Inside: Festive pumpkin patch outfit ideas for rocking a super cute fall look in 2022.

Pumpkin patches are some of the cutest photo-ops of the year, when the leaves turn and the air is crisp and you can walk around the pumpkin patch with a sweater and hot chocolate… There’s nothing like it!

Sometimes, outings like this are fun to go all out cozy vibes, but most of the time it’s an opportunity to dress in our favorite fall sweater and boots and get cute pictures. Especially if you’re visiting the patch with a significant other or your family, you know you’re going to want to snap a picture.

No matter what your vibe is, there’s a perfect outfit for you! Here are 39 festive pumpkin patch outfit ideas that you’re going to want to wear as soon as it comes in season. Who hasn’t been waiting all summer for the pumpkins to make an appearance?

Three girls surrounded by pumpkins in fall outfits

Check out these outfit ideas and styling tips.

What Should I Wear To A Pumpkin Patch?

Your level of bundled up differs based on where you live and how cold it actually gets in the fall. But regardless of how many layers you’ll have to add over it, the perfect base layer for a pumpkin patch visit is simple: your favorite fall outfit.

Jeans or leggings, a sweater or long sleeve top, or ditch the two-piece outfit completely and go with a dress.

However you need to bundle from there is again dependent on your location, but overall, you’re set! If you feel like changing it up a bit, overalls, a jumpsuit, or a matching set can be super cute as well! With a cardigan, denim jacket, or pea coat over it, it’s the picture perfect fall outfit for your pumpkin patch visit.

What Are The Best Shoes For A Pumpkin Patch?

The terrain at every pumpkin patch is a little different, but you can always bank on it being outdoors and you can almost guarantee that it’s going to be a little soft at least, if not even a little muddy.

Even if you’re not experiencing a lot of rain where you are, you might be seeing some soft dirt and mud anyway from the watering process of all of the plants and pumpkins.

Most patches have pumpkins removed from their vines to create all the set ups and build all of the visuals, so they won’t be getting watered. But if they have other plants and florals to add to the decor, they could be bringing a hose in before the guests arrive.

Either way, you’ll want to be prepared for wet grass. Wear leather shoes, whether that’s the leather sneakers or leather boots, unless you’ve seen the patch and know it’s dry ground!

Break into the suede game if you’re confident that you won’t be staining them with the mud splashes around the grounds.

Tip: sometimes I look through the Instagram of the patch, and look at their tagged photos. Sometimes this can answer a lot of questions you have about a venue of any sort. Looking through to see what shoes others wore and if they look like they’re getting dirty at all is a good decision maker for me!

How To Get A Great Photo At A Pumpkin Patch

Getting photos somewhere that is literally set up to be photogenic can still be a little difficult if you don’t plan accordingly. The best thing you can do is to plan your timing. This will help with both lighting and crowd control.

Going earlier or later in the day will give you the most lovely light. Going when the sun is more overhead is going to give you shadows and harsh sun spots, but early light is soft and later light is golden.

The crowds also will get busier the longer the day goes on, making it more difficult to snap the picture you want without people in the background or waiting in line impatiently for their turn on the pumpkin throne.

Wearing an outfit you love will always make your photos significantly more fun, so putting a lot of time into outfit planning will make quick snap shots so much better.

Families posing for family photos in fall outfits at a pumpkin patch

Family Pumpkin Patch Outfits

Rounding up the family for a group snap shot at the pumpkin patch? There’s nothing cuter!

But coordinating family outfits can be tricky, especially if the photo is inclusive to extended family as well. But I’ve rounded up some inspiration for you to pull from and to send over to the aunties if necessary!

Creating and keeping to the correct color palette should be a huge start to coordinating everyone involved, but if you’re not sure where to go from there, here are some ideas of the cutest little sweaters and overalls for the little ones!

1. Stunning Neutrals
2. Hunter Boots
3. Grayscale
4. Bright Orange
5. Comfy Neutrals
6. Matching Shackets
7. Golden Hour
8. Plaid
9. Casual

Girls wearing dresses at a pumpkin patch

Dress Ideas

Dresses in the fall are either a huge hit or miss depending on the weather, but no matter what, it’s always cute.

Whether your legs get a little chilly or it’s just right for a warm fall day, the dress is a good look. And there are so many ways to layer and style dresses for the fall season, you’re probably going to keep warm anyway.

As the weather permits, rock a dress to the pumpkin patch! Here are some of the cutest fall options.

10. Overall Dress
11. Cottage Dress
12. Match The Pumpkins
13. Light Tones
14. Burnt Orange
15. Black Puff Sleeve
16. Green Maxi
17. Plaid Dress
18. Linen Button Up
19. Tan Babydoll
20. Orange Sweater Dress

Fall outfit ideas for warm weather, girls in jeans and tops and shackets

Warm Weather Ideas

If you don’t live somewhere super chilly in the autumn months, fall clothes can be tricky! It’s all huge knits and warm boots, but sometimes you simply need a light cardigan, IF that.

I’ve collected some ideas that will keep you in the fall festive mood even with some short sleeves or with a pair of shorts on.

Don’t let the high temps keep you from celebrating fall the right way– grab your iced pumpkin spice latte and hit the pumpkin patch in style.

21. Off The Shoulder
22. Slouchy Jeans And Top
23. Overalls
24. Casual Flannel
25. Tan Jacket
26. Graphic Tee And Jeans
27. Orange Tee And Jeans
28. Linen Blazer
29. White Body Suit
30. White Blouse
31. Denim And Flannel

Simply three cute in the color orange

Cute Outfit Ideas

Cute fall outfits are the easiest to achieve– they’ve had the eye of social media and been the sweetheart of Pinterest since the early days of pumpkin spice latte and Uggs combinations! With your favorite sweater you always wear plus your best over the knee boots, you’re going to have a perfect outfit for visiting the pumpkin patch.
If you’re looking to shake it up a little bit though, here are some fresh ideas!

32. Sweater And Jeans
33. Plaid Coat
34. Animal Print
35. Black Tiered
36. White Skirt
37. Simple In Leggings
38. Cute Orange Sweater
39. Off The Shoulder Top

Going to the pumpkin patch is a memory you’re going to cherish for a long time– it’s one of those outings we simply hold dear and remind us of the little things in life… like our adoration for the fall season!

Get out and enjoy the cooler weather, take photos, and have the best time with your loved ones. Let your outfit speak for itself and make every photo you take a stunning one. Snapping selfies, posing for pictures with your mom, your kids, or your boyfriend… Whatever the options are, you’re going to look stellar in your autumn best!

If overalls end up being your outfit of choice, I’ve got a whole post on styling overalls for any season. Check it out here and get inspired. If you weren’t leaning towards overalls before, you might be now!

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