Inside: 33 bold red outfit ideas to turn heads this season.

I have been loving red lately. Maybe it’s just because I’m drawn to color and it’s simply the boldest, or maybe it’s because it was my college color. Either way, red is hot right now!

It’s a great accent color but it can also be a really cool color to build an entire outfit around. With a color like this, the world is your oyster!

Wearing red can channel your usual bold personality or it can pull you out of your comfort zone. If you’re nervous about color but really want to take the leap— red is your move, friend!

Red is so rich and looks great on just about anyone. You will always turn heads in red, and that’s a quality not every color has.

Four outfits that are red

If you want some tips to style red to make it work with your wardrobe or need some ideas of how to begin to incorporate it in, keep reading!

Colors That Pair With Red

When it comes to pairing red with other colors, there are two different routes. Safe, and unsafe.

The safe route is naturally all of your neutral tones: white, black, gray, and brown. And all the shades in between.
The big bonus to using these colors with red is that it allows red to pop with all of its bold qualities. Besides, what’s the point of wearing a color as bold as red if you don’t let it pop the way it does naturally?

The not so safe route for wearing red is wearing it with other bold colors. Red looks good with just about anything, but some of my favorite colors to pair it with are teal, yellow, pinks, and pastel blue. Green is technically the best color to go with red as it is red’s complementary color.

Tip: when wanting to pair bold colors together, use the color directly across from it in the color wheel: this is the color’s technical complementary color.

Any rich color will be stunning with red, and can make quite the statement with your outfit.

When Is Red In Season

Red is considered a year-round color. Different shades work better for different seasons of course, but there is never a season when red is considered out of season! It’s naturally the most popular around the holidays, and honestly, any shade goes then.

But what shades of red are the best for the other seasons of the year?

Spring – muted red. The season of pastels doesn’t mean you have to rule out reds! More muted tones are great for this season.

Summer – bold red. A bright bold red is great for summer. We love bright colors, and red could be considered too rich to be a summer color, keeping it bright will keep it right where you need it to be for the season.

Fall – maroon types of shades, or deeper reds. Fall colors are all about rich tones and deep and dark shades.
Winter – every shade of red is great in winter. Using a variety of reds keep you in the festive color palette while changing it up ever so slightly.

Who Looks Best In Red

When venturing into the bold color sphere with colors like red, it can be intimidating! Color isn’t everyone’s thing, but I think it can be!

My first question when trying a new color is, “will this shade look right on my skin tone?” and the answer usually varies, but not with red!

True red is considered one of the universally flattering colors. And it’s true! A solid, standard shade of red looks great on everyone, so if you’re sticking to a classic red tone, don’t worry too much about it complimenting your skin tone! It’s been proven to look great on you.

There are obviously so many different shades of red that you can dig into and find the best shade for your specific skin tone, but overall, you can do no wrong breaking out a red coat for your next date night!
Give it a try, you might realize you love it!

Two girls in red sweaters and denim

Casual Red Outfit Ideas

I love playing the casual game with my colors– I gravitate towards black basic pieces so often that if I can change it up with some color, I’m going to!

There’s something so fun about a casual outfit that’s bold with color, it says you didn’t try too hard but the outfit is still fun even without effort. That’s what we like to call effortless chic, and we love it.

I think you’ll love these casual red outfits!

1. Red Sweater
2. Athleisure Set
3. Oversized Cardigan
4. Red Pants
5. Red Cap
6. Red Crop Top
7. Casual Layers
8. Leather Jacket
9. Sweater Weather

Two girls in aesthetic outfits and a red leather studded jacket

Aesthetic Red Outfit Ideas

We all love a good aesthetic. You can wear a “red outfit” that’s a red tee shirt or you can wear a red outfit that’s channeling all of the energy the color red has to offer. That’s an aesthetic outfit.

Maybe you need help styling your red pants or a new red jacket. Either way, here are some aesthetic red outfit ideas for you to try!

10. Red Studded Leather
11. Monochrome
12. Retro
13. Parisian
14. Y2K
15. Old School
16. Grunge Baby

A woman in a white outfit with a red fur coat

Red Outfit Ideas For Christmas

Red is the color of Christmas! So is green of course, but it feels like one of the neutral tones like white, and red is the accent color. At least to me.

I love wearing red all season and channeling the festive feelings of the seasons while running my errands, shopping, cooking, decorating, and celebrating with friends and family.

So wear some red this year! Here are some ideas.

17. Red Plaid Skirt
18. Red Peacoat
19. Red Fur
20. Red Silk Skirt
21. Red Sweater Dress
22. Red Mini Slip
23. Stunning Red Jumpsuit
24. Turtleneck Mini

Four bold outfits with lots of color that include a bold red shade

Red Outfit Ideas Using Color Blocking

Obviously the color red is one of my favorites, if I haven’t already mentioned that.

I think it’s such an innately cool color that you can’t go wrong with it, honestly.

Having the boldness to wear red is enough to make the outfit a good one– I always say any outfit works if you’re confident enough.

And playing with different colors in the same outfit is fun and edgy! So try these examples of color blocking with red if you’ve been wanting to step out with your outfits lately.

25. Hot Pink
26. More Red
27. Pale Blue
28. Red Boots And Royal Blue
29. Green Pants
30. Yellow
31. Orange
32. Purple Combo
33. Blue Skirt

No matter the season of year or the occasion, red is the move. Especially if it’s out of your usual color palette and you want to make a statement, you need to give red a try!

I’m obsessed with all of the qualities that the color red has, and I know you will be too if you give it a chance.

If you’re already a red-gal and are just looking for some new ways to style the color within your wardrobe, I hope you found some new inspiration! I love color matching monochrome and color blocking with accent colors. I love it all when it comes to red!

If you’re loving the color theme, I love a rich teal to pair with red. I’ve done a similar post about the color teal: how to pair it with other colors, discuss when it’s in season, et cetera. Check it out here.

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