Inside: 23 beautiful ballet core outfits. This fashion trend has been a fun one, seeing a gentle and girly theme as the main act.

Did you ever take dance classes as a child? Did you learn ballet at a young age? Whether you continued the practice or not, ballet seems to be a big part of the childhood of many women.

Growing up, it seemed like we all were put into dance classes and as we got older, some of us kept it up and some of us dropped out.

Sometimes I wish I had kept it up, but I was one of the many to give it up to try something like soccer or tee ball, but I do wish that I had opted for the dance classes!

But now in the year of 2023, we can all relive the concept of being ballerinas and living our best dance lives we can.

Ballet core is such a cute and girly take on making those staple dance pieces part of our daily wardrobe. If this is a look you’re interested in getting into, let’s dive into ballet core outfits!

Three pink comfy outfits

What Is Ballet Core?

Ballet core is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the everyday wear and implementation of the different styles and pieces that ballerinas often wear and utilize.

The colors that made up the different pieces of our dance class uniforms are the big indicator of the aesthetic, as well as the common pieces like leg warmers and tights that are practical pieces for every ballerina to have in his or her possession while going to practice.

It really is a sweet style that channels elegance and grace into the styling, it’s the perfect aesthetic for someone that loves their neutrals but wants something a little more niche without being too crazy.

Former ballerinas and lovers of the style alike are all about these looks, so I just know that wherever you land you’re going to love these outfit ideas.

How To Dress Ballet Core

Starting with the colors, anything in a soft pink, white, or black. If you took ballet classes as a kid and mentally threw it back to those days, you’ll probably remember the black leotard with white tights and pink ballet slipper combination that was the ultimate practice uniform, every week. Thinking in this color pallet is going to put you in the right spot to try to channel the ballet core into your wardrobe.

Outfits aren’t everything when it comes to dressing for a certain aesthetic. The way that you style your hair and makeup is a big part of it too, as these details lend to the overall look that you’re creating. Especially with ballet core outfits, if you go with the outfit and full glam, it’s not going to be very cohesive. So a natural look, even if it actually is full coverage, with very natural and subtle colors and tones. Using a light pink or the same color as your blush on your eyelids, or even using the bronzer you use to contour can make your eyes pop without adding too many colors that don’t work with the look. A fresh face like you’re about to go dance your heart out is the look this year, especially if you’re going to be rocking ballet core!

For hair, slicked back buns and ponytails have been the move for a while now, but now even more so with the ballerina concept on it. A sleek bun tied with a silk scrunchie is my go-to look to run out the door, and once you add it to your arsenal of easy hairstyles, you won’t want to stop!

I love these beautifully fresh looks, and I know you will too.

As for the actual outfits themselves, think soft and pretty basic pieces that fit the vibe. My mind usually goes to fitted crop tops with skirts that allow plenty of movement, a solid and soft colored sundress, a black romper… You name it.

Leggings with cute wrap crop tops, and anything short with off white knit leg warmers and you’ve got yourself an outfit! If you can’t exactly visualize it right now, don’t worry. I’ve got a few examples for you.

A black silk ballet wrap skirt

What Is A Ballet Skirt?

Something cute to add to your closet to really go for this ballet core outfit style inspiration is a ballet skirt. That sounds a little broad, and maybe a tad vague, but it’s a simple piece that many ballerinas have in their closets and would be cute in yours too!

So this is usually a sheer or very light piece of fabric with a little bit of shape to it making it something that you could tie around your waist and tie the drawstrings on either end to wear like a wrap skirt. It basically is a wrap skirt, but is mainly meant to be worn like a coverup, in a way, over your leotard and tights combination.

You can wear something similar, a ballet skirt in actuality may not be very productive or functional, but something similar over a bodysuit could be really cute and doable.

Three ballet style outfits

Ballet Core Outfits

1. Pieces
2. Shrug
3. Sheer
4. Wrap Skirt
5. Edgy
6. How To Layer
7. Big Bow
8. Sporty Layers
9. Pink Mini Dress
10. Pink Tube Top
11. Sheer Skirt
12. Baby Pink Set

A girl in a pink bodysuit with sweatpants and leg warmers

Ballet Styling Ideas

13. Wrap Top
14. Lace Skirt
15. Halter Top
16. Cropped Sweater
17. Big Cardigan
18. Slouchy Sweater
19. Silk Bow
20. Sweats And Knits
21. Pink And Black
22. Pink Ruffles
23. Black Mini Dresses

One of my favorite things about ballet is the concept of grace that comes with it. It’s such a soft and pretty vibe and aesthetic, so running with it as part of your usual aesthetic outfit is going to introduce such a softness and grace and elegance into your closet that I really think you’re going to love.

The soft pink and white tones are perfect for the gentle style pieces that ballet core brings to the table.

Even if you’re working this look into your style in subtle ways like with the bun or the tights, there’s still such elegance to be found in your look.

Turn ballet core into your new thing and try some of these outfits! Or if it already is your thing, I hope you found something new here to continue creating the best outfits you can.

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