cardigan are perfect pieces to wear with dark brown pants.

The only color you really want to stay away from is black, it can look like an unintentional mismatched situation. We love an intentional mismatch, this can definitely work if you feel confident in the pairing. Go for it! There are no wrong answers.

But if you’re not so sure, you might have an easier time styling it with a lighter colored top.

Coolest Styles Of Brown Pants

Okay, so you’re loving the dark brown pants look, but what kind of pants are you really looking for?

There are three styles of pants that have really taken off in the color brown, and they’re some of my favorites.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of brown denim.

A pair of brown corduroy pants are super indie and really popular with the vintage and thrift in crowds.

And a pair of straight leg leather pants in brown are classy! They can also be dressed perfectly for a girls night or for the office. Some of the most versatile pants on the market.

Out of these three, my personal favorite is the leather pants. I think they really can dress up a cool graphic tea in a unique way, and graphic tees are my love language.

If you’re not feeling the leather then I recommend browned denim or brown trousers! Always a staple you’ll want to have in your closet, and can make every outfit chic.

A woman in a black tank top and silky brown suit

For Work

We’ve gotten so used to our classic black trousers that we wear to work almost every day (when we’re not wearing a pantsuit or a jumpsuit).

But how can we mix it up and style some brown trousers instead?

Whether they’re leather or regular work slacks, these brown pants outfits for work are going to change up your wardrobe for sure! Brown leather pants with a black blazer might be my new favorite work outfit.

Wow the office with your new work outfit styling techniques including brown pants.

1. Silky Suit Pants
2. Suede Joggers
3. Leather
4. Brown Pinstripe
5. Corduroy
6. Different Winter Layers
7. White Button Up
8. The Perfect Slack

Two girls in sweaters and brown slacks


Like I said, casual graphic tees are my love language. So figuring out how to style brown pants in a casual way is a new favorite outfit pairing of mine, and I just know you’ll love them too!

Whether you’re more of a casual girly or not, I think you’re gonna find that these casual outfits are elevated, classy, and so cool that you’re gonna want to wear them just about everywhere. I know I do.

9. Turtleneck
10. Gray Tee
11. Graphic Tee
12. White Tee
13. Patterned And Top
14. Chunky Sweater
15. White Tank
16. Hoodie

Three street outfits

Street Aesthetic

Honestly, the brown pants trend came from the street styles that we’ve been seeing the last few years.

They took vintage and thrift to a new level turning it into something new and something exciting. Until they brought it back, I hadn’t seen brown pants in my wardrobe since I was shopping it Limited Too… It’s been a minute!

Once we pick up a style and a new trend from the street fashionistas, it’s fun to take their style and put our own spin on it. After all, they did it best to begin with.

17. Green Sweater
18. Flannel
19. Brown On Brown
20. Holographic Top
21. Tan Polo
22. Halter Top
23. Patterned Button Down
24. Brown Sweats

Brown Pants Outfit Ideas

Have you found your style of brown pants yet? No worries. Here are some more ideas that are a little less categorized for you to kind of figure out what you like and start to visualize these cool pants in your own wardrobe.

I love all of the different ways this color can be styled. Versatility is a necessary quality in clothing, and I love to add pieces that genuinely contribute a new element to the wardrobe.

25. Warm Sweater
26. High Neck Tank
27. Leather Suit
28. Western Top
29. Muscle Tank
30. Snake Print
31. Sweater Vest
32. Floral Top

Four girls wearing light colored outfits

Tan Pants

Tan is in the brown family, obviously, and we’ve been seeing tan pants on the market for a while now too.

They’re popular in all the same styles: corduroy, slacks, and leather.

Tan really lends to the light academia aesthetic– very studious. I like to wear my khakis with a university sweatshirt. It reminds me of my private high school uniform.

However you choose to style tan pants, they’re cool and highly on trend.

33. Cool Cargos
34. Pink Hoodie
35. Classic White Tank
36. Slouchy
37. Corset Set
38. Graphic Tee
39. Puff Sleeve
40. Sweatshirt
41. Baggy Black Knit

Brown pants are always going to be a staple, even when they’re not the trend color anymore. Trends come and go but neutrals are consistently in our wardrobes.

Learning to style a color that is a little out of our norm can be tough, especially when it’s so close to black, it can feel a little “off” when we’re trying to put the pieces together and we know what it’s supposed to look like.

Brown goes with some neutral tones that black doesn’t exactly match. This opens a whole new door to possible outfit combinations, whether your brown pants are denim, leather, or anything else, you can elevate your outfits.

If you like the brown and green pairing, check out this entire post about green and brown outfits! For the earthy girls and the edgy girls alike, you’ll love them all!

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