Inside: 11 examples of what to wear to a NKOTB concert for those nostalgic boy band vibes.

heading to a concert? Concert outfits are so fun because even though you’re not necessarily seeing the artist face to face, it’s so fun to match the vibe and make the concert feel way more interactive, even just with an outfit.

If you’re going to see New Kids On The Block, you’re likely not a new fan and this has been a long time coming, whether you’ve already seen them before or not. If this is your first time seeing them, just know that New Kids On The Block concerts are so fun and so live, you’re going to have the time of your life.

If you’re a big fan of pop punk, and 90s rock, you’re gonna love the different outfit ideas I have for you in this post. break out your favorite acid wash jeans, your band tee, and let’s get rolling!

Not only are these outfits trending with all of the 90’s trends that stay alive, they’re so cute and perfect for the concert.

Three grunge outfits - what to wear to nkotb concert

What To Wear To A Rock Concert 2023

Honestly, these days, any kind of outfit goes for a rock concert… Or any concert for that matter.

You can fit so many different aesthetics, and like so many different kinds of music, just wear what you love and what makes you feel excited to go see this favorite artist of yours, and that’s a good concert outfit. But, if you want to fit in with the rock crowd, there’s a few outfits you can go with that are gonna make you stand out as someone who really knows how to dress for a rock concert.

Rock concerts are easy to dress for because you can mix and match and make it grungy, or really really simple. There’s no right or wrong answer. Wearing a T-shirt and a skirt, a T-shirt and jeans, a leather jacket paired with leather pants, or even a slip mini dress with doc martens are really cool ways to go. These are all basics and simple pieces that you likely already have in your closet, so don’t stress too much about shopping… Unless you want to! I always use an excuse to go shopping. Or using fun and grungy pieces in your closet together in interesting and very 90s ways. It’s a perfect way to go to a NKOTB concert.

Dressing For A Concert In Your 40’s/50’s

Dressing for a concert in your 40s and 50s shouldn’t be that much different than just for a concert in your 20s and 30s. However, I sometimes know that this age group tries to be careful to act their own age, so if you want some ideas that are not gonna make you look like you’re trying too hard to look young, here are some ideas for you.

Your favorite pair of denim or black wash jeans paired with booties or a leather jacket is always good for everyone, and it always is a stunning look.

Wearing a classic New Kids on the Block T-shirt will never be a wrong move for a concert. If you have one from one of their tours back in the day, or just find one online, that’s always a great place to start. If you’re going to a summer concert, a mini skirt or a pair of linen pants can be so fun, and will keep you cool during the blazing temperatures and hot arena.
I’m a huge advocate for Doc Martens, so those or your favorite pair of sneakers is the best way to go for a cool concert look… No matter how old you are.
Always throw on a leather jacket if it’s chilly out, it’s easy for everyone to do, and there’s definitely no age restrictions on those!

Age is all a mindset. Don’t let yourself think you can’t channel cool energy going to a concert too. I remember going to an Iron Maiden concert with my dad a few years ago, and it was so fun to see so many people that looked and dressed and wore their hair just like my dad at this concert! It felt like I was partying with 19 thousand of my dads.

Just have fun with it, wear what you want, and embrace it!

What Not To Wear To A Concert

Concerts are all fun and games until you end up wearing something that you kind of regret. This can be anything from the wrong shoes, to the wrong top, or uncomfortable jeans. Let’s talk through some of the do’s and don’ts for creating your own NKOTB or Taylor swift concert outfit, just in case this might be your first, or at least one of your first.


First, let’s talk about shoes. The shoes you wear to a concert are pretty important, they can make or break your experience. I’ve gone to a concert wearing the totally wrong shoes, and it sets such a weird tone for the night. If your feet are hurting, you’re not gonna enjoy standing for so long and you’ll find yourself wanting the concert to end early. If you’re in the pit and there’s no seats assigned to the pit, you’ll want to avoid wearing anything like ballet flats, sandals, or anything of that nature.

Rock concerts can get a little crazy, I made the mistake of wearing ballet flats to an indie show, where people started to get rowdy in the pit, and I definitely got stepped on. If you have boots that’ll hold up, or sneakers that look cool and don’t ruin the outfit, but still protect your feet, I definitely recommend this.

If you’re in an assigned seat out of the pit, you have a little more flexibility! Still keep in mind that you will look so cool in those heeled booties, but you may not be feeling it an hour and a half into the show.

Wear comfortable shoes that don’t kill the outfit. Luckily rock concert vibes are easy to cater to!


Now let’s talk about your pants. This is a short one, because obviously you should probably own pants that fit comfortably anyway, but as you dress for a concert, don’t wear anything too tight. If you munch on snacks, or grab a drink, you’re not gonna feel comfortable because that bloating feeling is gonna make you want to end the show early as well. Slouchy jeans are really hot right now, so definitely grab a pair and get ready to go.

Leather pants

Depending on how tight fitting they are when you buy them, are a great option too! My favorite pair of pants are my leather pants and they feel so comfortable, so that would be my choice.

There’s a lot of great recycled and vegan leather that are really soft and easy to wear, while leather, true leather can be a little unforgiving. Snag a pair of these and you’re good to go.


Lastly, and it’s a simple one, if you’re a dancer when you go to concerts, keep in mind how a shirt hangs on you, or how it will fall off. I wore a tube top to a concert one time and instantly regretted it. There was no dancing for me that night!

So keep in mind how you plan to move throughout the show, and plan accordingly.

90's girly and grunge outfits from TV shows

What To Wear To A NKOTB Concert

These have a little nostalgia for you
1. Fan Merch
2. Classic Grunge
3. 90’s Girly
4. Snake Skirt

A girl wearing a denim jacket and shorts and a mesh top

What To Wear To A Rock Concert

5. 90’s Edgy
6. Mesh And Denim
7. Fringe
8. Leather

Two cool grunge outfits for concerts

Outfit Ideas

9. Midi And Docs
10. Styled
11. Denim Romper

Getting dressed for a NKOTB concert is going to be so fun, and it’s all a part of the experience. Picking out your outfit, getting dressed, doing your makeup a little extra grungy is so fun, and it makes the event feel like a full day thing, even if it’s just for the evening.

It’s all an experience, and concerts are something you’ve waited for probably a long time, whether you waited to see this band tour forever, or you bought tickets along time ago, and you’ve waited for the day slowly approaching, so make it last, make it fun, and bring all of your energy into it.

Whether you choose to wear a mini skirt and a T-shirt or leather pants, and a jacket, you’re gonna look so killer at this concert and everyone’s going to love your outfit.

Feel the energy of the artist and bring that into it. That’s the best way to dress for any concert.

Need some ideas to go with your combat boots? Check it out!

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