Inside: 47 black and red outfit ideas whether you’re going to a football game, party, or simply love the black and red color combo.

We love the all black moment that’s been happening for the last few years: it’s edgy, chic, and easy. But this year, everyone’s into color and adding pops of color to outfits, and if your thing is keeping to the edgy and chic look but want to keep up with the color trend, then red  might be the color for you. 

Of course black goes with everything, so any color would do, but red is sexy, fun, and it’s a pretty bold pop so it will stand out no matter how much or how little red you add to an outfit. 

Maybe these are your college colors, and you need game day outfit ideas– we’ve got that covered too. Stay chic and on brand with your college at the same time with these black and red outfit ideas. 

Black and red outfits will always be sexy and in style, so if you need to add a little color to your all black wardrobe, give red a go! 

Red and black outfit ideas

For every occasion, for every style, there’s a new way to wear a chic and iconic red and black outfit.  

Four going out outfits, crop tops, shorts, and skirts

Outfits For Going Out

Black outfits are always a win when you’re going out– you can never go wrong with a black crop top and black jeans. But if you want to mix it up and bring in some color, red is the move. 

Red is a good nighttime color, if you pay attention to day and night color schemes, but can still be bold and bright enough to grab attention. 

Nighttime colors are darker toned, and not too reminiscent of summer or spring colors, or anything you would see during the day. Daytime colors are usually light and bright but not bold. Red might be the most bold color, so that puts it in the nighttime category. 

So if you want to throw some color in with your black going out outfits, red is your move. It doesn’t contrast the black colors too much and it’s a fun splash to turn heads as you walk through a room. Try some of these black and red outfits next time you go out and see what I mean! 

  1. Cutout And Leather
  2. Red Leopard
  3. Monochrome And Black Boots
  4. Lace Bodysuit
  5. Deep V
  6. Colored Cargos
  7. Silk And Leather
  8. Mini Skirt
  9. The Lace Side Pants
  10. Red And Black Corset

Girls in college game day outfits

Black And Red Game Day Outfits

There are more than a few colleges that use black and red as their colors, and if you’re going to school in the south you know the importance of repping your school colors on Saturdays– football days! 

It’s tradition to wear a cute outfit in your school’s colors for a football game, but if you’re a freshman and need to know what that looks like, or if you’re a senior and need some fresh new ideas after four years of Saturday football games, I’ve got you covered! 

  1. Coordinate With Your Bestie 
  2. Black Onsie And Bomber
  3. Crop Tops And Coordinating Mini 
  4. Funky Overall Layers
  5. Bow Top And Red Shorts

Stock up for your Saturday tailgates with some of these outfit inspirations! All of your friends will want to borrow your game day outfits– you’ll be the best dressed one there in these black and red outfits practically made for football season! 

  1. Star Skirt
  2. Tube Top And Ruffles
  3. Red Teddy
  4. School Tee And Black Mini

Two girls in black outfits with red accessories

Black Outfits With Red Accessories   

If committing to a red dress or a red top is too much for you and your neutral dressing ways, ease into the concept with some of these stunning red accessories! I get it– red is bold, and while that can usually be a good thing, if you’re not too keen on being the center of attention, you’ll shy away from anything bold. 

But you’re taking baby steps to the world of color, and you may jump all the way in eventually, but you may also stop here– and that’s the best part of accessories! They’re the part that pulls an outfit together and makes it fun anyway, so going all in on fun accessories is such a fun wardrobe! 

  1. Red Boots
  2. Red Coat
  3. Red Pumps
  4. Leather Boots
  5. Red Bag

Whatever your statement piece is, it’s going to be fun and flirty in red! Shoes, bags, hair accessories… You name it and it will add some flair to your outfit of the day posts. 

  1. Red Pea Coat
  2. Red Suede Boots
  3. Red Beret

Three women in classy and chic red outfits


Chic is in right now. I mean, chic is always in, but now more than ever people are looking to channel the off duty model or the french fashion influencer as she roams the streets of Paris… and we all want to be her. 

It’s a beautiful look, and it comes across as so effortless. How does she do it? 

Usually this look is achieved by minimal styling. Knowing that the best way to get the look is through a little less effort is a game changer! But it also comes down to the colors and style of outfit as well. While bright colors are trendy, dark colors are chic. If this is the route you’re looking to go towards for your outfits, mixing black and red will give you a chic look. 

  1. Red Dress And Black Loafers
  2. Leather Skirt
  3. Red Sweater And Pants
  4. Black Belt Bag
  5. Red Croc Pants
  6. Styled Graphic Tee
  7. Button Ups

Styling it in a clean manner will elevate the look even more and will create the chic style you’re looking for in black and red outfits. 

  1. Red Sweater Dress
  2. Layered
  3. Red Jumpsuit
  4. French Chic
  5. Maxi Skirt
  6. Gloves

Two streetwear outfits

Casual Outfits

If you want to channel the black and red outfit theme even in your off days and look edgy and chic in your casual clothes, try out these outfit inspirations. 

You can look so put together even in your most casual attire when you adhere to a color scheme– and especially if that color scheme is the same as your dressier outfits as well! 

Black jeans, red jeans, black sneakers, red sneakers… There are so many ways to pull these colors together in endless casual combinations, it’s almost overwhelming! But finding two colors that work together as well as red and black do on both casual and dressy levels is so inspiring, and working out different ways to wear them together is a fun challenge! 

Check out these examples of casual outfits with red and black! 

  1. Cropped Denim
  2. Black Pea Coat
  3. Graphic Tee 
  4. Bomber Jacket
  5. Red Flares
  6. Black Bodysuit
  7. Red Hat

Whatever the occasion is that has you searching for the perfect black and red outfit, you’re going to rock it if you pull inspiration from these outfit ideas. If it’s simply your personal style that has brought you here, looking to spice up your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. 

Black and red will never go out of style, and it will never stop being sexy. 

Break out your best all black outfit and add a pop of red, or vice versa and you’ve got a timeless outfit with a little bit of the 2022 color craze! It’s all about statements and flare these days, and you’ll have that with these black and red outfits! 

We love a good color pop whether that’s with your shoes, a purse, a hair accessory, you name it! And it’s a solid outfit with a great color moment. Monochrome is having its moment too, but if you’re looking to change up your normal, add a little spice with red accessories! The sky’s the limit with outfits like these, so get styling!

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