Inside: Cottagecore winter outfits that are cozy and easy to transition to the colder months.

Cottage core is not the ideal aesthetic to be rocking when those temperatures drop, but if this is a vibe you’ve decided to commit to, then let’s make it work for this winter season!

It’s probably hard to dig through your closet and find an outfit that’ll keep you warm. So what can you do when winter starts to set in? Cottage core is so cute, so you don’t wanna disrupt the vibe, but if you need some ideas to figure out how you can stay warm in the brutal weather, I’ve collected some ideas for you.

Sticking to color themes and a broader aesthetic is a key component to transforming your wardrobe. Coats, layers, accessories are going to be your best friends when you still want to wear your floral maxi dress. Don’t give up on the aesthetic now, we can make it happen!

Three girls in rural winter cottagecore fashion

What Is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a recently popular aesthetic that took off in the last few years. It’s a very romantic and romanticized style highlighting rural living.

Using florals, linen fabrics, puffy sleeves, and flowy silhouettes, people that dress in cottage core are generally giving a modern version of pilgrim vibes. It’s a really adorable aesthetic that has really taken off! There are hints and traces of it in a lot of spring and summer styles, so you may be channeling more of the aesthetic for cottagecore winter outfits than you think without trying.

It features a lot of neutral colors, pastels, and floral patterns, but there are so many ways to turn basic pieces into cottagecore pieces that there isn’t really one specific way to dress cottagecore. You can make this aesthetic anything you want it to be!

Is Cottagecore Still Popular In 2022?

Yes, cottage core is still very popular in 2022! It’s not the aesthetic that drives the summer style this year, but it’s still very much popular and you can find all the pieces you need just about anywhere. It’s very similar to a very boho spring style, so you’ll always see hints of it in the spring and summer seasons. Even when it’s not the main aesthetic, or the super trendy one, you’re going to see a lot of cottage core influence in different outfits and seasons.

Every aesthetic cycles in and out of mainstream popularity, but overall, as long as there are some fans of the aesthetic, it will remain a popular style.

We’ve entered a really interesting time in fashion where there are lots of aesthetics that are gaining popularity with the right crowds. This is my favorite thing to see, is people finding their own personal style and wearing it, instead of everyone wearing one mainstreamed aesthetic. It’s easy to get caught up in trends and wear the same thing as everyone else, but pinpointing your own style and aesthetic is so much better! It makes your style more unique and can truly show your personality through your clothes and outfits.

Whether or not it’s still popular in 2022, which it is, if you like cottagecore, wear it!

How To Layer For Winter

Layering for winter is a struggle across any aesthetic, but cottagecore especially since it’s very much centered around warm weather, types of outfits!

But there are ways that you can layer and keep the aesthetic going. Using neutral colored cardigans, linen button ups, and oversized knits, you can turn just about any outfit into a winter outfit. Adding a fitted white long sleeve T-shirt under any dress is also a great option to make your outfit a little warmer.

Turtlenecks are very much in the cottagecore aesthetic, so adding a few of those to your wardrobe to throw on top or under other outfits is a great idea as well!

Black tights, especially if you’re into the darker color version of cottagecore, won’t look out of place to go ahead and throw one under that dress to keep your legs warm. And layering wool socks over your tights is a cute idea as well, and add to the homey and cozy cottagecore look.

It’s going to be a lot of basic pieces and maybe a wool coat or two that will make your outfit a little more more bearable from November to March!

Dark aesthetic outfits

Dark Outfits

When you first start looking into cottagecore, it looks like all bright, white neutrals and pastels. Yes, this is the main color palette of the cottagecore look, but if you’re into more of the darker and moodier side of the aesthetic, it’s there as well! Sometimes it just takes a little more digging.

Dark neutrals like a burnt orange, or a pine green are great colors to transition from that white to the black version of cottage core. Florals in these colors too are stunning in the fall and winter seasons and make this a little more seasonally appropriate as well!

Check out some of these dark cottage care winter outfits.
1. Cardigan
2. Ribbed Top
3. Plaid Scarf
4. Wool Coat
5. Dark Scarf
6. Black Turtleneck
7. Textured Pieces
8. Plaid Pants
9. Trousers

Ideas for the aesthetic cottagecore winter outfits

Aesthetic Winter Outfits

All cottage core outfits are super aesthetic in my opinion! It’s one of the cutest aesthetics out there, and every girl I know that channels a cottagecore energy looks flawless all the time!

But adding some of these layers for winter tends to take away from the look, so, here are some aesthetic winter outfits that are still super perfect for the cottage core girlies.

I sometimes get way too hung up on all of the details that I forget that the big picture is easily achievable. Aesthetics don’t have to be in every detail, just as long as the outfit reads “cottage” you’re good.

10. Thick Knit
11. Green
12. White Linen
13. White Turtleneck
14. Cozy Elements
15. Layers
16. Dark Denim
17. Cargos
18. Wool
19. Earth Toned Shacket
20. Layered Vest

Four outfits for cold weather in the cottage core aesthetic

Cottagecore Winter Outfits Cozy Ideas

Hopefully you’re learning a lot about how to channel cottagecore in every season of the year in this post!

As you’re reading through, I hope that you found some good outfit inspiration, and are ready to take on the next season with some new pieces and ideas to dress cottagecore all year round. Once you’ve found your core pieces that feel like build your ideal aesthetic, it’s daunting to have to switch it up for the seasons!

Here are some cottage core winter outfit ideas for you to shop your little heart away for this cute rural aesthetic!

21. Plaid Dress
22. Ribbed Turtleneck
23. Matching Patterns
24. Longsleeve
25. Simple Gray
26. Homey Plaid
27. Overalls
28. Linens
29. Shacket

Hopefully you’re gathering a better understanding of how to wear cottage core even in the winter time.

It’s such a fun and beautiful aesthetic, but as soon as the wind hits, those little linen dresses don’t hold up as much as we wish they would! Adding knits over them will still give you the rural feel that cottage core is meant to portray, but you can do it while staying warm.

Don’t stress too much about all of the details matching what you think it should look like in the cottagecore aesthetic. It’s all about the big picture, so even if your coat doesn’t match the vibe, if the rest of you does, you’re golden.

Now that you know how to make it work in the cold, go and live out your cottagecore dreams this winter! Similarly, here are some hippie outfits that channel the same earthy vibes.

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