Inside: Flower power outfit for modern hippie inspired style. 

The bohemian style takeover a few years ago led us directly into a fun era of the funky retro style from the 60’s and 70’s! Peasant dresses, bright yellows and oranges, bell bottoms… You name the 70’s stereotype and it’s back and viral for everyday style and party outfits on social media

It’s not the kind of trend that everybody wants in on, but those who do, do it so well that it catches the attention of anyone scrolling past a fun retro video on TikTok. 

Everyone loved boho, but now the retro hippies at heart have moved forward to the modern hippie style in full force and you see who was truly a flower child to their core and who was on the bohemian train for Coachella. 

We love to see something so niche and so interesting to hop on, so if you’re looking to channel flower power into your outfits and be the new modern hippie, here’s some style inspo for you! 

flower power outfits for modern hippie style

It’s a very specific style, but there are ways to subtly incorporate it into your personal style! Current trends even outside of this style are reminiscent of the era, so it’s pretty easy to use subtle pieces to point towards this style. 

Hippie attire two women in hippie outfits

Hippie Attire

Hippie attire is more simple than you think– you don’t need a whole brand new wardrobe just to feel like the hippie you wish you were. Sometimes it’s the little things like the way something fits, or the way you pair a scarf or headband with a pair of circle sunglasses and a casual tee shirt. 

It’s not always about exactly what you wear, but how you wear it! Hippie style is very much about styling and accessories, and it’s the moment that we stop caring so much about what we look like and more about how we feel the most true to ourselves. 

Sometimes hippies aren’t all about a specific piece, but how you feel: that’s the whole hippie movement. Feeling the earth and being it’s friend through movements, protests, and music. 

If your style channels that and shows that to the world without a specific kind of top or a certain color scheme, then you’ve achieved the hippie style more so than if you were to buy the flower power pieces marketed to us as the “hippie style.” 

If you need some inspo to know what that might look like for you, here’s some hippie influenced outfits to give you a taste of what hippie attire looks like in its most literal sense. 

  1. Patterned Flares
  2. Beautiful Kimono
  3. Paisley Pants
  4. Floral Skirt
  5. Orange Jumpsuit

The hippies were all about the crochet, the thin wafty cotton, as well as the funky random blocks of color. There isn’t really one color palette or specific fabric type to define the style content, it’s a beautiful blend of many details to create the hippie aesthetic. 

  1. Funky Skirt
  2. Frock Dress
  3. Bell Sleeves
  4. Groovy Orange Bell Sleeves
  5. Patchwork Dress
  6. Patterns And Jewels
  7. Velvet Jacket

Maybe all you need is a few good colored pieces to start pairing with some of your neutrals– that would do the trick! Sometimes all it takes is mismatched pairings to make something reminiscent of the hippie styling from the 70’s! 

  1. Galaxy Duster
  2. Wild Pattern Mixes
  3. Groovy Mini Dress
  4. Tie Dye Maxi

Hippie 70's aesthetic

Hippie 70’s Aesthetic

Channeling the 70’s is like opening Pandora’s Box. It opens the door to so many cool and unique pieces ranging from matching sets to belts to jewelry. It was such a fun time for fashion, everything was bright and flowy and full of life! 

If you’re looking into the hippie 70’s aesthetic, check out these outfit inspiration photos to channel your innermost Stevie Nicks today! 

  1. Graphic Tee And Printed Pants
  2. Oversized Accessories
  3. Stripes And Chains
  4. Western Wear
  5. Groovy Prints

When you think of 70’s hippies, are you vibing with the Woodstock goers or the vibes our grandmas used to give when they were young and free? 

Sometimes when you romanticize a whole decade, it’s hard to tell if what we see is the highlight reel of the generation or if it’s what it was truly like! Much like the generations to come will do with our photos today. If you saw the TikTok and Instagram famous girls’ posts 50 years from now, would you recognize that the rest of us dressed in tee shirts and biker shorts most days? 

But it’s fun to pretend and channel their most lavish outfit styles into our daily wear and pretend we are like them, living at music festivals and protesting for peace every weekend! 

  1. Cute Overalls
  2. Silk Pants
  3. Floral Sets
  4. Peasant Skirt And Tee
  5. Retro Denim Jumpsuit

We wear more 70’s inspired outfits than we realize, and it’s so fun to look at pieces in a mainstream store and think, “that’s 70’s inspired for sure” and buy it to pair with anything else you might have in your closet to bring the 70’s back to your world. 

  1. Yellow Maxi
  2. Polka Dot Skirt
  3. Peasant Top And Jeans
  4. Western Styled Romper
  5. Relaxed White Set

Modern hippie outfits

Modern Hippie Outfits

Brands like Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie have made the modern hippie mainstream and available for anyone who wants to work it into some of their aesthetic. It’s a fun version of the hippie aesthetic, and it’s just bright and colorful for anyone that wants to bring in a more lively wardrobe to their life. 

If you look back at photos of people in the 70’s at Woodstock, that’s the kind of style we think is everything that hippies are. And sometimes we can replicate exactly. To a tee. But we can modernize it with some of these outfit inspirations so that it doesn’t feel so costume-like. Unless you want the full blown costume glory, but if you’re looking to make this a more understated personal style, here are some new inspo pictures that aren’t straight from the 1970’s.

  1. Crochet Skirt
  2. Silk Skirt And Tee
  3. Vintage Tees
  4. Striped Pants
  5. Lace And Silk Maxi
  6. Crochet Set
  7. Over The Top Jewelry
  8. Tie Dye Duster

The key is to blend the retro inspired pieces with more modern pieces. A duster or kimono with a pair of skinny jeans and your trusty pair of Birkenstocks and it can be pretty, earthy, and perfect for the modern hippie! 

  1. Tie Top
  2. Grunge Beach Babe
  3. Full Yellow Outfit
  4. Pink Jumpsuit
  5. Denim Dress

Do you feel like this is the style for you? If you see yourself in this aesthetic, start slowly incorporating the statement pieces into your closet with the current modern pieces, and you’ll find your personal style somewhere in the middle. 

  1. Floral Wrap Top
  2. White Bell Sleeve Mini
  3. Denim Romper

Hippie styles come and go all the time, even the Y2K/early 2000’s was taking inspiration from the 70’s even if you never picked up on it! 

If you’re a free spirit at heart and want to channel that into your outfits, this might be the style for you to feel your most authentic self. Modern hippie outfits are lively, lovely, and carefree. If this is you, start moving your wardrobe this way and you will love how free you feel dressing as the modern hippie you are! 

It’s not all grandma patterns and dirty hair, though it can be if you want! It’s channeling the colors of nature and fabrics that flow and fit with the earth and all of its elements. Hippie style is feeling your most natural and beautiful self and showing up as her. 

If this feels like how your truest self wants to dress, the modern hippie style is for you! 

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